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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Horse Blanket Size

Measuring for the Right Fit

Horse owners understand the importance of blankets in maintaining their animals’ comfort as horses can tolerate various climates and temperatures. While it is important to choose a high-quality blanket material, selecting the right size for a horse is also imperative.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of measuring horses for blanket sizing and how to choose the right blanket according to breed and size.

Before purchasing a horse blanket, it is essential to correctly measure your horse to ensure that you get the right size for them. The measurement process is simple; you’ll need a soft tape measure, a friend to help hold your horse, and a stable or a flat, firm surface.

To start, measure the horse’s length from the center of the chest to the center of the tailbone. The most comfortable fit is a blanket that follows well with the length of your horse.

If you are between sizes, opt for the larger one. This is simply because the last thing you want is a blanket that is too tight, causing discomfort and potential injury to your horse.

Blanket Basics and Sizing System

Warmth and dryness are a few reasons to choose a horse blanket. Thoroughbreds and Arabians, in general, have a shorter hair coat, compared to an American Quarter horse with a thicker coat.

Consequently, they will require heavier blankets. The Standard sizing system ranges from 64 to 90 inches, with increments of two inches.

Blanket sizes for horses are measured based on both length and girth, but nearly all modern commercial blankets take into account the length alone.

Horse Sizes and Blanket Sizing

Average Horse Sizes

Horses come in varying sizes, but the average size falls between 14.2 to 16.2 hands tall, weighing from 800 to 1200 pounds. A draft horse can exceed 18 hands and weigh around 2,000 pounds.

For instance, the size of a pony would differ from that of a full-grown Quarter horse. The size of a pony is comparably smaller and will require smaller blankets, whereas a warmblood or draft horse will require the larger sizes.

Blanket Sizing Based on Horse Size and Breed

There are a few fundamental guidelines that you may follow when selecting the right size of a blanket based on your horses size and breed. It is always best to refer to your horses general size, build, and age.

Thinner Horses and Ponies:

If your horse is slender or comparatively thin, they would need smaller blankets so that it doesn’t slip off. Ponies are relatively smaller than most horses and comparatively lighter.

Hence, a smaller blanket will ensure comfort and freedom of movement for them.

Quarter Horses:

The American Quarter Horse, also known as the Quarter Horse, is one of the most popular horse breeds worldwide.

They are incredibly athletic and strong and are an excellent option for racing and other sporting events. As their build is sturdy and they are comparatively larger than other horses, they would require a larger blanket size.

Warmbloods and Drafts:

Warmbloods and draft horses are much larger than most horse breeds. They are more magnificent, bulky, and more substantial.

If your horse falls into this category, consider purchasing a larger size to ensure she stays warm and comfortable throughout the day. In conclusion, horses require blankets for a variety of reasons, including comfort, warmth, and dryness.

When choosing the right horse blanket, take into account the breed, size, weight, age, and other individual factors. Measuring your horse according to the guidelines before purchasing the blanket is critical to selecting the right size.

Always opt for the larger size if you are unsure, and make sure that the proposed blanket is consistent with the horse’s build, comfort, and freedom of motion. This will ensure that they remain comfortable and happy during colder temperatures while allowing them to keep a healthy, glossy coat year-round.

Blanket Sizing FAQs

Choosing the right size for your horse’s blankets is essential to ensure your horse’s comfort and safety. Horse owners often run into several questions when it comes to blanket sizing.

In this section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about blanket sizing and provide useful tips on how to select the right horse blanket size.

Blanket Sizing for Specific Horse Heights

  1. Q: What size of horse blanket should I purchase for a 15-hand horse?

    A: Proper measurement is crucial, but generally, horses that are 15 hands tall require a 72-74-inch blanket.

  2. Q: What size of horse blanket should I buy for a 15.2-hand horse?

    A: For a 15.2-hand horse, the average size of horse blanket required is 75-76 inches.

  3. Q: What size of horse blanket should I buy for a 15.3-hand horse?

    A: A 15.3-hand horse typically requires a 77-78-inch blanket.

It’s important to note that while these ranges are offered on average, measuring your horse is still essential. Following proper measuring instructions for your horse will always yield the best result.

Average Blanket Size for Quarter Horses

Measuring a quarter horse for blanket sizing can be done effectively, resulting in a comfortable and proper fit.

It is essential to measure your horse to ensure they have ample room to move while still staying warm. Generally, a quarter horse will be at least 15 hands tall or more and 1,000 to 1,300 pounds on average.

Below is a chart to refer to when measuring your quarter horse for blanket sizing.

Height (hands) Width
15.0 – 15.1 72-74
15.2 – 15.3 75-76
16.0 – 16.1 78-80
16.2 – 16.3 81-82
17.0 and up 84-86

Petite or thinner quarter horses may require a smaller blanket size, while those with thick builds will require a larger size.

Always choose a size that will allow the horse sufficient freedom of movement and comfort while still keeping it snug-fitting.

Tips for Choosing and Trying on Horse Blankets

Choosing a Style and Color

When it comes to choosing a horse blanket, selecting the right color and style is a personal preference.

However, it is essential to consider how frequently you’ll be using the blanket and what purpose it will serve. Select a color that is suitable for the purpose and environment.

For instance, for light riding, training, and turnout, waterproof blankets are important. Darker colors such as navy and black tend to hide dirt, while brighter colors make it easier to spot your horse if they are turned out with other horses.

Proper Fit and Trying on Blankets

Horse blankets should fit perfectly and be comfortable.

The best way to try on a horse blanket is to ensure your horse is clean. Blankets should never be returned dirty.

It’s best to gently place the blanket over your horse and fasten the front clips. Properly fastened, the front should sit just below the withers, and the blanket should drape comfortably around your horse.

Ensure that the straps near the belly are adjusted correctly, so it does not slide off. Checking the tail flap and shoulder fit is important.

The horse’s tail flap should sit squarely at the horses tailbone, whereas the shoulder fit should be just below the withers. Never purchase a size that is too small for your horse, as this may cause discomfort or even injury while they are moving.

Take time to choose the right size for your horse, and avoid any potential problems down the road. In summary, selecting the appropriate size for your horses blanket is critical to ensure your horse’s comfort, happiness, and overall well-being.

Keep these critical tips and measurements in mind, and you’ll soon notice that your horse will remain comfortable, happy, and healthy during colder temperatures while retaining a healthy, glossy coat year-round. In summary, selecting the correct size for a horse’s blanket requires proper measurement and consideration of the horse’s breed, build, and age.

Failure to do so could cause injury or discomfort, leading to a lack of performance and a reduced quality of life. Some key takeaways include measuring your horse, choosing the right size according to their breed and size, and trying on blankets.

In doing so, you ensure that your horse remains comfortable throughout the day and that their health and well-being remain uncompromised.


  1. How do I measure my horse for blanket sizing?

    A: Use a soft tape measure to measure from the center of the chest to the center of the tailbone to obtain the correct length.

  2. What do I do if my horse is between blanket sizes?

    A: Round up to the larger size to avoid a too-tight blanket that may cause discomfort and injury to your horse.

  3. How do I choose the right color and style of a horse blanket?

    A: Select a color suitable for the purpose and environment and choose a style suitable for the intended use.

  4. What should I keep in mind when trying on a horse blanket?

    A: Make sure your horse is clean, adjust the straps correctly, and ensure that the tail flap and shoulder fit are adequate.

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