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Versatile Actor Peter Stormare: From Fargo to 1923

Introduction to Episode Five of 1923

The fifth episode of 1923 introduces a key new character, Captain Lucca. Along with Spencer and Alexandra, the trio embarks on a journey to Montana at Cara’s plea.

However, the journey requires passage through the Suez Canal, which Captain Lucca is able to provide. Who is Peter Stormare?

Peter Stormare is a Swedish actor, playwright, and band member who has worked in both Sweden and America. He started his career at the Royal National Theatre of Sweden before moving to America for various acting opportunities.

He has also developed other talents, such as writing and music, outside of his acting career.

Background and Early Career in Sweden

Peter Stormare was born in Arbra, Sweden, in 1953. He attended the Royal National Theatre of Sweden, where he initially worked as a stagehand.

However, he later landed a role in a production and began his acting career there. He worked there for several years before moving on to other jobs in Sweden.

Move to America and Acting Career

Peter Stormare moved to America in the early 1990s and began his acting career there. He started with various small roles in independent and low-budget films, including playing a small part in the Cohen Brothers’ Fargo.

Eventually, he landed bigger roles in major Hollywood films, such as Armageddon, Bad Boys II, and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. He has also worked on television, appearing in shows like Prison Break and American Gods.

Other Talents and Personal Life

Peter Stormare has other talents and interests outside of his acting career. He has written several plays in both Swedish and English, including The God of Carnage, which was performed on Broadway in 2009.

He is also a member of the band Blonde from Fargo and has played bass guitar and sung vocals for them. Peter Stormare is married and has two children.


In conclusion, Peter Stormare is a versatile and skilled actor, as well as a talented playwright and musician. He started his career in Sweden at the Royal National Theatre before moving to America for his acting career.

He has worked on both independent and major films, as well as on television. His other talents and interests, such as writing and music, have also added to his successful career.

Peter Stormare Movies and TV Shows

Peter Stormare has had a diverse range of roles in both films and television. He has been known for playing a variety of characters and has become a highly sought-after character actor in the industry.

Notable Film and TV Roles

One of Peter Stormare’s most recognizable roles is that of the main antagonist in the Cohen Brothers’ Fargo. He played the role of the eccentric and violent Gaear Grimsrud, which earned him critical acclaim.

He has also appeared in Michael Bay’s Armageddon, where he portrayed the humorous and quirky Lev Andropov. Stormare’s television roles have also been significant; he played the villainous John Abruzzi in the popular series Prison Break.

He played a recurring role in the hit drama series, American Gods, as Czernobog. Stormare also had a significant role in the film Constantine, in which he played Satan’s Son, a character who is obsessed with the pianist Isabela (Rachel Weisz).

Range of Characters Played

Peter Stormare’s versatility as an actor is evident in the range of characters he has played throughout his career. He has portrayed villains, comedic characters, and provides the voice for several video game characters.

In one of his earliest roles, he played the bipolar Russian sailor Uli in the film The Big Lebowski. He has also played comedic roles, including the eccentric chef Abraxas in the film Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, and the mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop in the sci-fi series Fringe.

Stormare has also lent his voice to various video game characters, including Mattias Nilsson in Payday 2, Count Dooku in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and, most recently, as the narrator of the game Death Stranding.

Role in 1923 as Captain Lucca

In the fifth episode of 1923, Peter Stormare portrays the character of Captain Lucca. Lucca is a captain of a ship hired by Spencer and Alexandra to take them to Montana, where they have been summoned to by Cara.

Captain Lucca is portrayed as a gruff but experienced sailor who is familiar with the Suez Canal.

Captain Lucca’s Illness in 1923

Throughout the series, it becomes evident that Captain Lucca is dealing with an illness that is causing his health to decline rapidly.

He is frequently seen coughing up blood, which indicates that he may have contracted a serious illness that was quite common at that time, such as Tuberculosis. The cause of Captain Lucca’s illness remains unknown throughout the series.

It is possible that his illness could be due to any number of factors, such as prolonged exposure to the sea or poor living conditions on the ship. The uncertainty surrounding the cause of his illness leads to the suggested danger for Spencer and Alexandra, who are travelling with Captain Lucca through treacherous waters.

The fate of Captain Lucca remains unknown, and it is unclear if he will be able to recover from his illness. However, his character played a significant role in the series, adding a new layer of complexity to the storyline and providing viewers with a glimpse into the dangers and hardships faced by seafarers during this time period.

In summary, Peter Stormare’s career is characterized by an impressive range of roles, from comedic to villainous to voice acting. His character in 1923, Captain Lucca, adds a new level of complexity to the series and highlights the risks that seafarers faced during this time period.

While the cause of Captain Lucca’s illness remains unknown, his coughing up blood is indicative of serious illness like tuberculosis. Peter Stormare’s legacy in the entertainment industry is one of versatility and depth, making him a memorable and highly sought-after actor.


  1. What other films has Peter Stormare appeared in besides Fargo and Armageddon?
  2. What type of characters does Peter Stormare typically play?
  3. What is Captain Lucca’s role in 1923?
  4. What is the cause of Captain Lucca’s illness in 1923?
  • Peter Stormare has also appeared in American Gods, Constantine, and Prison Break.
  • Peter Stormare is a versatile character actor who has played everything from comedic roles to villainous roles to voice acting.
  • Captain Lucca is a gruff but experienced sailor who is hired by Spencer and Alexandra to take them to Montana, but is also dealing with a serious illness.
  • The cause of Captain Lucca’s illness is unknown, but his coughing up blood is indicative of a serious illness like tuberculosis.

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