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The Mystery of Avery’s Departure and Potential Return to Yellowstone

Avery’s Departure from Yellowstone

Yellowstone, the drama series that premiered in 2018, follows the story of John Dutton and his family, who control the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Throughout the first two seasons, the show introduced several characters, one of whom was Avery, played by Tanaya Beatty.

Avery appeared in season 2 as a new ranch hand at the Yellowstone ranch. However, the character’s storyline was abruptly cut short, and she never appeared on the show again.

Possible Theories for Avery’s Departure

Avery’s sudden disappearance from the show left fans puzzled. Several theories emerged as to why she left the ranch and the show.

  • One of the most popular theories is that Avery’s storyline did not fit into the overall plot of the show. Many fans speculated that her character was not well-received, and the show’s creators decided to drop her abruptly.
  • Another theory is that Avery’s departure was related to the disappearance of Native and Indigenous women in the region around Yellowstone. This theory gained traction as Tanaya Beatty, the actress who played Avery, is of First Nations descent. Fans speculated that the writers may have wanted to avoid the controversy surrounding the portrayal of Indigenous women on the show.

Likely Reason for Avery’s Departure

While there is no official explanation for Avery’s departure, it is likely that it was related to her work on a film called “Crimes of the Future.” The film, directed by David Cronenberg, started production in Greece around the same time Yellowstone was filming. Tanaya Beatty confirmed her involvement in the project on her social media pages.

Although no official statement links Avery’s abrupt departure to her involvement in the film, it is possible that her contract with Yellowstone prevented her from appearing in other projects during filming. This scenario is common in the entertainment industry, where actors are bound by non-compete clauses to ensure that they are available for the duration of the production.

Avery’s Storyline in Yellowstone Season 2

Avery’s Hiring and Character Development

In Yellowstone, Avery was introduced in season 2, episode 2, as a new ranch hand. She was introduced as a stripper who had worked previously with Jimmy at a strip club.

John Dutton hired Avery because she was a hard worker and could fit in with the other ranch hands. Avery quickly made a name for herself as a determined and skilled worker, earning the respect of her colleagues and superiors.

Avery’s involvement with Jimmy was a significant part of her character development on the show. The two characters became close, and Jimmy took it upon himself to defend Avery when she was threatened by other men on the ranch. This closeness suggested the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two, which was not explored due to Avery’s sudden departure.

Avery’s Abrupt Departure

Avery’s abrupt departure from Yellowstone was a shock to fans of the show. Her exit was not explained, and she did not appear in any subsequent episodes. In the episode before her departure, Avery was shown performing exceptionally well at her job. She appeared to be settling in and was well-liked by her colleagues. The writers’ decision to remove Avery from the show without explanation was puzzling to fans.

Her sudden departure also left loose ends that were never resolved. For example, her relationship with Jimmy was left unresolved, and fans were left to speculate about what might have happened between the two characters.


In conclusion, Avery’s departure from Yellowstone remains a mystery to fans. While several theories have emerged to explain her sudden disappearance, it is likely that her work on another project caused her exit from the show. Avery’s character development was cut short, leaving fans with unanswered questions about her storyline. Despite this, Yellowstone continues to be a popular show, and fans eagerly anticipate the next season.

Avery’s Return to Yellowstone in Season 4 and 5

With the recent announcement of the renewal of Yellowstone for a fourth season, fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite characters. Among them is Avery, the ranch hand who disappeared without explanation in season 2, played by Tanaya Beatty.

In this article, we will explore the possibilities of Avery’s return in season 4 and 5, and what fans can expect from the character and her storyline.

Avery’s Return and Confession to Kayce

One of the most exciting prospects for Avery’s return is the possibility of her confessing her feelings for Kayce and addressing unresolved issues. In season 2, Avery had shown romantic interest in Kayce, which caused tension between him and his wife, Monica. Additionally, season three revealed Avery’s involvement in Mo’s horse theft operation and her connection to the Broken Rock Reservation.

