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Unbridled Inspiration: The Best Horse Movies on Netflix

Horses have been a source of inspiration for movies for decades. Whether you are a passionate equestrian or just seeking entertaining content to watch, there are plenty of horse movies on Netflix to satisfy your craving.

Champion Heart is a heartwarming tale of a teenager named Darcy (Maura Kidwell) who helps a horse shelter recover from a recent tragedy. The movie highlights the healing power of horses and the journey of recovery that both the horses and humans undertake.

Its an inspiring story for anyone who wants to learn about the therapeutic benefits of equine therapy. Walk.

Ride. Rodeo.

is a true story about Amberley Snyder, a barrel racer who overcomes a devastating accident that left her paralyzed. The movie offers an inspiring journey of perseverance, determination, and the sheer love of one’s craft.

The film is a tribute not only to Snyder but to all athletes who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and rise above them. Riding Faith tells the story of a family trying to save their ranch after a tragedy strikes.

It showcases the struggles families often face while trying to keep their livelihood afloat. In the end, the family finds the courage to persevere through their hardship and learns an essential lesson: the power of determination.

Roped is a love story that revolves around a small-town rodeo cowboy, Colton, who falls for a city girl named Tracy. The movie provides a perfect blend of romance, drama, and small-town rodeo action.

Its a captivating tale of following one’s passion and finding love in unexpected places. Dreamer is a movie about recovery, following the story of a racehorse named Soador that recovers from near-fatal injuries.

The movie portrays the bond that forms between trainers and their horses and the lengths they go to help them recover. This inspiring story also highlights the importance of second chances and hard work.

Ride Like a Girl is based on the true story of Michelle Payne, who became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. The movie tells an uplifting story of perseverance, determination, and the potential of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Its an excellent choice for anyone who loves underdog stories. My Heroes Were Cowboys is a documentary that profiles horse trainer Rex Peterson, who trained horses for movies such as Black Beauty, Silver, and The Horse Whisperer.

The documentary showcases his life’s work and the importance of horse trainers in the entertainment industry. Its a fascinating watch for anyone interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes work of making movies.

Bibi & Tina is a German movie about a spunky witch named Bibi and her adventures with her friends and their horses. The movie offers moments of drama and humor that will delight both kids and adults.

Its a perfect movie to watch with the family. Apart from these movies, Netflix also offers Free Rein Specials: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The Twelve Neighs of Christmas is a heartwarming holiday special featuring the horses and their owners preparing for the Mistletoe Ball. The movie offers a perfect blend of drama, family, and friendship.

Valentine’s Day provides unforeseen danger as riding competes with love. Maid’s Stone may also have happened upon a secret racing event.

In conclusion, theres something for everyone in the selection of horse movies on Netflix. The variety of genres and themes means that any viewer can find a movie that speaks to them.

These movies transport the audience to a world of beauty, grit, and determination, showcasing the power of horses to heal, inspire, and captivate our hearts. Horse movies have the power to inspire and captivate, and A Champion Heart is no exception.

It tells the story of Mandy Renner, a young woman trying to pick up the pieces after a tragic loss. Mandy has always had a love of horses, but after the loss of her mother and her own emotional wounds, she struggles to find her place in the world.

However, with the help of a special horse with one ear, she sets out on an emotional journey of healing and redemption. The movie follows Mandy’s story as she begins to find solace in a horse named Hoovey.

Hoovey is a special horse with one ear, and his unique appearance makes him stand out from other horses. Mandy discovers that Hoovey’s physical differences make him special in other ways, too.

Through her interactions with him, Mandy learns that being different is a source of strength. Hoovey teaches her how to appreciate the unique qualities of each horse, just as she learns to appreciate the unique qualities of the people in her life.

Mandy’s journey of healing and redemption is a reminder that support and understanding can come in many forms. As she begins to heal, she discovers that the people around her are a source of strength as well.

Through her bond with Hoovey and the people in her life, Mandy ultimately finds the courage to confront her past and move forward. Similarly, Walk.

