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The Ultimate Horse Show Packing List: Be Prepared and Confident!

Packing for a Horse Show

Are you thinking of attending a horse show anytime soon? Are you wondering what essential items to pack for the event?

If the answer is yes, then worry no more! We have put together a comprehensive packing list to help you prepare for a horse show. The packing list includes items for the rider, grooming supplies, tack and care, as well as miscellaneous items.

Show Day Binder

Having a show day binder is essential when attending a horse show. The binder should contain essential paperwork, including registration information, Coggins test, and health certificate.

It is a good idea to make sure all the paperwork is up to date before the event. By doing so, you can avoid any last-minute issues.

For the Rider

When it comes to the rider, it is important to have the necessary riding apparel. This includes a helmet, riding pants, a riding shirt, riding boots, and half chaps.

In addition, you might want to consider wearing a safety vest for added protection.

Personal Care

Personal care items are essential when attending a horse show. Hair ties, bobby pins, and hairnets are important when grooming your hair for the show.

In addition, you might need bows, hair spray, and a mirror to ensure your hair looks neat and tidy.


When attending a horse show, grooming supplies are essential. You will need a grooming tote to carry all the necessary equipment.

Braiding supplies, curry comb, brushes, clippers, a hoof pick, sweat scraper, detangler, baby powder, and spray-on conditioner should all be included.

Tack and Care

Ensuring that your horse’s tack and care are well taken care of is critical for success at any horse show. You should pack items such as a saddle, saddle pad, girth, cinch, bridle, bits, halters, leads, and reins.

You might want to carry spurs, a tack trunk, a lunging line, sponges, leather care supplies, microfiber towels, protective boots, wraps, blankets, a cooler, fly spray, and mucking equipment. You should also carry buckets, feed, hay, supplements, medications, and treats.

Finally, don’t forget shampoo, conditioner, Showsheen, hoof oil, and a first aid kit.


Miscellaneous items that you should pack for a horse show include scissors, a sewing kit, safety pins, lint roller, stain remover, camera, camping chair, roadside kit, zip ties, duct tape, cash, bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, water, and a survival kit.

Importance of Being Prepared

There’s nothing quite like the pre-show jitters when you’re getting ready for a horse show. However, you can reduce them by being prepared.

By packing early and ensuring you have everything you need, you can arrive at the show feeling confident and ready to compete.

Horse Show Packing List

Having a personalized horse show packing list is a great idea. It ensures that you pack everything you need to be successful at the event.

Therefore, take time to create a list specific to your needs and double-check it before you leave for the horse show.

What Should I Bring to a Horse Show

When it comes to a horse show, you should bring gear for yourself, your horse, cleaning supplies, and horse care supplies. Always check your personalized packing list to ensure you have everything you need before leaving for the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spectator Attire

If you are a spectator at a horse show, it is essential to wear comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate. Horse-safe shoes, hats, and sunscreen are also important.

Horse Show Survival Kit

When attending a horse show, it is important to have a horse show survival kit. The kit should contain necessities such as bobby pins, safety pins, socks, hair ties, razor, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and a sewing kit.

First Horse Show

If this is your first time attending a horse show, ask your trainer for advice on what to do. A prep night at the barn can also be helpful in ensuring you are prepared for the show.

Riding a School Horse in the Show

If you plan to ride a school horse in the show, make sure you know your responsibilities. You should also ensure that the horse’s grooming and gear is taken care of and that you have adequate transportation to the show.

In conclusion, preparing and packing for a horse show can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. However, with this comprehensive guide, you can be sure that you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

Remember to take the time to create your personalized packing list, check and double-check it, and don’t forget to breathe and have fun at the horse show!

Preparing for a horse show might seem overwhelming, but with proper planning, it can be less daunting. To summarize, your horse show packing list should include a show day binder, gear for the rider, grooming supplies, tack and care, and miscellaneous items.

Being prepared is important, and a personalized packing list and show day survival kit can help. Ensure you have everything you need before leaving, and always double-check your list.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the show!


1. What paperwork do I need to bring to a horse show?

A: You should bring important paperwork, including your registration information, Coggins test, and health certificate. 2.

What should I pack for myself as a rider?

A: You should pack essential riding apparel such as a helmet, riding pants, a shirt, boots, and half chaps.

Also, bring personal care items such as hair ties, bobby pins, and hairnets. 3.

What should I pack for my horse?

A: Include tack and care items such as a saddle, saddle pad, girth, cinch, bridle, bits, halters, leads, reins, spurs, protective boots, wraps, fly spray, grooming supplies, feed, hay, supplements, medication, and treats.

4. How can I reduce pre-show jitters?

A: Ensure you’re prepared by having everything you need ahead of time. A personalized packing list and horse show survival kit can help ease anxiety.

5. What should I wear as a spectator for a horse show?

A: You should wear comfortable clothing that is weather-appropriate, horse-safe shoes, and a hat. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

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