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Spoil Your Equine Companion with SaddleBox Subscription Box

SaddleBox Equestrian Subscription Box Review

As a horse lover, you’re always looking for fun and interesting ways to spoil your equine companion, and SaddleBox does not disappoint! SaddleBox is a monthly horse subscription box filled with amazing treats, tack, and equestrian goodies that are sure to please both you and your horse. In this review, we’ll dive into the contents of the box, discussing each item and its potential usefulness.

Overview of SaddleBox

If you’re wondering what exactly a monthly horse subscription box consists of, let us enlighten you. SaddleBox delivers a range of items every month, catering to your equestrian needs.

Some boxes may include horse treats, brushes, tack, and apparel items. The price for the box may vary depending on the content and value of the items.

What’s great about SaddleBox is that its contents vary, so you’ll always have a surprise waiting for you every month.

Review of Box Contents

The items in the SaddleBox we received were nothing short of fantastic! Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Teal Horse Print Scarf

    This gorgeous scarf is sure to catch your attention. The print is cute and the color is beautiful. It’s perfect to wrap around your neck or even tie to your horse’s halter for a pop of color.

  2. Apple Nuggets Horse Treats

    Your horse will love these gourmet treats made from real apples. They are perfect to use as training treats or to simply spoil your horse.

  3. Peppermints Horse Treats

    These peppermint horse treats are a great way to freshen your horse’s breath. You can also use these as a reward for your horse’s successful training sessions.

  4. Soft Face Brush

    This face brush is great for cleaning around your horse’s eyes and nose. The bristles are gentle on your horse’s sensitive face, and the brush also has a cute horse design on it.

  5. Bladed Curry Brush

    Removing mud from your horse’s coat can be a tough job. This brush makes it easier to get rid of mud and dirt, thanks to its ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip.

  6. Epona Woodpicker Hoof Pick

    This high-quality hoof pick comes handy whenever you need to clean your horse’s hooves. Its sturdy construction ensures that it will last much longer than other brands, thus providing exceptional value for your money. It’s also worth noting that Epona is a small business that deserves support.

  7. Grooming Mitt

    This mitt has nubby bristles that are perfect for giving your horse’s coat a thorough scrub. It’s an excellent tool to use when bathing your horse to get that lustrous coat shine.

  8. Self-adhesive Bandages

    These CoFlex bandages are excellent for your equine first aid kit. They are self-adhesive, which means you don’t need to fuss with clips or safety pins. They’re also great for wrapping legs to provide additional support.

  9. Bumper Stickers

    These equestrian-themed bumper stickers are perfect for your car or saddle rack. Show off your love for horses with these cute stickers.

Cost and Value

One of the most significant considerations when evaluating subscription boxes is the cost of the box. We can say with certainty that the value of our SaddleBox outstripped its cost.

The estimated value of the box contents was greater than its cost. The box cost depends on the specific items, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible value for the money you spent.

SaddleBox Overview and Features

Subscription Box Industry Trends

Subscription boxes remain an in-demand commodity, and the equestrian industry is not lagging. New companies continue to pop up, offering specialized boxes that cater to horse owners’ needs.

By signing up, you get to enjoy a variety of items with each box. It’s also a great way to discover new products you may otherwise not have known existed.

What is SaddleBox?

SaddleBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers horse-related items ranging from horse treats to grooming tools. The box offers variety, with each box bringing something new to the table.

Features and Benefits

SaddleBox is a fantastic subscription box for horse owners. There are a few key features and benefits that set the company apart from its competitors:

  • U.S. Shipping: SaddleBox ships throughout the United States, so anyone can take advantage of this subscription box.
  • The Right Horse Initiative Partnership: Through its partnership with The Right Horse Initiative, SaddleBox is supporting a fantastic cause. The Right Horse Initiative is committed to helping adoptable horses find their way homes.
  • New Products and Brands: SaddleBox offers new and exciting products and brands, which keeps the box exciting and you guessing what’s coming in your next box.
  • Horse Treats: This subscription box offers gourmet horse treats that horses go wild over. These are not the average treats you’d find at the local feed store.
  • Value: SaddleBox provides excellent value for the money you invest. Each box is filled with high-quality items.