It is possible that Avery’s return will see her addressing these issues with Kayce. Her confession to him could provide the much-needed closure for their relationship, giving fans the opportunity to witness Kayce and Avery’s dynamic and chemistry. The audience may also learn more about her role in Mo’s operation and the Broken Rock Reservation, which could have significant implications for the future of the show.

Avery’s Vision and Fans’ Expectations

Avery’s vision in season two, where she experienced a Hanbleceya and saw Monica walking away from Kayce, has left fans speculating about her storyline and what it might mean for the show’s future. The foreshadowing of Monica’s unfaithfulness opened up possibilities for Avery’s return in season 4 and 5, and her potential involvement in Monica and Kayce’s relationship. Furthermore, fans’ expectations regarding Avery’s character development have increased with Tanaya Beatty’s acting abilities.

Beatty’s portrayal of Avery in season two was praised for its nuanced performances and the subtle hints of jealousy towards Monica’s relationship with Kayce. Many fans have high hopes that Avery will return with more significant character progression, and her storyline is given the attention it deserves.

Tanaya Beatty’s Portrayal of Avery on Yellowstone

Tanaya Beatty’s Background and Acting Career

Tanaya Beatty is a Canadian actor of First Nations and Himalayan descent, born to Italian parents. She attended the Vancouver Film School for acting and has since worked in several TV shows and movies.

Beatty’s background and her ability to convey complex emotions with such nuance have enabled her to become a fan favorite on Yellowstone, despite her character’s abrupt departure from the show.

Tanaya Beatty’s Work in Other Movies and TV Shows

In addition to her work on Yellowstone, Beatty is known for her roles in various movies and TV shows. She appeared in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and has had recurring roles in True Justice and The Night Shift. More recently, she was in the movie Hostiles, starring alongside Christian Bale and Wes Studi. Her work in these various projects showcases her range as an actor and highlights her ability to portray complex characters convincingly.

Tanaya Beatty’s Social Media Presence

Tanaya Beatty has amassed a following on social media, with several fans praising her work on Yellowstone. Her Instagram account features several photos and videos of her on and off-set, providing fans with a glimpse into her life. However, Beatty has not posted any content since 2020, which has left fans wondering about her latest projects and whether she will return for season 4 and 5 of Yellowstone.


In conclusion, Avery’s return to Yellowstone in season 4 and 5 presents exciting possibilities for fans of the show. Tanaya Beatty’s portrayal of Avery has earned praise for its complexity and nuance, and her past work in movies and TV shows has demonstrated her range as an actor.

While nothing has been announced regarding Avery’s return, fans are eagerly waiting to see what a potential comeback would mean for her character and the show’s future. This article discussed Avery’s departure from Yellowstone and the possibility of her return in seasons 4 and 5.

It explored several possible reasons for Avery’s sudden disappearance from the show, as well as Tanaya Beatty’s portrayal of the character and her past work in other movies and TV shows. The article considered potential storylines for Avery’s return, such as her addressing unresolved issues with Kayce and exploring her involvement in Mo’s horse theft operation and the Broken Rock Reservation.

Overall, the article highlights the importance of character development and the impact that nuanced portrayals can have on a show’s popularity and fanbase.


  1. Why did Avery leave Yellowstone?
  2. There is no official explanation, but it is likely related to Tanaya Beatty’s involvement in another project at the time.

  3. Will Avery return in season 4 or 5?
  4. Nothing has been confirmed, but fans are hopeful given Avery’s potential storyline and Tanaya Beatty’s popularity on the show.

  5. What is Tanaya Beatty’s background and previous work?
  6. She is a Canadian actor of First Nations and Himalayan descent who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Hostiles.

  7. Was Avery’s departure addressed in the show?
  8. No, her abrupt departure was not explained or addressed on the show.

  9. What can fans expect from Avery’s return to Yellowstone?
  10. Possibilities include her addressing her feelings for Kayce, exploring her involvement in Mo’s operation, and further character development.

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