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The Departure of Dan Jenkins and Danny Huston from Yellowstone

The Departure of Dan Jenkins and Danny Huston from Yellowstone

Yellowstone, a hit television series created by Taylor Sheridan, has taken the world by storm. With a gripping storyline, thrilling action, and complex characters, viewers have become attached to the show and invested in the plot.

Why Did Dan Jenkins Leave Yellowstone?

Many viewers were shocked when Dan Jenkins, played by Danny Huston, left Yellowstone in season two.

Dan Jenkins was a pivotal character in the show, a businessman who was eager to capitalize on Paradise Valley’s booming tourist industry. His plans involved building a new casino resort that would rival the Dutton dynasty’s hold on the region.

Dan Jenkins was also working in collaboration with Thomas Rainwater, a powerful Indian reservation chief who had a hotel and casino of his own. The two were in cahoots to create a tourist destination that would lure visitors away from the Duttons.

However, things did not go as planned. Dan Jenkins, in a move to protect himself and his business, revealed to the Beck Brothers that John Dutton was the one who foiled their plan to buy Yellowstone Ranch.

This move was a betrayal to both the Dutton and Rainwater camps, leading to Dan’s demise.

Danny Huston’s Departure from Yellowstone

Danny Huston played Dan Jenkins flawlessly, and his departure was a major loss for the show.

So why did he leave? It’s no secret that the creative decision to kill off Dan Jenkins was solely for plot development.

Danny Huston, in an Instagram post, revealed that he knew about his character’s death beforehand, and it was a creative decision made by showrunner Taylor Sheridan. Huston said, “It’s always sad to say goodbye to a character you’ve grown fond of. But this is storytelling, and we must follow the natural course of events. I’m proud of the work we’ve done on Yellowstone, and I’m excited to see where the show goes next.”

Huston’s departure from Yellowstone left a significant impact on the show, and it was a testament to his acting skills that viewers became emotionally invested in his character.


In summary, the departures of Dan Jenkins and Danny Huston from Yellowstone were for plot development and creative storytelling purposes. Although viewers were saddened to see Dan Jenkins killed off, it was a necessary plot point that drove the story forward.

Danny Huston’s portrayal of the character was impeccable, and his departure from the show was a significant loss. Nevertheless, Yellowstone is guaranteed to continue captivating its viewers for seasons to come.

Who Killed Dan Jenkins?

The Season Two finale of Yellowstone was one of the most intense episodes in the show’s run. Viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched the drama unfold. One of the most shocking moments in the episode was the death of Dan Jenkins.

But who was responsible? Dan Jenkins met his demise at the hands of the Beck Brothers.

The Beck Brothers were notorious for their underhanded tactics, using their money and influence to get what they wanted. When John Dutton foiled their plan to buy the Yellowstone Ranch, they sought revenge.

They hired two hitmen to take out Dan Jenkins, hoping that his death would bring the Duttons to their knees. In the Season Two finale, the hitmen caught up with Dan Jenkins, and a struggle ensued.

The hitmen managed to shoot Dan, but he didn’t die right away. Instead, he stumbled through the woods, wounded and disoriented.

That’s when he ran into a security guard named Torry. Torry was working for the Beck Brothers and had been tasked with keeping an eye on Dan Jenkins.

In a cruel twist of fate, Torry shot Dan Jenkins, completing the Beck Brothers’ plan to take down the Duttons.

How Did Dan Jenkins Survive Being Hanged?

In Season One of Yellowstone, Dan Jenkins found himself in a precarious position. He had crossed John Dutton, the owner of the Yellowstone Ranch, and was warned that he would pay the price.

Jenkins was hanging from the neck with a noose around it, but he survived. So how did he do it?

It all started with a warning from the ranch hands. They told Dan Jenkins that if he were ever hanged, he needed to kick a horse to keep from suffocating.

The horse would move, which would keep the rope from tightening around his neck, allowing him to breathe. When Dan Jenkins was hanged by the Duttons, he remembered the warning.

He kicked the horse, and it moved just enough to keep him alive. However, the hanging still caused serious injury.

Dan’s neck was broken, and he was in a coma for several days. The method of hanging itself was also a factor in Dan Jenkins’ survival.

When the noose was placed around his neck, it was not tied properly. It wasn’t until the horse pulled the rope tight that the noose tightened around Dan’s neck.

The sudden movement caused a sharp snap, which broke his neck and knocked him unconscious.


Yellowstone is a show filled with complex characters and intricate plotlines.

The death of Dan Jenkins and his survival from being hanged were just two examples of how the show is always keeping viewers on their toes. From the Beck Brothers’ twisted plans to the ranch hands’ knowledge of survival tactics, Yellowstone continues to surprise and captivate its audience.

In conclusion, Dan Jenkins’ departure and death in Yellowstone were significant moments in the show’s plot development. Danny Huston’s portrayal of Dan Jenkins was impeccable, and his departure from the show left a significant impact.

The death of Dan Jenkins at the hands of the Beck Brothers shocked viewers, but his survival from being hanged, thanks to a tip from the ranch hands, showed that even in the face of danger, knowledge is power. The main takeaway from the article is that Yellowstone is a show that keeps listeners engaged and provides unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers coming back for more.


  1. Who killed Dan Jenkins in Yellowstone?
  2. The Beck Brothers hired hitmen to take out Dan Jenkins.

  3. How did Dan Jenkins survive being hanged in Yellowstone?
  4. Dan Jenkins managed to survive being hanged by kicking a horse, which kept him from suffocating, and the noose not being tied properly.

  5. How did Danny Huston feel about leaving Yellowstone?
  6. Danny Huston knew about his character’s death beforehand and said that it was a creative decision made by showrunner Taylor Sheridan.

  7. Why did Dan Jenkins leave Yellowstone?
  8. Dan Jenkins’ departure was due to a creative decision for plot development, leading to his death at the hands of the Beck Brothers.

  9. Who is Torry, and what role did he play in Dan Jenkins’ death?
  10. Torry was a security guard working for the Beck Brothers who shot Dan Jenkins, completing the Beck Brothers’ plan to take down the Duttons.

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