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Uncovering the Mysterious Histories of the Dutton Family

The Mystery of Chance, Ned, and Patience Dutton

In every cemetery, there are gravestones that tell a story. Among the many gravestones in the Dutton family burial plot is a pair of gravestones that stand out: those of Ned and Chance Dutton.

The Significance of Ned and Chance’s Gravestones

The stories of their untimely deaths are still shrouded in mystery, but their gravestones alone raise many questions. Their gravestones simply state their names, birthdate, and date of death.

But the grave does not provide any details about their relationships to the Dutton family. One can’t help but wonder why the gravestones of Ned and Chance are located so prominently in the Dutton family burial plot.

Could they be siblings? Some distant cousins?

Do they share a connection with the Dutton family that is unknown to us?

Speculations about Ned and Chance’s Family Tree

The Dutton family has a complex genealogy, with the details of some members’ lives remaining a complete mystery.

The possibility of there being a previously unknown branch of the Dutton family tree that Ned and Chance belong to cannot be ruled out. James Dutton is known to have had children, including the late Claire Dutton, who died tragically in a car accident.

If Ned and Chance are his nephews, why were they not mentioned during any of the family gatherings or events? Could they be illegitimate children of one of his children?

The Possibilities of Patience Dutton’s Identity

The identity of Patience Dutton remains unclear, as there are multiple stories about who she was. One theory is that she is a long-lost relative of Margaret and James Dutton and the mother of Ned and Chance.

However, there is no concrete evidence as to who her parents or siblings were. Another theory suggests that Patience Dutton is actually the daughter of Elizabeth and Jack, who were Margaret and James’ good friends.

This possibility would indicate that the Dutton family has a closer connection to Patience than it may seem.

Chance and Ned’s Relationship with the Dutton Family

The Unlikely Possibility of Ned and Chance being James Dutton’s Nephews

Despite their gravestones being located in the Dutton family burial plot, it is possible that Ned and Chance were not related to the Dutton family by blood.

This could explain the lack of mention of their relationship to the family. Claire Dutton, who passed away before Ned and Chance, would have been a source for information about their relationship to the family.

However, it does not seem like she mentioned them in any of her personal writings or correspondences.

The Theory of Ned and Chance as Margaret and James’ Eldest Sons

If Ned and Chance were the eldest children of Margaret and James, it would explain why their existence was not publicly acknowledged or discussed.

Margaret and James may have kept their sons a secret out of shame since they were born outside of marriage. It is also possible that the birth or existence of Ned and Chance posed a threat to the inheritance of Margaret and James’ legitimate children.

The family may have wanted to keep their sons hidden away, preventing any potential legal battles that could have arisen.


In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Ned and Chance’s relationship with the Dutton family continues to captivate and intrigue those who visit the family burial plot. While there are no definitive answers, the many theories and speculations provide a glimpse into the complex and intricate history of the Dutton family.

Peter Dutton’s Brief Life and Legacy

In the sprawling family tree of the Duttons, surprises are not uncommon. Another addition to their family tree was discovered in the form of Peter Dutton, another son of John Dutton II.

The Discovery of Another Dutton Son, Peter

John and Evelyn Dutton had seven children, and it was known that one of their sons, Lee, passed away in a car accident. However, the existence of Peter was unheard of until recently when his name was discovered in ancestral records.

Peter was born in 1928 and died a year later, leaving little behind in terms of a legacy. However, the discovery of his existence has shed some light on the often mysterious and complex lives of the Dutton family.

Peter’s Tragic Death and John’s Words of Comfort

Peter’s life was brief, with his death attributed to a heart defect. It was a devastating tragedy for the Dutton family, who were still reeling from the loss of Lee.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances of Peter’s death, his father John Dutton II offered words of comfort. He is said to have expressed his belief that there was a plan in place for all of their children, both alive and deceased.

John’s words of wisdom were a source of solace for many in the family during this difficult time.

Possible Explanations for Patience Dutton’s Existence

The presence of Patience Dutton in the family history of the Duttons is a curious one.

Clues from her gravestone offer a glimpse into her life and legacy, but her true identity and parentage remain unknown.

Patience’s Birth Year and Potential Parentage

Patience’s birth year is estimated to be around 1880, making her either a contemporary or possible elder to James Dutton.

This position raises the possibility that she may have been James’ mother, half-sister, or cousin. Another theory is that Patience may have been the daughter of Elizabeth and Jack, who were known to be close friends of Margaret and James Dutton.

The exact nature of their relationship was never made clear, and their proximity to Patience’s birth year makes this theory all the more intriguing.

Hints of Patience’s Life and Death from her Gravestone

Patience’s gravestone offers some clues about her life and death.

The epitaph on her headstone reads “Here Rests Patience D. – Died Feb 19, 1910 – She Endured to the End.” The use of the word “endured” suggests that Patience may have suffered from a debilitating illness or chronic condition that she battled throughout her life.

The Feb. 19, 1910 date indicates that Patience died roughly a year after the turn of the century, but her death was not recorded in the death certificate records of Montana or Wyoming.

The cemetery where she was buried is also located on the fictional Dutton Ranch, leaving fans to speculate about her role in the upcoming season of Yellowstone.


The mysteries surrounding Peter Dutton and Patience Dutton offer an interesting glimpse into the personal and emotional histories of the Dutton family. Although their stories are brief and their legacies limited, they become an integral part of the Dutton family’s long and rich history.

As their descendants carry on the family’s legacy, they seek to uncover the hidden truths of their ancestors and honor their memories. In summary, the Dutton family history is vast and complex, with new revelations and surprises always emerging.

The discovery of Peter Dutton’s existence sheds light on the tragic events that have befallen the Dutton family, while the mystery surrounding Patience Dutton’s identity and backstory continues to captivate fans of the show. Ultimately, the importance of the Dutton family’s history lies in the lessons that we can learn from the legacies and experiences of our ancestors.


  • Who was Peter Dutton?
  • Peter Dutton was a son of John Dutton II who passed away a year after his birth in 1928 due to a heart defect.

  • Who was Patience Dutton?
  • Patience Dutton is a mysterious figure whose identity and exact relationship to the Dutton family is unclear, with speculation that she could have been James’ mother, half-sister or cousin.

  • What is the significance of Ned and Chance’s gravestones?
  • The gravestones of Ned and Chance Dutton in the Dutton family burial plot raise many questions about their connection to the family and historical significance.

  • What hints does Patience Dutton’s gravestone offer about her life and death?
  • The epitaph on Patience’s gravestone suggests that she may have suffered from a debilitating illness or chronic condition throughout her life, and her death date indicates that she died in February 1910.

  • Why is the Dutton family history important?
  • Understanding the Dutton family history allows us to learn from the experiences and legacies of our ancestors, and to appreciate the complexity and interconnectedness of our family and social networks.

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