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Yellowstone Season 5: Record-Breaking Premiere and Delayed Second Half

Yellowstone Season 5 Release: News and Updates

Yellowstone has been one of the most highly anticipated TV series since its premiere in 2018. The show, which airs on the Paramount Network, has gained a massive following over the years, and fans are always eager for the next season to arrive.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the latest news and updates about Yellowstone season 5.

Record-Breaking Season 5 Premiere

The fifth season of Yellowstone premiered on November 7, 2021, and according to Nielsen data, it was the most-watched show on cable that night, with a total of 5.29 million viewers. This is a record-breaking feat for the series, as it surpassed its previous ratings record of 5.16 million viewers for the season 4 premiere.

This is a reflection of the show’s ever-growing fan base and the anticipation surrounding the new season.

Part 2 Premiere Delayed

Fans were eagerly waiting for the second half of the fifth season to arrive, which was originally scheduled to premiere on Paramount Network in June 2022. Unfortunately, this has been pushed back due to the concerns of Covid-19, as the outbreak has caused production delays.

As of now, there is no exact date of the confirmed release, but it is expected to be later in the year.

Most-Watched Cable Series

Yellowstone has set many records since its premiere, and one such record is that it has become the most-watched series on the cable network. The show has a huge following and is known to have one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry.

Season 5 Ending and Sequel Series

The finale of Yellowstone season 5 may be delayed, but fans already have their sights set on what’s to come next. Rumors suggest that the season finale of season 5 may set up a potential sequel series.

There are several possibilities of what that sequel would entail, but no official confirmation has been made.

Season 5 Trailer

The first season 5 trailer of Yellowstone dropped earlier in 2021, and it gave fans a taste of what was to come in the new season. The trailer showcased the series’ signature action and drama, and fans could not be more excited about the new chapter in the Dutton family’s saga.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5

Watching on Paramount Network

Yellowstone season 5 airs on the Paramount Network on Sunday nights at 9 pm EST. The network is available on most cable providers and can also be watched online through various streaming services.

Release Schedule and Episode List

Yellowstone season 5 consists of 10 episodes, and they air weekly on Sunday nights. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release schedule of the second half of the season has been delayed.

Watching without Cable

Fans that do not have access to cable or the Paramount Network can still watch Yellowstone Season 5 through streaming services. The series is available to stream on various platforms, including Paramount+, Philo, Direct TV Now, and Sling TV.

Free Trials and Providers

Several streaming services offer free trials for viewers who do not have subscriptions to their platforms. These services include fuboTV, Hulu+ Live TV, and Sling TV.

YouTube TV also offers a free trial period, but it is only available in certain locations.

Watching in the UK, Canada, and Australia

Viewers outside of the United States can still watch Yellowstone season 5.

In the UK, the show airs on the channel “Paramount UK,” and episodes are also available on-demand through Sky and Now TV. In Canada, the series is available on the streaming service StackTV, which is part of Amazon Prime.

Finally, in Australia, seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone are available on the streaming service Stan, while seasons 1-4 can be found on the Foxtel cable channel.


In conclusion, Yellowstone season 5 has certainly lived up to the hype surrounding the show, and every episode has been a wild ride. Although the second half of the season may be delayed, fans are eagerly waiting to see what is to come next.

From record-breaking premieres to potential spin-offs, Yellowstone has become a must-watch series for all action and drama fans alike. With so many ways to stream the show, fans have no reason not to tune in to catch the Dutton family’s latest endeavors.

Previous Seasons of Yellowstone: How to Watch and Catch Up

Yellowstone has become a must-watch series since its debut in 2018, and if you haven’t watched the previous seasons yet, now is the time to catch up. With the fifth season already breaking records, fans who want to be up-to-date are searching for ways to stream the previous seasons.

Here is everything you need to know about streaming the past seasons of Yellowstone.

Availability on Streaming Services

Yellowstone is among the most popular shows on television today, and fortunately for fans, it is available to stream on a variety of platforms. There are several different streaming services that fans can use to catch up on the previous seasons of the show.

These platforms include Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Philo, and Paramount+.

