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The Evolution of Equestrian Fashion: Aztec Diamond’s New Era Collection

Cost of Owning a Horse: November 2022 Expense Report

Owning a horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be expensive. It’s important for horse owners to keep track of their expenses to ensure they’re staying within their budget.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the cost of owning a horse for the month of November 2022. Horse Feed: $300

Feeding a horse is one of the biggest expenses for horse owners.

In November 2022, the cost of horse feed averaged around $300. However, this cost can vary depending on the type and quality of feed that a horse requires.

Horse Grooming Supplies: $50

Maintaining a horse’s coat and hooves can be time-consuming and expensive. In November 2022, the cost of horse grooming supplies averaged around $50.

This includes items such as brushes, curry combs, hoof picks, and shampoo. Veterinary Care: $500

Horses require regular veterinary care to maintain their health.

In November 2022, the cost of veterinary care averaged around $500. This includes routine check-ups, vaccinations, and any necessary treatments or medications.

Farrier Services: $250

Horses require regular farrier services to keep their hooves in good shape. In November 2022, the cost of farrier services averaged around $250.

This includes trimming, shoeing, or any other necessary services. Horse Boarding: $600

If a horse owner doesn’t have access to land or a stable, they’ll need to board their horse somewhere.

In November 2022, the cost of horse boarding averaged around $600. This includes the cost of stall rental, feed, and any other necessary services.

Miscellaneous Expenses: $200

There are always miscellaneous expenses when it comes to owning a horse. In November 2022, miscellaneous expenses averaged around $200.

This includes items such as supplements, blankets, and other necessary equipment. Total Cost: $1900

When you add up all of the expenses for November 2022, the total cost of owning a horse was around $1900.

Of course, this cost can vary depending on individual circumstances, such as the horse’s age, health, and the geographical location of the owner.

Tips for Saving Money

While the cost of owning a horse can be expensive, there are ways to save money. Here are some tips for horse owners:


Buy feed in bulk to save money on overall cost. 2.

Learn how to do some basic grooming yourself instead of hiring professionals for every task. 3.

Preventative veterinary care can save money in the long run by catching health issues early. 4.

Consider pasture boarding to save on stable rental fees.

In Conclusion

Owning a horse can be an incredible experience, but it’s important to be aware of the costs. By keeping track of your expenses and implementing cost-saving measures, owning a horse can be a financially feasible endeavor.

Winter Wonderland: What to Wear on a Horse Sleigh Ride

Winter horse riding is a popular activity for many equestrians and horse lovers. However, when you’re going on a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a winter wonderland, dressing appropriately is essential.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what to wear on a horse sleigh ride to ensure that you’re comfortable and warm throughout the ride. First, let’s start with the basics: layering.

Dressing in layers is key to staying warm in cold weather. Layering allows you to adjust your clothing depending on the temperature, your level of activity, and your body’s comfort level.

So, let’s take a look at the layering essentials for a winter horse sleigh ride:

Base Layer

The base layer should be moisture-wicking and snug-fitting to keep you dry and warm. Consider a long-sleeved thermal shirt or a lightweight fleece top.

Mid Layer

The mid-layer should provide warmth and insulation. A fleece jacket or a lightweight down vest will do the trick.

This layer should also be removable so that you can take it off if you start to get too warm.

Outer Layer

The outer layer should be waterproof and windproof to protect you from the elements. Consider wearing a winter coat that is long enough to cover your legs to keep you extra warm.

A parka or a ski jacket would be an excellent choice.


Wear a pair of insulated pants to keep your legs warm. Consider ski pants or snow pants that are waterproof and windproof.


Wear insulated boots that provide excellent traction and grip. Look for boots specifically designed for winter weather.

They should also be waterproof to keep your feet dry.


Don’t forget the accessories! A warm hat, gloves, and a scarf are all essential items to keep you extra warm and toasty. A neck warmer or a balaclava is also a good idea to protect your face from the wind and cold.

Now that we’ve covered the layering essentials and accessories, let’s talk about some additional items to consider:

– Hand and foot warmers: consider investing in disposable hand and foot warmer packs if you’re someone who quickly gets cold hands and feet. – Sunglasses: the sun reflecting off of the snow can be blinding.

A pair of sunglasses or goggles will help to protect your eyes. – Camera: don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful winter scenery!

It’s also important to note that while we’ve provided some basic recommendations, you should always dress according to your personal comfort and needs.

Some people might prefer more layers or heavier jackets, while others might be more comfortable with lighter clothing. What’s most important is that you’re dressed appropriately and comfortably for the weather.

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for a winter horse sleigh ride is essential to staying warm and comfortable throughout the ride. Dress in moisture-wicking and insulating layers, wear waterproof boots, and don’t forget to accessorize with a hat, gloves, and a scarf.

With the right clothing and accessories, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the beauty of winter while on a horse sleigh ride through a winter wonderland.

New Era Collection Unveiled (Aztec Diamond Review)

Aztec Diamond, a well-known equestrian apparel brand, has recently unveiled their new collection, titled the “New Era Collection”. The collection is designed to cater to the evolving trends in equestrian fashion, integrating modern design with functional features.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Aztec Diamond’s New Era Collection and reviewing some of its key features. The New Era Collection is designed with a variety of functional features, such as breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, anti-bacterial properties, and UV protection.

These features are critical for equestrians as they help to keep riders comfortable and protected throughout their rides. One of the stand-out pieces of the collection is the New Era technical riding leggings.

These leggings are constructed with high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric that is both durable and lightweight. This allows for better airflow and comfort during long rides.

The leggings also have an elasticated waistband and ankle cuffs, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

The New Era technical riding shirt is another item worth mentioning.

It features a unique, lightweight design that allows for optimal moisture management and keeps the rider cool and comfortable. It also has a UPF 30+ rating, which protects the wearer from harmful UV rays during outdoor rides.

The shirt also features Aztec Diamond’s signature branding and is available in a range of colors. Another popular item in the New Era collection is the New Era competition jacket.

The jacket is tailored to provide a flattering and comfortable fit, with a variety of design features, such as contrast piping and button details. It is also designed to be breathable, making it perfect for long competition days.

Aside from clothing, the New Era Collection also includes accessories, such as the New Era technical sports hat. The hat is lightweight and constructed with quick-drying, high-performance fabric, making it perfect for sporty activities such as riding.

It also has an adjustable strap, allowing for a customizable fit. In conclusion, Aztec Diamond’s New Era Collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing functional and stylish equestrian apparel.

The collection is filled with modern designs and functional features that cater to the needs of equestrians. From their technical riding leggings to

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