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The Gentle Giant: The Fascinating Story of Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme: The Largest Horse in the WorldWhen Brooklyn Supreme was born on December 11, 1928, in Minnesota, nobody could have predicted the impact he was going to make in the equine world. As a foal, he was already bigger than most adult horses, prompting his breeders to validate his size at the nearby veterinarian clinic.

Thus began Brooklyn Supreme’s journey to becoming a worldwide sensation. In this article, we will explore the physical characteristics of this magnificent Belgian Draft stallion, who stood at a staggering 19.2 hands, weighed 3,200 pounds, and had a girth of 10 ft 2 in.

Physical Characteristics

Brooklyn Supreme was a red roan-colored horse, with a unique flaxen mane, and impressive physical proportions. His massive size, which made him the largest horse ever recorded, earned him the nickname “The Big Horse.” Today, the average horse stands at around 15 hands and weighs 1,000 pounds.

Brooklyn Supreme was larger than life, standing at six feet seven inches tall at the shoulder, with a length of over 10 feet. One of the most impressive physical features of Brooklyn Supreme was his girth.

At 10 ft 2 in, it measured nearly as long as a Volkswagen Beetle car and was larger than the average horse height. Girth measurements are taken around the horse’s chest, just behind the front legs.

Brooklyn Supreme’s massive girth is a testament to his size and strength, as well as his ability to carry substantial loads. In addition to his incredible size, Brooklyn Supreme also had the physical characteristics that defined the Belgian Draft horse.

Belgian Drafts are known for their strength, beauty, and gentle nature, making them a preferred draft horse for farm work and show exhibitions. Brooklyn Supreme embodied these characteristics, with his muscular build, broad chest, and powerful hindquarters.

The Impact of Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme’s size and beauty made him a standout in shows and exhibitions, garnering attention from audiences worldwide. He won multiple championships, including the Triple Crown of Draft Horse Shows and the World Championship Draft Turf Championship in Syracuse, New York.

His appearances drew crowds of horse enthusiasts and ordinary people alike, mesmerized by his size and beauty. Aside from being a showstopper in exhibitions, Brooklyn Supreme was also utilized in farm work.

His size and strength made him a valuable asset to farmers, who used him to pull plows, wagons, and other heavy loads. Some even claim that Brooklyn Supreme could plow an acre of land in one hour, a remarkable feat for any draft horse.

Brooklyn Supreme’s life eventually came to an end at the age of 17 in 1945, but his legacy lives on. His immense size and strength are unparalleled and continue to impress horse enthusiasts, farm owners, and draft horse show judges.

Brooklyn Supreme’s significance lies in his contribution to the understanding of equine genetics, as his size defied common expectations. Today, veterinarians and breeders continue to study his genetics to further understand the development of draft horses.

In conclusion, Brooklyn Supreme’s physical characteristics and impact on the equine world make him a unique and unforgettable figure. His size, strength, and beauty continue to captivate audiences worldwide, making him a beloved icon in the world of horses.

3) Comparison to Other Horses

Brooklyn Supreme’s immense size and weight make him the largest recorded horse in history, but there have been other giant equines throughout history that deserve recognition. Shire gelding Sampson, who lived in the 19th century, is recognized as the tallest and heaviest horse ever recorded.

He stood at a whopping 21 hands, which is three inches taller than Brooklyn Supreme, and weighed over 3,300 pounds. Sampson’s fame and size led to his touring across the United States and Europe, where people paid to see the enormous horse.

Another notable giant horse in history is Mammoth, who lived in the late 19th century. Also a Belgian Draft, Mammoth weighed around 3,100 pounds and stood at 17.2 hands tall.

However, unlike Brooklyn Supreme, Mammoth’s massive size was not natural. He was a product of selective breeding, a common practice that led to many oversized horses with various health issues.

Despite their impressive size, selectively bred horses such as Mammoth are not recommended for work or breeding due to the potential health risks involved. Compared to other breeds, Belgian Drafts like Brooklyn Supreme are known for their raw power, excellent temperament, and ability to pull incredible loads.

