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Starting Horse Riding in Your 30s: Benefits and Tips

Starting Riding in Your 30s

A lot of people hold the misconception that horse riding is an activity reserved for children and teenagers. However, horse riding can be recreational and beneficial to adults as well, particularly those in their thirties.

If you’re considering taking up horse riding, keep reading to discover the benefits and advantages of starting this activity in your thirties.

Benefits of Riding in Your 30s

One of the most significant advantages of starting horse riding in your thirties is the fitness aspect. Riding horses requires balance and strength and develops your core muscles, which contributes to better posture.

Moreover, being around horses in a stable environment has positive mental health benefits and is an ideal way to reduce stress levels. Horse riding is also a great opportunity to develop new social connections.

Joining a riding club or taking riding lessons will introduce you to a lot of new people, and it’s a great way to expand your social network. Additionally, horse riding is a new activity, which adds excitement to your life while keeping you active physically and mentally.

Advantages of Taking Lessons

1. Skill Development and Confidence

Taking horse riding lessons is a great way to learn a new skill while getting the most out of the experience. It is important to note that there is more to horse riding than just sitting on a horse’s back.

Taking lessons will help you develop your skills and confidence. Moreover, lessons provide an opportunity to interact with horses and learn how to groom and care for them properly.

2. Understanding Horses

As a new rider, these aspects of horsemanship contribute to a better understanding of horses and their needs.

3. Flexibility

Horse riding lessons also provide flexibility. Schedules and activities can be tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to fit riding around your work and family life.

Age is Just a Number

It doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s never too late to start horse riding. Horse riding can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or ability.

With consistent practice, riding can become a lifelong passion.

Tips for Horse Rookies in Their 30s

Gathering Riding Gear

Investing in the proper riding gear is essential for your safety and enjoyment of horse riding. The most crucial piece of equipment is a riding helmet, which should not only be comfortable but also meet safety standards.

When purchasing a helmet, choose one that is certified by your country’s safety standards association, and fit it correctly on your head. Comfortable riding clothes will also help you stay in the saddle comfortably.

Choose clothes that are not too tight or restrictive and allow for ease of movement. Finally, wear appropriate riding boots with a flat sole and a small heel.

Riding Challenges for Beginners

  • Balancing
  • Mastering the Grip

Balancing on the back of a horse while it moves is a challenge for any new rider. However, maintaining balance can be improved through practicing regularly. Doing specific exercises like horse riding yoga and stretching can benefit your posture and leg strength.

Another challenge for beginners is mastering the grip, learning how to hold the reins correctly, and execute the various commands. It takes time and patience to learn the skills, so take lessons from a reputable instructor to gain knowledge and improve your grip.

Socializing in the Horse World

One of the best aspects of horse riding is the community of people that come with it. When starting, get involved in social events like trail rides and fun shows, where you’ll get to interact with other riders.

Riding clubs and equestrian events provide an opportunity to make friends, learn riding tips from experienced riders, and partake in activities that keep you engaged and enthusiastic about horse riding.


Proper equipment, riding challenges, and opportunities for socializing are just a few of the things to know for the horse rookie in their 30s. Remember that riding is not only for the young but for everyone who feels passion for this sport.

So, if you’re in your thirties and are considering taking up horse riding, follow these tips, and start on your new journey. Horse riding can bring a wealth of benefits to your life both physically and mentally; it’s an excellent activity to keep you in top shape and make new friends.

Horse riding is an activity that can be enjoyed by adults, particularly in their 30s, for its physical and mental health benefits. Taking horse riding lessons allows beginners to develop skills and confidence while also learning about horsemanship, and investing in proper riding gear is essential for safety and comfort.

Socializing in the horse world through events and clubs can lead to new friendships and tips from experienced riders. Starting horse riding in your thirties provides an opportunity to challenge yourself, make new connections, and enjoy the benefits of an exciting new activity.


1. At what age is it too late to start horse riding?

A: It’s never too late to start horse riding- anyone can enjoy the activity regardless of their age.

2. What is the most important safety equipment when horse riding?

A: The most crucial piece of equipment is a riding helmet, which must meet safety standards and fit correctly.

3. What are the benefits of taking horse riding lessons?

A: Lessons help beginners develop their skills and confidence, and learn about horse care and grooming.

4. Is horse riding a good physical activity for adults in their 30s?

A: Yes, horse riding can provide several physical and mental health benefits such as improved posture, strength, and reduced stress levels.

5. How can beginners socialize and make new connections in the horse world?

A: Joining a riding club and participating in events such as trail rides and shows is a great way to meet other riders and make new friends.

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