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Unveiling the Captivating Voice of Kevin Costner on Yellowstone

Kevin Costner’s Voice on Yellowstone

Kevin Costner’s captivating raspy voice as John Dutton on Yellowstone has undoubtedly been a highlight of the show’s success. The gritty cowboy character that he portrays thrives because of it.

But have you ever wondered what caused his voice to sound that way? In this article, we’ll look at the inspiration behind it, how Costner landed the role, and explore everything we know about this iconic voice.

Reason for Raspy Voice

Costner’s iconic voice has undoubtedly been one of his trademarks throughout his Hollywood career. So it’s natural that fans were curious if it was something he had developed for Yellowstone or had been there all along.

The truth is that his voice has been a significant part of his overall persona and added an extra dimension to his acting. The inspiration behind this voice came from fellow Hollywood veteran, Clint Eastwood.

As Costner expressed in an interview, he had been a massive fan of Eastwood’s and had always loved his deep, gravelly voice. He also drew inspiration from Spencer Tracy’s narration in the film, How the West Was Won.

With Yellowstone, Kevin Costner wanted to create a voice for John Dutton that would stick in the viewers’ minds long after the show was over. The raspy voice served as an echo of Dutton’s rough and challenging life on his Montana ranch.

It was a voice that represented his character well, gruff and uncompromising, but still retaining some humanity.

How Costner Got the Role of John Dutton

Costner’s role in Yellowstone happened after Taylor Sheridan wrote a script with the intention of giving the actor a shot at portraying John Dutton. Sheridan had been impressed with Costner’s dialogue delivery in The Highwaymen, and he believed that Costner would be perfect for this new character.

It was a no-brainer for Costner, who fell in love with the script’s rich story and fascinating character. It wasn’t until he was immersed in the character and talking with Sheridan that the raspy voice emerged.

Costner said that he and Sheridan decided that the voice was just a perfect fit for the character.

Kevin Costner’s Salary on Yellowstone

Costner’s Salary per Episode

The top billing star on the show, Kevin Costner, reportedly makes a whopping $1.3 million per episode.

Given that Yellowstone has around 14 episodes per season, Costner’s earnings skyrocket up to $18.2 million in season five!

Increased in Salary

This colossal salary comes from the success of the show, which cost a meagre $20 million to produce. When Costner was initially offered the part, he, like everyone else associated with the show, was banking on a big win and a must-watch series.

Fortunately, the show was a massive success, propelling its star power to new heights and setting a precedent for salaries on modern television shows. Others involved in the production, from writers to camera operators to other cast members, have also benefited greatly from the show’s successes.

Some of them have even seen jumps in their salaries over the years, showing that hard work on a set with a successful show can pay off in many different ways.

Final Thoughts

The raspy voice that Kevin Costner created for John Dutton in Yellowstone has become iconic and part of his overall persona throughout his long Hollywood career. It is no wonder that it has captured the attention of the public, who have not only made the show a hit, but the character they can’t help but root for.

We can’t wait to see how his character will evolve in the future and what raspy voice surprises he has in store for us. In this article, we explored the reasons behind Kevin Costner’s iconic raspy voice, which has become a hallmark of his Hollywood career and his portrayal of John Dutton in Yellowstone.

We discussed how Clint Eastwood and Spencer Tracy inspired his voice and how Costner landed the role of John Dutton. Additionally, we looked at Costner’s salary on the show, which rose significantly due to the show’s massive success and how this success also benefited other cast and crew members.

The takeaway from this article is that a well-crafted and memorable voice is an essential part of any character portrayal and can become a defining factor in an actor’s career.


  1. What inspired Kevin Costner’s voice in Yellowstone?

    A: Clint Eastwood and Spencer Tracy were inspirations behind Kevin Costner’s raspy voice on Yellowstone.

  2. How did Costner get the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone?

    A: Taylor Sheridan wrote a script and offered the part to Costner, who loved the story and character.

  3. What is Kevin Costner’s salary on Yellowstone?

    A: Costner reportedly makes $1.3 million per episode, which adds up to $18.2 million for season five.

  4. Has Costner’s salary increased on the show?

    A: Yes, Costner’s salary increased significantly due to the show’s massive success.

  5. How has the success of Yellowstone benefitted other cast and crew members?

    A: Many other cast and crew members have seen jumps in their salaries due to Yellowstone’s success.

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