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The Mysterious Disappearance and Return of Lee Dutton in Yellowstone

The Strange Disappearance of Lee Dutton

Yellowstone is one of the most popular television series in recent years, and it follows the Dutton family, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The show’s popularity has been tremendous, with fans from every corner of the world expressing their love for the show.

However, despite the show’s immense success, one character’s disappearance has left fans with many unanswered questions. This article will explore the mysterious disappearance of Lee Dutton from the show.

Lee’s Death and Burial

The death of Lee Dutton was one of the most significant moments in the show’s history, and for fans of the show, it was a moment of great sadness. Dave Annable, the actor who played Lee Dutton, had already announced his departure from the show before the start of the third season.

However, the way his character was written out of the show has left fans with more questions than answers. Lee Dutton’s character was killed by a gunshot wound, and his funeral was held at the Dutton family gravesite.

Fans were left to wonder if Lee’s burial marked the end of his journey on the show.

Cremation of Lee

The show did not explicitly explain what happened after Lee was buried. However, some viewers speculated that Lee’s body might have been exhumed and cremated.

Autopsies are common in such cases, but Kayce, one of Lee’s siblings, may have wanted to protect Lee’s privacy and well-being by resorting to cremation. Robert Long, the writer of the show, has also hinted at the possibility of Kayce committing a crime to protect Lee’s legacy.

The show’s writing team has hinted at a complex web of lies and deceit that surround Lee’s disappearance, leaving fans to speculate about the events that transpired.

Lee’s Family

Lee’s family, the Duttons, is a critical component of his character arc in the show.

He was the oldest child in the family and had a close relationship with his father, John Dutton. Evelyn, his mother, was not as close to Lee as his father was, which may have affected their relationship.

Despite the ups and downs of his relationship with his family, Lee was a beloved member of the Dutton family, making his departure from the show even more significant.

Absence of Lee in Family Photos

After Lee’s departure from the show, fans noticed that his absence was not limited to the show’s narrative. They also noticed that Lee was missing from all the family photos displayed in the Dutton’s home.

Lack of Lee in Photos

Fans of the show were quick to point out that the absence of Lee in the family photos could be due to sloppy writing on the part of the show’s writers. However, this theory was quickly dismissed as fans continued to delve deeper into the show’s narrative.

Theories for Lee’s Absence

  • One theory suggests that Lee may have been behind the camera during the family photo sessions. This theory has gained traction as fans re-watched some episodes and noticed that Lee was not present in some shots but was present in others.
  • Another theory suggests that Lee may have been sent away to school during the photo sessions. This theory is supported by the fact that Lee was the oldest child in the family and may have been sent away to get an education.
  • However, some fans speculate that Lee’s absence from the family photos has a much more profound and symbolic meaning. They believe that it’s an artistic choice made to emphasize the gravity of his departure from the show.


The disappearance of Lee Dutton from the show has been a major topic of discussion among fans. The show’s writers have left a lot to the imagination as they have hinted at a complex web of secrets and lies surrounding his death and subsequent disappearance.

While fans may never know what truly happened to Lee, the show’s legacy will continue to resonate with viewers all over the world. Season 4 of Yellowstone brought an exciting surprise for fans of the show when actor Dave Annable, who played Lee Dutton, announced his return on Instagram.

The news immediately sparked speculation about Lee’s role in the upcoming season and the show’s future overall. This article will explore Dave Annable’s return and fans’ hopes for Lee’s character in season 5.

Additionally, we will delve into Kayce’s Lakota ceremony and the visions he saw of Lee.

Annable’s Return in Season 4

After Dave Annable’s departure from the show, many fans speculated about the possibility of his return.

In season four, Annable confirmed his return in a post on Instagram. He said, “I’m thrilled to be back for season four and can’t wait for everyone to see what’s in store.” Fans were excited to see Lee Dutton back on the screen, and the show’s writers promised that his return would be worth the wait.

As the season progressed, we saw Lee’s role in the show become more apparent. Annable’s return allowed Lee’s story to be explored in more depth, providing viewers with exciting plot twists and character development.

Hopes for Lee’s Role in Season 5

With the anticipation for the upcoming season rising after Annable’s return, fans have started to wonder what they can expect from Lee Dutton’s character in season 5. There is speculation that his character may play a more prominent role in the upcoming season.

Fans have voiced their hopes that Lee’s character will get the closure he deserves after his sudden departure in season three. Viewers have also expressed their hopes that Lee’s character arc will be given an appropriate ending.

Fans would like to see Lee’s character explored in more depth, and his legacy honored in a way that does his character justice.

Kayce’s Vision of Lee

One of the most poignant moments of season four was Kayce’s Lakota ceremony, where he experienced a vision of his deceased brother, Lee.

The ceremony, known as Hanbleceya, involves crying for a vision and can be quite an emotional experience. In Kayce’s vision, Lee appeared in a dark room, with blood pouring from his mouth, indicating his brutal death.

Lee appeared aggressive and seemed to be directing his anger towards Kayce. The vision was haunting, and viewers were left to speculate about what it could represent.

Possible Interpretations of the Visions

The visions seen in Hanbleceya are often interpreted as messages from the spirits. Kayce’s vision of Lee was a significant one, and fans have been left wondering about its possible interpretations.

  • One possible interpretation is the idea of guilt. Kayce was not present at the time of Lee’s death, and there may have been underlying feelings of guilt surrounding his absence.
  • The vision could be a way for Kayce to confront any unresolved feelings of guilt he may have.
  • Another interpretation could be the idea of life choices and destiny.
  • In the vision, Lee appeared aggressive, possibly indicating that their paths were not meant to cross again. Kayce could be faced with making choices that will lead him down a path that diverges from Lee’s destiny.
  • Finally, some fans have speculated that the vision could be a foretelling of the future. With Lee’s character arc shrouded in mystery, his appearance in Kayce’s vision could be a sign of future events that have yet to come.


Dave Annable’s return to the show has provided fans with a new chapter in Lee Dutton’s story. The show’s writers have hinted at a more significant role for the character in the upcoming season, much to the delight of fans.

Kayce’s vision of Lee has provided viewers with a haunting reminder of the character’s loss, and fans continue to speculate about its deeper meaning. With season 5 on the horizon, it will be exciting to see where the show’s writers take Lee Dutton’s character and the show’s narrative as a whole.

In this article, we explored the strange disappearance of Lee Dutton from the show Yellowstone and Dave Annables return in season 4. Fans have speculated on Lee’s absence from family photos and the mystery surrounding his death and cremation.

Additionally, Kayce’s Lakota ceremony provided a haunting vision of Lee, leading to various interpretations of the meaning behind it. With season 5 approaching, fans are excited to see how Lee’s story will unfold.

The importance of these events and character arcs on the show’s narrative is significant, leaving fans captivated and eager for more.


  1. Why was Lee Dutton absent in the family photos?
  2. – The show’s writers have not explicitly explained his absence, leading to speculation among fans.

  3. What is Kayce’s Lakota ceremony?
  4. – The ceremony involves crying for a vision and is believed to offer guidance and messages from the spirits.

  5. What are some interpretations of Kayce’s vision of Lee?
  6. – The vision could signify guilt, life choices, or a foretelling of the future.

  7. Will Lee’s character have a significant role in season 5?
  8. – The show creators and Dave Annable’s return suggest that his character may have a more prominent role in the upcoming season.

  9. What can fans expect from Lee Dutton’s character arc in season 5?
  10. – Fans hope for a satisfying ending to Lee’s character arc, with closure for his sudden departure in season 3.

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