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Tracking Your Rides: Safety and Fitness for Equestrians

Riding Safety and Fitness Tracking

As an equestrian, you know how important it is to monitor your progress, improve your time, and keep track of your rides. But did you know that monitoring your rides can also be a valuable tool for safety?

By tracking your mileage, you can monitor your location for accidents or if you are stationary for too long. In this article, we will discuss the importance of tracking rides for safety and fitness, as well as some apps and technology that can help you do so.

Importance of Tracking Rides

Safety Benefits

  • Tracking your GPS coordinates can alert emergency services if you have an accident, especially if you are riding solo.
  • Monitoring your mileage can alert you to potential problems, such as being stationary for too long.
  • You can easily share your route with someone else, providing them with your location and ensuring someone knows where you are.

Apps for Tracking Rides

Several apps are available to help you track your rides and ensure your safety. Here are a few popular options:

  • Equilab and Ridely: These apps use GPS tracking to monitor your location, track your mileage, and even provide gait graphs to monitor your horse’s movements.
  • Training Log: This app provides weather data to help you plan your ride, taking into account potential weather impacts.
  • SOSHorse Rider SOS: This app has a safety feature that allows you to contact emergency services quickly.

Fitness and Performance Benefits of Tracking Rides

Tracking your rides not only keeps you safe, but it can also help you improve your fitness and performance. By monitoring your fitness levels and development over time, you can tailor your riding routines to target specific areas of improvement.

  • Track your miles, gaits, transitions, and hill work to improve your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength.
  • Monitor your canter work, flexibility, and muscle tone to enhance your overall riding performance.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are another great way to monitor your rides. They can provide GPS navigation, track your horse’s movements, and even monitor the number of calories you burn during your ride.

When shopping for a smartwatch, consider the following features:

  • Battery life
  • Available fitness trackers
  • Whether or not it is designed for horseback riding

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology, like EquineTrac and SaddleClip, uses sensors to track your horse’s movements and provide you with useful data. For example, EquineTrac uses sensors on your horse’s saddle to monitor their stride length, speed, and heart rate.

This data can help you tailor your riding routine and ensure that your horse is performing at their best.

Ride Tracking Technology

You can also use a fitness tracker or wearable technology with a GPS feature to track your horse’s movements. Some fitness trackers even come with a satellite phone feature, which can be handy if you need to contact emergency services.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are also an excellent option for equestrians who frequently ride in remote areas. These phones use GPS navigation and maps and have voice capabilities.

They are particularly helpful when traditional cell phone service is unavailable.

When You Don’t Have Service

If you find yourself in a situation where service is unavailable, there are gadgets like the Garmin InReach and SPOT Tracker, which allow you to send and receive messages and emergency alerts using satellite technology.


In conclusion, tracking your rides not only helps you monitor your progress and improve your time, but it can also be a valuable tool for safety. By keeping track of your GPS coordinates, monitoring your location, and sharing your route with others, you are better prepared for potential accidents or emergencies.

Using apps and technology like smartwatches, wearable technology, and satellite phones can make tracking your rides easier and safer.


How to Track Horseback Riding

You can track your horseback riding using apps, wearable devices, or satellite phones. Each option offers unique features and benefits.

Garmin and Horse Riding

Garmin offers activity tracking features for horseback riding. You can use the Garmin Connect app to track your rides manually or use the “Tactical” mode on the Garmin Instinct for equestrian sports.

Strava and Horse Riding

While Strava doesn’t have a specific equestrian activity option, you can manually enter your horseback riding data. Be sure to include information like distance, duration, and any notes about the terrain.

Apple Watch and Horse Riding

The Apple Watch has a dedicated “Equestrian Sports” mode that tracks your ride and provides data like distance, pace, heart rate, and calorie burn. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can still track your ride using the workout app.

Horse Riding Time and Distance

When tracking horseback riding, remember that horses walk slower than runners or cyclists. Use apps or devices that allow you to adjust your activity type to get accurate data.

Can Horses Find Their Owners

Horses have a homing instinct, but it’s not foolproof. To ensure your horse’s safety, use identification methods like microchipping or ID tags and always ride with a friend or let someone know your route.


Tracking your horseback riding progress and ensuring your safety is important for all equestrians. By using apps, wearable technology, and satellite phones, you can accurately track your rides and quickly contact emergency services if necessary. It’s also important to use identification methods and ride with a friend to ensure your horse’s safety.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your ride with peace of mind and track your progress effectively.


  • How can I track my horseback riding? You can use apps, wearable devices, or satellite phones to track your horseback riding.
  • Is Garmin suitable for horse riding? Yes, Garmin has an activity tracking feature that can be used to track horseback riding.
  • How can I use Strava for horseback riding? You can manually enter the data of your horseback riding when using Strava.
  • Is Apple Watch good for horseback riding? Apple Watch has an Equestrian Sports mode designed specifically for horseback riding.
  • How do I track time and distance for horseback riding? Use apps or wearable devices that take into account the horse’s slower pace to accurately track your ride’s time and distance.
  • Can horses find their owners? Horses have a strong homing instinct, but it’s important to use identification methods and ride with a friend to ensure their safety.

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