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The Equestrian World’s Rising Star: Matt Harnacke

Introduction to Matt Harnacke

Matt Harnacke is an Italian-Australian equestrian influencer who currently resides in the Netherlands. Growing up in a family of horse enthusiasts, Matt developed a passion for these majestic animals at a young age.

He has since become a prominent figure in the equestrian world, thanks to his social media presence and YouTube vlogs, which document his daily life as an equestrian influencer.

Passion for Horses and Social Media

Matt’s love for horses and social media has earned him a loyal following of more than 240,000 subscribers on YouTube. Through his videos, he shares his training techniques, his life experiences, and his love for horses.

His passion for horses is evident as he takes his viewers on a journey through his daily life as a dressage rider. Matt’s Horses

Chase: A Warmblood Dressage Horse

Chase is Matt’s heart horse, a 16.3 hh Warmblood gelding.

Matt and Chase have been working together since 2016, competing and training in dressage. Chase has a powerful build that is perfect for dressage, and his elegant movements make him stand out in any competition.

The bond between Matt and Chase is evident as they execute each movement with grace and purpose. Emporio: An Andalusian Dressage Stallion

Emporio is Matt’s first PRE stallion.

Matt acquired Emporio while living in Spain, and he has been training him for dressage ever since. Emporio’s temperament is calm and collected, which makes him an ideal dressage horse.

Matt has described Emporio as a gentle giant who is always willing to please. Bear: Chief Cuteness Officer

Bear is Matt’s miniature horse, who holds the title of Chief Cuteness Officer.

Bear may not be a competition horse, but he brings joy to Matt’s life and those who follow him on social media. Bear often makes appearances in Matt’s videos, and his antics never fail to bring a smile to viewers’ faces.

Sureno: A Spanish Dressage Stallion

Sureno is Matt’s second PRE stallion, and Matt has been training him for dressage. Sureno’s natural talent for dressage, combined with his exceptional movement, is sure to make him a competitive horse.

Matt has said that Sureno is a joy to work with, and his training has been progressing well.


In conclusion, Matt Harnacke is a prominent figure in the equestrian world, who has inspired many through his passion for horses and social media. Through his YouTube vlogs, he has shared his experiences, training techniques, and love for horses.

His horses, Chase, Emporio, Bear, and Sureno, have each played a significant role in his equestrian journey. With his dedication and hard work, Matt will undoubtedly achieve great success in the equestrian world.

Matt Harnacke as an Equestrian Influencer

Matt Harnacke has made quite an impression on the equestrian world through his social media presence. He is most active on YouTube, where he shares his daily life with his horses and provides insights into his training regimen.

Through his channel, he has amassed a following of more than 240,000 subscribers, who eagerly await his next video upload. His influence in the equestrian industry extends beyond his social media presence.

He has collaborated with several high-end brands, modeled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, and even launched his equestrian gear collection.

Social Media Channels

Matt is most active on his YouTube channel, where he vlogs about his life as an equestrian influencer. He frequently shares video tutorials on training from basics to high-level dressage.

He also provides insight into the daily activities of his horses, including training routines, horse care, and other behind-the-scenes glimpses. He often collaborates with fellow equestrian Jesse Drent, and together they run H&C Equestrian, a YouTube channel dedicated to providing insight into the care and training of horses.

Matt Black Collection with Back on Track

In 2020 Matt Harnacke launched his first ever collection in collaboration with equestrian gear brand Back on Track. The Matt Black Collection features a line of equestrian gear with a sleek, minimalist design.

The collection includes saddle pads, horse boots, and leg wraps with Back on Track’s signature thermal technology. With this collection, Matt has shown his commitment not only to riding but also to the overall well-being of horses.

Modeling and Brand Collaborations

Matt’s popularity has led to collaborations with high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Longines, and FEI. He has often been seen modeling for these brands in various ad campaigns.

His social media following and status in the equestrian community make him an attractive prospect for these brands as he provides instant recognition and has an engaged fan base. His collaborations with these prestigious brands reflect his eye for fashion and style, as well as his dedication to the equestrian lifestyle.

Friendship with Jesse Drent

One significant influence in Matt’s personal and professional life is his friend and fellow model, Jesse Drent. The two met while modeling in Milan, and since then have been roommates in the Netherlands.

They share a passion for horse riding, and their friendship has led to collaborations in training tutorials and vlogs. They have also traveled the world together to promote their brand, H&C Equestrian.

In a recent video, they shared their daily routine and discussed their methods of horse care.

Matt Harnacke FAQs

Nationality and Residence

Matt was born in Italy and is of Italian-Australian descent. He currently resides in the Netherlands, where he trains and manages his horses.


Matt Harnacke stands at an impressive 6’2″.

Net Worth

Matt Harnacke is a private person when it comes to his net worth. However, it is estimated that his earnings come from his YouTube channel, endorsements, and brand collaborations.

Friendship with Jesse Drent

There has been a lot of speculation on social media about the friendship between Matt and Jesse Drent. Some speculate that their friendship could be something more, but both Matt and Jesse have denied the rumors.

They are simply close friends and enjoy spending time together, both in their personal lives and in their professional pursuits. In conclusion, Matt Harnacke has become a notable figure in the equestrian industry.

With his social media presence, collaborations with significant brands, and passion for horses, he has made himself prominent not only in the equestrian world but also in the fashion and lifestyle industry. His dedication to his horses, his brand, and his friend Jesse Drent is an excellent example of the bond shared among equestrians.

In conclusion, Matt Harnacke is an Italian-Australian equestrian influencer, who is passionate about horses and social media. He has four horses, Chase, Emporio, Bear, and Sureno, who play integral roles in his equestrian pursuits.

Through his YouTube channel, collaborations with various brands, and friendship with Jesse Drent, he has become a prominent figure in the equestrian industry. Matt’s story is an excellent example of how one’s passion for a particular field can be turned into a career, and how social media can be an effective tool for personal branding.


What is Matt Harnacke’s nationality and where does he reside? – Matt Harnacke is of Italian-Australian descent and currently resides in the Netherlands.

What is Matt Harnacke’s height? – Matt Harnacke stands at 6’2″.

What is Matt Harnacke’s net worth? – Matt Harnacke is a private person when it comes to his net worth.

Who is Jesse Drent, and what is his relationship with Matt Harnacke? – Jesse Drent is a fellow equestrian influencer, friend, collaborator, and roommate

to Matt Harnacke.

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