Peacock Premium and Paramount+ Subscription

Peacock Premium is an extension of NBC’s Peacock streaming service that includes exclusive content from several networks, including Paramount, which owns Yellowstone.

With a Peacock Premium subscription, you will be able to access all the previous seasons of Yellowstone. Meanwhile, a Paramount+ subscription lets you watch every episode of the series, along with other Paramount network shows.

Yellowstone on Amazon Prime Video

If you prefer to stream on Amazon Prime Video, fans can buy each season for a one-time fee or pay for a Prime Video subscription that includes the previous seasons of the show. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can access thousands of TV shows and movies, including seasons 1-4 of Yellowstone.

Netflix Availability

At the moment, Yellowstone is not available to stream on Netflix. Although the streaming giant has expressed interest in carrying the show, nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

However, fans looking to catch up or re-watch old episodes still have plenty of options to stream the show.

Yellowstone Season 5 Plot and Expectations

The plot of Yellowstone season 5 is already making waves, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Dutton family this time around. Here are some of the most exciting plot points and expectations for season 5.

John Dutton’s New Role and Staff Changes

In season 4, John Dutton was shot and left for dead. In season 5, he has been elected governor of Montana, and his new role will undoubtedly shake things up.

Fans are looking forward to seeing how John Dutton will handle his newfound power and how it will impact his relationships with his family and enemies. Additionally, there have been rumors of staff changes in the show, with some cast members being replaced.

These changes are expected to keep the show fresh and exciting.

Caroline Warner’s Threat to the Dutton Family

Season 5 picks up right where season 4 left off, which means the Dutton family is still dealing with the aftermath of the season 4 finale’s cliffhanger ending.

Caroline Warner, a powerful and wealthy enemy of the Dutton family, is confirmed to be involved. Her next move against the Duttons is still unknown, but it is expected to be devastating.

Violence and New Cast Members

Yellowstone is known for its intense and violent scenes, and fans expect nothing less from season 5. However, the show’s creators promise even more bloodshed this season, as well as the introduction of several new cast members.

According to rumors, fans can expect a fierce new opponent for the Dutton family, played by none other than Jacki Weaver.

Yellowstone Prequel 1883

In addition to offering fans a thrilling fifth season, Yellowstone is also expanding its universe via a prequel series, titled 1883. The show will explore the origin stories of the Dutton family and their journey to Montana to claim their land.

The prequel series features stars such as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott, and is already generating a lot of buzz. Fans can expect the show to premiere on December 19, exclusively on Paramount+.


Yellowstone fans have a lot to look forward to with season 5, especially with the Dutton family dealing with the aftermath of season 4, new enemies, and a shift in power. Moreover, the show’s universe is expanding with the upcoming release of the prequel, 1883, which stars several well-known actors.

Fans of the show who have yet to catch up on the previous seasons will be pleased to know that there are several different streaming options available. From Peacock Premium and Paramount+ subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, fans can catch up on the previous seasons before diving headfirst into season 5.

In conclusion, as Yellowstone has become one of the most-watched TV series, its news and updates become a topic of great importance. This article provided detailed information on how to watch the previous seasons of Yellowstone, streaming platforms, and availability of the series on various networks such as Netflix, Prime, Peacock, and Paramount.

Furthermore, the article discussed Yellowstone season 5’s plot and what fans can expect, with noted topics including John Dutton’s new role, Caroline Warner’s threat, and the introduction of new cast members. As Yellowstone’s universe continues to expand, it is important to stay up-to-date on all the latest information, including the upcoming release of the prequel, 1883.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I watch Yellowstone Season 5?
  2. You can watch Yellowstone Season 5 on Paramount Network or through several streaming services such as Peacock Premium and Paramount+ subscriptions, Amazon Prime Video, Philo, and others.

  3. When is the second half of Yellowstone season 5 released?
  4. The second half of Yellowstone season 5 has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and official release dates have not been confirmed yet.

  5. What to expect in Yellowstone season 5?
  6. Yellowstone season 5 is expected to show John Dutton’s new role, staff changed, Caroline Warner’s threat to the Dutton family, violence, new additions to cast and more.

  7. Is Yellowstone available on Netflix?
  8. Yellowstone is not available on Netflix currently, but it is available on numerous other streaming services.

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