This breed is often used in agricultural and forestry work, where their strength and endurance are put to the test. Belgian Drafts are also versatile performers, showing off their beauty and strength in various entertainment events like horse shows and competitions.

4) Belgian Draft Horses

Belgian Drafts are the strongest horse breed, with the ability to pull loads up to 8,000 pounds. This raw power made them essential for agricultural work before the advent of machinery.

Belgian Drafts were exclusively used for pulling plows, hay wagons, and other heavy equipment on the farm, where they proved to be the most durable and efficient breed.

Aside from agricultural work, Belgian Drafts have been used in the logging industry for centuries.

These horses were known for their strength and stamina, making them ideal for dragging heavy logs through rugged terrain. Belgian Drafts also excel in sport, particularly in pulling contests, where they are capable of hauling incredible weights over dozens of feet.

These contests showcase the breed’s strength and agility. However, Belgian Drafts are not just defined by their strength.

They also have a mild disposition, making them easy to train and excellent companions for riders. Their gentle nature makes them ideal for novice riders, and they are often used for therapeutic horse riding programs.

In summary, Brooklyn Supreme was a unique and exceptional Belgian Draft that left his mark on the horse world. While his size and strength were notable, they were not the only reasons why he’s so memorable.

Brooklyn Supreme was a prime example of the breed’s excellent temperament, raw power, and versatility. Belgian Drafts are integral to the equine world and continue to serve various purposes, whether on the farm, in entertainment, or in therapy.

5) Brooklyn Supreme’s Feet

Brooklyn Supreme’s massive size and weight required a specialized and skilled farrier to take care of his feet. Draft horses like Brooklyn Supreme have much heavier hooves than other horse breeds, as they need to support the horse’s weight and the loads they pull.

Their hooves require a specific type of horseshoeing, with thicker shoes and a broader surface area to provide adequate support. Brooklyn Supreme’s horseshoes were the size of dinner plates and weighed around five pounds each.

The shoes were specially designed to spread support throughout his hooves, ensuring that they could handle his immense weight. Additionally, the farrier applied a thicker layer of shoeing to the outside of his hooves, which helped prevent wear and tear while providing proper traction for work and exhibitions.

Despite his massive size and weight, Brooklyn Supreme’s feet remained healthy throughout his lifespan. However, taking care of his feet was an ongoing process, requiring regular visits from the farrier to maintain his hooves’ proper balance and alignment.

The farrier’s careful attention and skill allowed Brooklyn Supreme to work without pain and maintain his excellent health throughout his life. 6) Brooklyn Supreme’s Achievements

Brooklyn Supreme’s exceptional size and strength led to him winning multiple awards and accolades throughout his life.

He won his first significant award as Reserve Junior Champion at the Minnesota State Fair’s Horse Show in 1932, where he first made a name for himself. His fame grew, and he won the Grand Champion Belgian Draft Stallion at the Minnesota State Fair multiple times.

Brooklyn Supreme also won the Triple Crown of Draft Horse Shows, which included the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden, the International in Chicago, and the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. He took home multiple awards, including the World Championship Draft Turf Championship in Syracuse, New York.

Brooklyn Supreme’s impressive pedigree also contributed to his success. He was sired by Farceur 7332 and was considered one of the best sires of the breed.

His offspring continued his legacy, with many winning awards at horse shows and exhibitions around the world. In honor of Brooklyn Supreme’s achievements and contributions to the Belgian Draft breed, he was inducted into the Belgian Draft Horse Hall of Fame in 1966, cementing his legacy as one of the best horses to have ever lived.

In conclusion, Brooklyn Supreme’s massive size, strength, and achievements make him a unique and unforgettable figure in the equine world. His feet required skilled farriers to maintain their health and alignment due to their significant weight.

His excellent pedigree and accomplishments have left a lasting impact on the Belgian Draft breed, and he continues to be celebrated to this day. Brooklyn Supreme remains a fascinating figure and an inspiration to horse enthusiasts and breeders worldwide.