Customer Experience

One of the greatest things about SaddleBox is the quality of products they provide. Everything is useful, necessary, and of high quality.

Furthermore, SaddleBox is committed to delivering a superior experience for its customers. You’ll feel appreciated and valued – not like just another entry in a computer database.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

SaddleBox does more than provide a monthly equestrian subscription box. They’re also committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and horse welfare.

You can sign up knowing you’re not only receiving excellent products for your horse but you’re supporting a company that has a vested interest in making the horse industry a better place as well. In conclusion, SaddleBox is an excellent subscription box for horse owners who want to spoil their beloved companions with amazing treats, tack, and equestrian goodies.

As we’ve seen, it offers fantastic value, high-quality products, and a superior experience for customers. With its commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and horse welfare, SaddleBox is more than just a subscription box – it’s a worthwhile investment in your horse’s well-being.

SaddleBox Review

If you’re a horse lover, you know how important it is to spoil your equine companion from time to time. The SaddleBox monthly horse subscription box promises to deliver a range of treats, tack, and equestrian goodies that will make your horse feel loved and appreciated.

But is it worth the subscription fee? In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the SaddleBox subscription box, from its pros to its cons.

Personal Experience

I recently subscribed to SaddleBox, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of items in the package. Each item was carefully packed and was well-thought-out.

I received a lot of items and a great variety, which shows that they put a lot of effort into each box’s curation. SaddleBox provides full-size items while still maintaining their promise of providing great value.

As someone who enjoys trying new products, this subscription box has provided me with some excellent and useful items that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I consider myself well-versed in horse supplies, but I discovered some unique items in my SaddleBox that I plan to keep using.


  • Value: SaddleBox offers excellent value for its monthly cost. The combined cost of the items you receive is greater than the cost of the subscription, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • Item Variety: SaddleBox offers a variety of items, including horse treats, grooming tools, and useful horse supplies. With each package, I received items that I wouldn’t have thought of purchasing myself. SaddleBox ensures that everything in the package serves a purpose.
  • Useful Products: Each item in the box is useful and has a purpose in horse care. It’s evident that the SaddleBox team has carefully considered each item’s practicality and use to ensure a well-rounded box.
  • The Math Checks Out: I did my own calculations, and indeed, the total cost of the items in the subscription box is greater than the amount I paid for the box. It’s rare to come across subscription services that aren’t trying to rip off their clients, so SaddleBox delivers high value for the price.


  • One-Size-Fits-All: The size and type of items in the box may not work for everyone. While most of the items are useful and well thought out, certain items won’t be suitable for all horse owners.
  • Possible Duplicates: It’s possible to receive a duplicate item in a subsequent month’s subscription. This is not necessarily of any significance, especially if they are items that you use frequently. Still, it’s worth mentioning.
  • Lack of Info Card: I noticed that the box contained no informational card detailing each item’s specific use. It would have been helpful to receive a card or even an email informing me about the items’ use.
  • Monthly Cost: The monthly subscription cost may be a bit high for some individuals, though this may vary depending on personal preference. It can be difficult to determine whether a subscription is worthwhile without knowing what items are inside each box, so some may feel like it’s too expensive to take chances.


Overall, I would recommend SaddleBox to anyone who wants to treat themselves or their horse to something special. As a horse owner, I was impressed by the quality of the products, ease of subscription, and the commitment to outstanding value.

Not only are you getting high-quality items at an affordable price, but the company also stands behind values of social responsibility, sustainability, and horse welfare.

If you want to spoil your horse and expand your collection of horse supplies, SaddleBox is an excellent way to do so. It’s also an excellent gift idea for the horse lovers in your life.

SaddleBox offers an excellent variety of treats, tack, and grooming tools for horse lovers and their equine companions. The subscription box provides value for its cost, high-quality useful products, and a great way to discover new items, though some items may not work for everyone and duplicates can occur. A recommendation for treating oneself or a beloved horse is justified, and the company’s commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and horse welfare is noteworthy.


What type of items can I expect to receive?

SaddleBox delivers a range of items, including horse treats, grooming tools, and useful horse supplies.

Do they provide value for the cost?

SaddleBox offers excellent value for its monthly cost.

Is there any guarantee on the quality of the items?

SaddleBox provides high-quality, carefully curated products that are intended for practical use.

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