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The Unconventional Beauty and Norms of Horse Ownership

Horse ownership is a unique endeavor that is filled with joys and challenges. From tolerating green drool to picking up poop with bare hands, owning a horse can be an adventure.

But one of the most important aspects of horse ownership is being immersed in the horse community, understanding the lifestyle, and building relationships with equestrian friends.

Unique Aspects of Horse Ownership

Tolerating Green Drool

One unique aspect of horse ownership is the constant presence of green drool. Horses produce this drool when they eat, drink, or are simply relaxing.

The good news is that green drool is a sign of a healthy horse. It is a mixture of saliva and food particles that help horses digest their food.

So, if you’re going to own a horse, you’re going to have to get used to the sight of green drool. Tasting the Horse’s Food

Another aspect of horse ownership that may be surprising to some is that it is recommended to taste the horse’s treats before giving them to your horse.

This ensures that you’re not giving your horse something that is too sweet or otherwise harmful to their health. While it may seem strange to some, tasting your horse’s food is a common practice among experienced horse owners.

Oblivious to Horses Farting in our Face

Horses are digestive machines that produce a lot of gas, and sometimes that gas comes out in the form of a fart. As a horse owner, it’s not uncommon to be standing behind your horse when they let one rip, leaving you in a cloud of gas.

While it may be unpleasant, it’s simply a part of being a horse owner, and you learn to deal with it over time.

Sheath Cleaning

Stallions and geldings have a sheath, which is the fold of skin that surrounds their penis. Cleaning a horse’s sheath is a necessary task that should be done regularly to prevent infection and discomfort for the horse.

While mare owners also have their own unique set of tasks when it comes to cleaning their mare’s teats and vulvas, sheath cleaning is one task that is often overlooked by inexperienced horse owners.

Picking up Poop with Bare Hands

One of the most unsavory tasks that come with owning a horse is picking up their poop. While many horse owners prefer to use gloves or a scoop to pick up manure, some still do it with their bare hands.

It’s not the most glamorous task, but it’s a necessary part of keeping the barn clean and the horse healthy. Drinking The Horse’s Water When Needed

Horses need a lot of water, and it’s not uncommon for a horse owner to drink from their horse’s water tank when they need a drink themselves.

While this may seem strange to some, it’s a testament to the relationship between horse and owner, and the bond that is formed through the care of these magnificent creatures.

Using the Horses Bedroom as a Last Resort Bathroom

When nature calls, sometimes the only option available is to use the nearest bathroom. For horse owners, this often means using the horse stall as a last resort bathroom.

While this may not be the most hygienic practice, it’s a reality of horse ownership that should be acknowledged.

Enjoying the Aroma of Manure

While the smell of horse manure may not be the most pleasant scent, experienced horse owners can appreciate the aroma for what it is. It’s a sign of a healthy horse and a well-maintained barn.

Some even find the smell therapeutic and calming.

Forgetting to Wash our Hands when Making Dinner

One of the downsides of owning a horse is the possibility of infection from handling manure. Pinworms are a common issue for horse owners, and they can easily be spread to humans if proper hygiene is not observed.

Forgetting to wash your hands after handling manure or before making dinner can lead to serious health issues, so it’s important to make hygiene a top priority when dealing with horses.

Eating Breakfast in the Barn

For many horse owners, the barn is not just a place to care for their horse, it’s also a place to spend time and enjoy the company of their equine companion. Eating breakfast in the barn is a common practice among horse owners, but it also comes with a few challenges, like horse hair and flies.

Immersion in the Horse Community

Lifestyle of Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Horse owners spend a significant amount of time caring for their horse, including feeding, grooming, and exercising them.

This lifestyle also includes the clothing and accessories worn by horse owners, like boots, helmets, and gloves.

Consuming Aspects of Horse Ownership

In addition to the care and responsibility that comes with owning a horse, there are also social and recreational aspects of being a horse owner. Horse owners often form relationships with other equestrians, attending clinics, shows, and other horse-related events.

These relationships and experiences can be an important part of the overall horse ownership experience.

Understanding Among Equestrian Friends

Equestrian friends are a special breed of friend. They understand the time and effort that goes into caring for a horse, and can relate to the unique challenges and joys of horse ownership.