Ride. Rodeo.

is an inspiring story of perseverance, determination, and following your dreams. It tells the true story of Amberley Snyder, a barrel racing champion who overcame a devastating car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

With the help of her family and her love of horses, Snyder embarks on a journey of getting back in the saddle. The movie helps us understand that success is not just about winning but overcoming obstacles that seemed insurmountable.

Snyder struggles with her accident and the idea that she may never ride again. However, despite facing such adversity, she refuses to give up on her dreams.

Through her strength and determination, she eventually finds a way to get back on her horse and compete in rodeos once again. The movie showcases Snyder’s passion for horses and the sport of rodeo and how she overcomes the odds to chase her dreams.

Snyder’s character serves as an inspiration to people who may feel like their own dreams are out of reach. Her journey teaches that it is never too late to go after one’s dreams, and with perseverance, anything is possible.

Overall, A Champion Heart and Walk. Ride.

Rodeo. showcase the strength and perseverance people possess in the face of adversity.

Both movies highlight the power of horses to heal, inspire, and motivate people to overcome obstacles. These movies remind us to embrace the unique qualities that make us who we are and to face life’s challenges with determination and courage.

Riding Faith is a heartening movie that revolves around the struggles of a family farm after a tragic incident. The movie portrays the determination of a family trying to save their ranch that holds numerous childhood memories and farm animals close to their hearts.

Despite the unspeakable loss of a loved one that makes it tempting to give up, the family refuses to let the past dictate their future. The Renner family is on the brink of financial ruin when a tragedy strikes, and they suddenly find themselves at odds on how to keep their livelihood afloat.

Trudging through the tough times, the family finds the courage to come together and fight for what’s rightly theirs. With the help of one of their most beloved horses, they work towards a common goal of saving the farm, trusting in each other and their resilience.

Saving the ranch proves to be a daunting task, but the family finds ways to overcome the obstacles they face. The movie highlights the innate capability of humans to push forward despite their struggles.

It celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and the unwavering belief in the goodness of life. One of the most poignant arcs in Riding Faith is the emotional journey of the beloved horse.

Losing a horse can be a devastating experience for anyone who loves them, and this movie provides an apt representation of the grief that follows the loss. However, the movie doesn’t just stop at portraying the grief.

Instead, it depicts how love and horses’ emotional connections can bring people together, influencing them in ways beyond their understanding. Roped provides an interesting contrast to Riding Faith, focusing on a small town’s clash with rodeo culture.

It follows the story of a cowboy named Colton (Josh Swickard), who falls in love with a city girl named Tracy (Lorynn York). The movie provides a rather interesting portrayal of what happens when two different worlds collide.

The conflict in Roped is prevalent from the beginning of the movie. The town councilmen believe that rodeo is not for the town and that it would bring more harm than good.

The tension between the two different worlds builds, climaxing in a confrontation that highlights the disparity between the traditional cowboy culture and the town’s modern values. Emphasizing rebellion and young love, Roped offers romance to the viewers as a second prominent story arc.

The love story between Colton and Tracy provides the perfect balance to the tension between the town councilmen and the cowboys. The beautifully captured moments of horseback riding and playful banter adds a sweet and charming dimension to the film.

Overall, Riding Faith and Roped focus on different conflicts that push the boundaries of individual perseverance and the reliance on oneself. While the former focuses on family and the emotional bonds that tie them together, the latter showcases the power of love and growth beyond one’s limitations.

Both movies illustrate the importance of perseverance, the will to fight for what is right, and the power of community support. Dreamer is a movie that promotes the triumph of the human spirit, as it tells the tale of a racehorse named Soador that embarks on a miraculous journey of recovery.

When Soador faces near-fatal injuries that jeopardize his career, his trainer, Ben (Kurt Russell), and his daughter, Cale (Dakota Fanning), work tirelessly to nurse him back to health. The movie highlights the strong emotional bonds that can develop between horses and their trainers.

