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Yellowstone Prequel: Revealing the Origins of the Dutton Family Ranch

Yellowstone Prequel: “1944”

Get ready, Yellowstone fans, for another adventure. Word has just come out that a prequel is in the works, called “1944”.

This forthcoming series will show fans of the smash hit Yellowstone exactly how the Dutton family patriarch John came to own the family’s famous ranch. “1944” will be set during World War II in the United States.

While details are still somewhat scarce, it seems that the series will explore how John’s father, a veterinarian serving in the Pacific theater, managed to amass enough money to purchase the land that would become the famous retreat. As fans will surely recall, the Dutton ranch is a central feature of Yellowstone’s story.

It is a place of great beauty and natural wealth, but also one that brings significant intrigue and conflict to the Dutton family. The Dutton family has been a key feature of Yellowstone since it debuted on the Paramount Network in 2018.

Fans have grown to love John (played by Kevin Costner) and his three children, Kayce (Luke Grimes), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Jamie (Wes Bentley). They have also been captivated by the supporting characters that populate the sprawling ranch, including Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith).

Even with the show’s increasing popularity and success, however, there have been some unanswered questions about the Duttons’ backstory that fans of the show have been eager to see explored.

Enter “1944”. This prequel will take viewers back in time to see the events and people that shaped the Dutton ranch into the place that audiences have come to know and love.

How Did “1944” Come About?

So, how did this new series come about? Well, much of the credit goes to creator and writer Taylor Sheridan, who has been the driving force behind Yellowstone since day one.

Sheridan is said to have been thinking about the history of the Duttons ever since the show began production. With the success of the show’s first three seasons, Paramount Network executives were eager to invest in further content that would help build the Yellowstone brand.

Given the demand for this type of content, the decision was made to greenlight “1944”. While little information is currently available about the new series, there is already plenty of speculation around what it could include.

Fans of Yellowstone are hoping to see more of John Dutton’s life and experiences, such as his time in the Marines, as well as his decision to purchase the ranch in Montana. There is also hope that Matthew McConaughey might be involved in the project, as he has reportedly been spotted on set.

McConaughey has a longstanding relationship with Sheridan, having worked with him previously on the excellent film “Hell or High Water”.

The Success of the Yellowstone Franchise

The success of Yellowstone and its prequel series have been nothing short of incredible. The show has become one of the most popular series on television, both in the United States and globally. The prequel series that have already been released, “Yellowstone: 1883” and “Yellowstone: Frontera”, have also been big hits with audiences.

The franchise has become so popular that it has helped boost tourism in Montana, where much of Yellowstone is filmed. In fact, it’s estimated that the show has brought in millions of dollars in direct spending to the state.

Economic Impact of Yellowstone on Montana

One of the main impacts of the show has been on the Montana film industry. After the success of Yellowstone, film production in the state has increased, and many new studios and businesses have popped up to take advantage of this growth.

This has created good-paying jobs for residents, as well as more opportunities for local talent to showcase their skills. With the announcement of the new prequel series “1944”, it’s clear that Yellowstone is going to be around for a long time to come.

Fans can look forward to new stories and characters that will help expand this already rich and fascinating world even further. So, if you’re not already a fan, now is the perfect time to start watching, and to explore everything that Yellowstone has to offer.

The success of Yellowstone and its prequel series is not only benefiting audiences worldwide, but it’s also providing significant economic benefits for the state of Montana. With the stunning landscapes and natural beauty of Montana playing a central role in the series, it’s only fitting that the show’s production has brought significant economic opportunities to the state and its residents.

One of the biggest economic benefits of Yellowstone is the significant boost in tourism that it has brought to the state. Fans of the show from all over the world are eager to visit the state to see the beautiful locations where the series is filmed.

Visitors come to experience the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, and this has generated millions of dollars in tourism revenue for Montana. The impact of Yellowstone filming also extends beyond the tourism industry.

The production has provided local residents with consistent employment opportunities, both in front of and behind the camera. This has helped boost Montana’s economy and job market, which is especially important in rural parts of the state.

The production of Yellowstone also requires support services from local businesses. These businesses provide services such as equipment rentals, catering, transportation, and location support, among other things.

The show’s production provides a steady source of income for these businesses, which is especially beneficial in small communities, where economic opportunities are often scarce. Montana is also taking steps to support the film industry directly.

The state’s film commission is actively promoting Montana as a filming destination, and it’s working to attract more productions to the state. Further, Montana is home to the Media Training Center, which provides training and education to people interested in pursuing careers in film and television.

The center offers a range of courses from filmmaking and cinematography to producing and screenwriting. Montana has already produced some notable filmmakers and actors, such as David Lynch and Jeff Bridges, and the state’s growing involvement in the film industry is likely to cultivate more talent in the coming years.

Additionally, Montana filmmakers are working to create their own content, taking advantage of the state’s unique landscape and its rugged, independent spirit. Montana has a rich cultural history, with countless stories waiting to be told, and the state’s filmmakers are eager to showcase these stories to the world.

Their goal is to create original, authentic content that reflects the state’s values and narratives. Given all these benefits, it’s clear that Montana and its residents have many reasons to celebrate the continuing success of Yellowstone and its prequels.

The series has generated significant economic activity in the state, boosted the job market, and created new opportunities for local businesses. Moreover, Montana’s involvement in the film industry underscores the state’s strong sense of community and its commitment to supporting local talent.

Ultimately, the success of Yellowstone and its prequels is a testament to the power of storytelling, and to the unique ability of art to connect people and communities from all over the world. In conclusion, the success of Yellowstone and its prequels has brought significant economic benefits to Montana.

The state has seen a boost in tourism revenue, job opportunities, and support for local businesses. Moreover, Montana is taking steps to promote its involvement in the film industry and nurture home-grown talent.

The success of Yellowstone and its prequels is a testament to the power of storytelling, and its impact on Montana proves that the arts can drive economic growth in local communities. If you’re looking for a great series to watch and a vacation to take, Yellowstone deserves a spot on your list.


Q: What is “1944” about?

A: “1944” is a prequel series to Yellowstone that explores the backstory of the Dutton ranch and how John Dutton’s father amassed enough money to purchase the land.

Q: How has Yellowstone affected Montana’s tourism industry?

A: The show has driven millions of dollars in tourism revenue to the state, with fans from around the world eager to visit the beautiful locations where the show is filmed.

Q: What kinds of jobs has the Yellowstone production created in Montana?

A: The production has created employment opportunities both in front of and behind the camera, as well as support services from local businesses.

Q: How is Montana promoting its involvement in the film industry?

A: The state’s film commission is actively promoting Montana as a filming destination, and the Media Training Center offers courses for people interested in pursuing careers in film and television.

Q: How has Yellowstone impacted Montana’s local communities?

A: The increased economic activity generated by Yellowstone has helped support small businesses, boost the job market, and foster a strong sense of community.

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