They can also offer valuable advice and support, making the journey of horse ownership that much more rewarding.


Owning a horse is a unique experience that comes with its own set of joys and challenges. From tolerating green drool to immersing oneself in the horse community, horse ownership is unlike any other hobby.

Whether you’re an experienced horse owner or just starting out, it’s important to embrace the lifestyle and all that it entails. By doing so, you’ll be able to build a deeper connection with your horse and the equestrian community.

Horses are majestic creatures that possess a unique beauty, both physically and behaviorally. As a horse owner, it is not uncommon to find beauty in the unconventional aspects of horse ownership, like appreciating horse drool and farts, finding beauty in cleaning tasks, observing the beauty of horse anatomy, and seeing the magic within these creatures.

In addition, horse ownership requires habitual behaviors that are unique to this lifestyle, including multi-tasking in the barn, valuing efficiency, prioritizing horse care over self-care, and being unapologetic about our horse obsession.

Unconventional Beauty of Horses

Appreciating Horse Drool and Farts

Horse drool and farts have a bad reputation in society. However, as a horse owner, we know that these odd traits can be appreciated.

Horse drool is a sign of health and indicates that the horse is digesting their food properly. While farts may not be pleasant, they are a necessary part of a horse’s digestive system.

Therefore, seeing a healthy horse produce drool and farts can actually be appreciated by an experienced and knowledgeable horse owner.

Finding Beauty in Cleaning

Cleaning tasks for horses can be seen as a chore, but they can also be a therapeutic experience for the dedicated horse owner. Cleaning tasks such as grooming, wiping away dirt and mud, and sheath cleaning can be seen as a bonding experience with our horses.

Not only do these tasks ensure that our horses are healthy and happy, but they can also be appreciated for the opportunity to spend quality time with our equine companions.

Enjoying The Smell of Horse Manure

The smell of horse manure may seem unpleasant to non-horse owners, but for the knowledgeable horse lover, it can actually be a comforting and nostalgic smell. The smell of horse manure is often associated with the smell of pine shavings, which many barns use as bedding.

The combination of the scents of manure and pine can bring back memories of happy times spent with our horses and creates a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Finding Beauty in Horse Anatomy

The anatomy of a horse may seem unattractive to some but, for the true horse lover, it is beautiful in its uniqueness. From the shapes of the hooves to the patterns of chestnuts and ergots, from the flaring nostrils to the scars and cuts that tell stories of a horse’s journey, a knowledgeable horse owner can appreciate the unique beauty of each horse.

Even the sound of a horse’s breathing or the rhythm of their gallop can be appreciated as musical and harmonious in its beauty.

Seeing Magic in Horses

There is something magical about horses that goes beyond their physical appearance. There is a type of magic in the bond between human and horse, in the connection that is forged through trust and respect.

It is also the way horses provide comfort and healing to humans, as they are used in therapy for people who have suffered trauma or are dealing with various psychological issues. Horse owners find a special kind of magic in the beauty of their horses that goes beyond the physical and creates a deep sense of wonder.

Habitual Behaviors of Horse Owners

Multi-Tasking in the Barn

Horse ownership requires a great deal of time and effort. A knowledgeable horse owner often has to multi-task in the barn, taking care of several tasks at once.

For example, while your horse is eating you can clean their stall, water bucket, and feed bucket, all at the same time. It is necessary to become an efficient multi-tasker if you want to provide the best care for your horse.

Valuing Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to successful horse ownership, as there are multiple tasks that require time and effort. It is important to be organized, create a schedule, and prioritize tasks to get the most done within a given amount of time.

Understanding the most efficient way to complete a task will help horse owners free up time for other important responsibilities.

Prioritizing Horse Care Over Self-Care

A true horse lover will always put their horse’s needs before their own. The care and well-being of a horse can take up a considerable amount of time and energy, and it is not uncommon for horse owners to sacrifice their own personal needs in order to ensure the happiness and health of their horses.

Horse ownership is a responsibility, and many take this role very seriously.

Being Unapologetic About Horse Obsession

Horses are a passion for many and can be an obsession for some. But true horse lovers will never apologize for their love of horses.