7) Personality and Temperament

Brooklyn Supreme’s enormous size and strength might lead some to believe that he was difficult to handle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Brooklyn Supreme was a calm and docile horse, with a gentle nature that made him easy to work with.

He was known around the barn as a “gentle giant” due to his amiable and cooperative disposition. Despite his size, Brooklyn Supreme was a smooth ride and easygoing under saddle.

He remained collected, even in moments of excitement, making him a reliable and trustworthy performer. Brooklyn Supreme charmed people wherever he went, with his friendly and approachable personality.

He loved being the center of attention and was always willing to pose for a photograph. Brooklyn Supreme’s endearing personality has been captured in various books, magazines, and documentaries.

One notable example is the Horse & Man blog, which chronicled the life and legacy of Brooklyn Supreme. The blog features interviews with people who met Brooklyn Supreme, sharing stories of his gentle spirit and remarkable personality.

8) Final Years and Legacy

Brooklyn Supreme lived a full and happy life, showcasing his talent and strength in exhibitions and shows across the United States. However, his final years were marked by tragedy.

In 1945, Brooklyn Supreme was sold to Charles Grant Good, who planned to use him for breeding purposes. However, Brooklyn Supreme died just a few months later due to an enlarged heart, which was unknown at the time.

Brooklyn Supreme’s sudden death came as a shock to his fans and handlers. His impressive size, strength, and gentle personality had captured people’s hearts, making his death a significant loss for the equine world.

His impact and legacy continue to live on, inspiring breeders, farriers, and horse enthusiasts worldwide. To commemorate Brooklyn Supreme’s achievements and contributions to the Belgian Draft breed, the Ralph M.

Fogleman Gallery of Horsemanship at Michigan State University’s Museum created an exhibit featuring Brooklyn Supreme’s life. The exhibit features a life-size statue of Brooklyn Supreme, along with photographs, articles, and memorabilia showcasing his impact on the equine world.

In conclusion, Brooklyn Supreme was an exceptional horse, not only for his extraordinary size and strength but also for his gentle nature and impressive personality. While his sudden death was undoubtedly a tragedy, Brooklyn Supreme’s legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of breeders, farriers, and equine enthusiasts worldwide.

His remarkable achievements and impact on the Belgian Draft breed make him an unforgettable figure in the world of horses. Brooklyn Supreme, the largest recorded horse in history, captured the world’s attention with his massive size, impressive strength, and gentle personality.

His physical characteristics, which included being a Belgian Draft stallion with a height of 19.2 hands and a weight of 3,200 pounds, were matched by his contributions to the equine world, particularly in the areas of agriculture and logging. Despite his sudden death, Brooklyn Supreme’s legacy continues, inspiring breeders, farriers, and equine enthusiasts worldwide, and showcasing the importance and capabilities of the Belgian Draft breed.


– What made Brooklyn Supreme so noteworthy? Brooklyn Supreme’s impressive size, strength, and gentle personality captured people’s attention and made him an unforgettable figure in the equine world.

– What were Brooklyn Supreme’s physical characteristics? As a Belgian Draft stallion, Brooklyn Supreme stood at 19.2 hands, weighed 3,200 pounds, and had a girth of 10 ft 2 in.

He also had a unique red roan color and flaxen mane. – What contributions did Brooklyn Supreme make to the equine world?

Brooklyn Supreme showcased the capabilities of the Belgian Draft breed, particularly in agriculture and logging. His legacy also inspired generations of breeders, farriers, and equine enthusiasts worldwide.

– How were Brooklyn Supreme’s feet cared for? Brooklyn Supreme required specialized horseshoeing due to his significant weight.

His shoes were as large as dinner plates and made of thicker material to provide adequate support. – What was Brooklyn Supreme’s final years like, and what happened to him?

Brooklyn Supreme was sold for breeding purposes but died just a few months later due to an enlarged heart. His sudden death was a tragedy but his legacy continues to endure.

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