Through Ben’s unwavering dedication and Cale’s determination to see Soador recover, the movie illustrates how nurturing a horse back to health can be a powerful experience. Dreamer emphasizes the importance of care and nurturing in nursing a horse back to health.

The movie showcases the healing power of a strong human-animal connection. The depiction of the rehabilitation process is both inspiring and realistic, detailing the amount of hard work and patience required to aid in the recovery of an injured animal.

Similarly, Ride Like a Girl is a historical tale of perseverance, determination, and the strength of family ties. The movie tells the true story of Michelle Payne, who became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

Payne overcomes personal grief and societal expectations to pave the way for future generations of female jockeys. Payne’s story captures the extent to which grief and perseverance can lead to a historic and remarkable feat.

The movie portrays how a family tragedy was turned into a source of motivation and strength that powered Payne to make history. Her journey inspires women around the world to pursue their passion in fields where women were previously underrepresented.

Payne’s determination to overcome the odds and race to her ultimate goal serves as a reminder that true grit and tenacity can open up opportunities that most only dream of. The story of Payne provides an inspiring and exhilarating demonstration of undeniable perseverance and unwavering resilience.

Moreover, both Dreamer and Ride Like a Girl showcase how individuals can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their dreams. The characters in both movies evoke a sense of determination and prove that people can overcome grief, by taking baby steps and giving it time.

In conclusion, Dreamer and Ride Like a Girl encourage viewers to find inspiration in the human spirit’s strength and resilience and remind us how important a role horses play in our lives. These uplifting movies are a testament to the power of perseverance and offer a message of hope and change for those struggling to come to terms with their own circumstances.

They showcase the importance of care, perseverance, and the emotional bonds with animals. My Heroes Were Cowboys is a documentary that tells the story of Robin Wiltshire, a legendary horse trainer who worked on Hollywood Westerns for over 50 years.

The movie shines a spotlight on Wiltshire’s career as a horseman involved in the film industry. Wiltshire’s work began in the 1960s, and he went on to work for some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart.

The movie provides a unique insight into how horses are trained for movies. Wiltshire’s approach to animal training was revolutionary at the time, and his methods are still followed today.

The documentary showcases how Wiltshire was able to work with horses in a way that earned their trust, patience and ultimately, respect. However, the documentary also delves into Wiltshire’s personal journey and how he used horse training as a means of escape from a troubled childhood.

Wiltshire talks about how the West was his inspiration and how he found solace in horses as a child. His passion for horses fueled his desire to pursue a career in the film industry and working with horses.

Similarly, Bibi & Tina is a feel-good horse movie that is based on a popular German cartoon series of the same name. The movie follows the story of Bibi, a spunky witch, and her friend Tina as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence while spending their summer at a riding school.

The movie provides a perfect blend of drama, humor, and horses, making it incredibly entertaining for audiences of all ages. Bibi’s spunky personality and Tina’s determination to excel in horse riding make for a fun and interesting dynamic.

The movie depicts their journey of growth and friendship, as well as their efforts in stopping a businessman from shutting down the riding school. Bibi & Tina is a feel-good movie that celebrates the importance of friendship and pursuing your passion.

The movie is particularly enjoyable for children who love horses and families looking for wholesome entertainment. In conclusion, My Heroes Were Cowboys and Bibi & Tina showcase the enduring popularity of horse movies.

Both movies offer a unique perspective on the relationship between horses and humans and their impact on personal development. Despite their different themes and approaches, both movies illustrate the power of horses to inspire and inspire people to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Whether it’s a documentary about horse training or a feel-good movie about adolescent friendships and horses, equestrian movies offer a unique experience that will remain timeless. Free Rein is a popular Netflix original series that follows the adventures of a teenage girl named Zoe who visits her grandfather’s horse ranch in England.

The series revolves around Zoe’s love of horses and her experiences growing up in the countryside. In addition to the series, Free Rein has also produced two feature-length specials: The Twelve Neighs

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