There is no shame in dedicating time, money, and energy to something that brings so much joy and happiness. Horse owners are proud of their passion and are not afraid to show it to the world.

In conclusion, owning a horse is a unique and beautiful experience that requires a specific set of habitual behaviors and values. Horse ownership is not for everyone, but for those who are dedicated, it can transform into a rewarding and life-changing experience.

When we appreciate the unconventional beauty of horses and commit ourselves to their care, they can give us so much joy and fulfillment, and become an essential part of our lives. The horse community is a unique and diverse group of individuals who share a passion for horses.

Within this community, there are certain norms that are accepted and appreciated, including acceptance of inappropriate behavior, embracing unique behaviors, different standards of cleanliness, and the embracing of unconventional practices. As horse owners, we understand that owning a horse is an all-encompassing lifestyle that requires sacrifices and a strong commitment.

However, the joy that horse ownership brings and the celebrations of this lifestyle make it all worthwhile.

Horse Community Norms

Acceptance of Inappropriate Behavior

Within the horse community, there is a certain level of acceptance of inappropriate behavior, which may seem surprising to outsiders but is accepted and understood among horse owners. For example, a horse may nip or kick out at another horse or their owner, but this behavior is often seen as a natural aspect of their personalities, rather than a cause for alarm or punishment.

Horse owners know that horses have their own personalities and accept their idiosyncrasies as part of their individuality.

Appreciation for Unique Behaviors

One of the beauties of the horse community is the appreciation of unique behaviors among horses. Horses are individuals, and they have their own personalities, quirks, and ways of communicating.

That is why it is not uncommon to hear horse owners talk about their horses’ funny personalities and unique habits. This appreciation for the individuality of each horse allows for a deeper connection and bond between horse and owner.

Different Standards of Cleanliness

The standards of cleanliness within the horse community may differ from that of the general population. Horse owners understand that horses are not kept in sterile environments and that the occasional mud or manure stain is just a part of the territory.

While horse owners prioritize the cleanliness of their horses and their surroundings, a certain amount of “horse mess” is often accepted as a natural part of this lifestyle.

Embracing Unconventional Practices

The horse community is known for embracing practices that may seem unconventional to outsiders. For example, the use of alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy is a common practice in the horse community.

Traditional medical care for horses is also embraced, but horse owners are open to trying new methods to keep their horses healthy and happy.

The All-Encompassing Nature of Horse Ownership

Horse Ownership as a Lifestyle

Owning a horse is more than just a simple hobby, it is a lifestyle that requires a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication. The daily care of a horse can take hours, from feeding, grooming, and exercising, to mucking out stalls and general maintenance.

However, for horse owners, it is more than just a chore, it is a way of life.

Sacrifices as a Horse Owner

Being a horse owner often requires sacrifices, whether it be social events, personal time, or money. Horse ownership can be an expensive undertaking as horses require regular veterinary care, quality food, and a comfortable living environment.

However, for a true horse owner, these sacrifices are not seen as a burden but as a necessary part of providing the best care for their beloved horses.

Understanding the Commitment of Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is a serious commitment that should not be taken lightly. It requires a substantial amount of time, effort, and financial investment.

Horse owners must be willing to make sacrifices and prioritize the care of their horse above their own needs. Understanding the commitment required of horse ownership is a critical element in maintaining a happy and healthy horse.

Celebrating the Joy of Horse Ownership

Despite the challenges and sacrifices that come with horse ownership, there is nothing quite like the joy that comes from the deep bond between horse and owner. Whether it is a ride through the countryside, a day spent grooming and bonding with your horse, or simply watching them graze in the pasture, the joy that comes from owning a horse is immeasurable.

Celebrating this joy and the unique lifestyle that comes with it is a vital aspect of being a member of the horse community. In conclusion, horse ownership is a lifestyle that requires a specific set of norms, values, and behaviors that are embraced and appreciated among the horse community.

Being a horse owner requires significant sacrifices, a deep commitment, and a willingness to embrace the unique aspects of this lifestyle. However, the joy and fulfillment that come from owning a horse outweigh the challenges and make it all worthwhile for those who embrace this lifestyle.

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