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Ride in Style and Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Denim Horse Riding Breeches and Boots

Denim Horse Riding Breeches: Top Qualities and Features You Need to Know

As an equestrian enthusiast, you know that your gear is an essential part of your riding experience. The right equipment, including horse riding breeches, can make a significant difference in your comfort and performance.

One of the popular materials used for breeches is denim due to its comfort, durability, and style. In this article, we’ll discuss the qualities and features that you need to know when shopping for denim horse riding breeches.

Qualities of Denim Breeches

When it comes to denim horse riding breeches, there are several essential qualities that you need to consider. These qualities can help you choose a pair of breeches that will provide you with the comfort and performance you need when riding.


One of the essential qualities of denim horse riding breeches is their stretch. Breeches with a bit of stretch can help you move around easily while riding your horse.

The stretch also allows the breeches to fit snugly without being too tight or uncomfortable.

Knee Patches

Another important quality you need is knee patches, which can help your breeches last longer. Knee patches provide extra reinforcement to protect against wear and tear that commonly occurs around the knees and saddle area.


Denim horse riding breeches shouldn’t be too heavy or thick. The fabric should be light and breathable to prevent you from overheating during hot weather conditions.

Snug Fit

Your denim horse riding breeches must fit snugly and feel comfortable. A perfect fit can help you move freely while riding.

Breeches that are too loose or too tight may restrict your movement and impact your performance.


Pockets are a nice addition to denim horse riding breeches, especially if you need to carry small items such as your phone, keys, or money.

Pockets can be placed on the front, back, or side of the breeches, depending on your preference.

Top Denim Breeches for Horse Riding

There are many denim horse riding breeches available in the market, but not all of them are of the same quality. Here are some of the best denim breeches for horse riding:


Kerrits Ladies Stretch Denim KP Breech – These breeches feature DriRelease technology, which is a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric that keeps you dry, comfortable, and cool. They also have a flattering fit, with a high-waisted design and knee patches.

2. Dublin Shona Knee Patch Denim Breech – Made from bi-stretch denim, these breeches give you a comfortable stretch in all directions.

They have suede full-seat patches and Lycra calf panels that provide extra grip and support. 3.

ECP RideTex Womens Denim Blue Jeans Riding Breeches – These denim breeches are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for hot weather conditions. They also have a mid-rise waist and semi-stretchy denim fabric for a comfortable fit.

4. Derby House Pro Denim Gel Knee Patch Womens Riding Breeches – These breeches have a high waist, silicone knee patches, and a full seat bit design, which provides extra grip and support during horse riding activities.

5. Horze Kaia Denim Silicone Full Seat Breeches – These breeches feature a silicone full seat, which provides excellent grip and support in the saddle.

They are also made from bi-stretch denim and have a mid-rise waist. 6.

OEQ Lexi FS Denim Ladies Breech – These breeches have a silicone grip full seat that provides a secure grip when riding. They also feature a bi-stretch denim material that stretches in all directions, providing optimal comfort and fit.

DriRelease Technology in Kerrits Ladies Stretch Denim KP Breech

The Kerrits Ladies Stretch Denim KP Breech uses DriRelease technology, which is a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric that helps keep you dry, comfortable, and cool. This technology is particularly useful for horse riding breeches, as it can help wick away sweat and prevent chafing and irritation during long riding sessions.

Design of Denim Breeches

In addition to the essential qualities of denim horse riding breeches discussed above, there are various designs that you need to consider when shopping. These designs can help you choose a pair of breeches that cater to your specific horse riding needs.

Bi-Stretch Denim

Breeches made from bi-stretch denim have stretch in both directions, from side to side and from front to back. This design provides extra flexibility and comfort, allowing you to move easily while riding.

Full-Seat Suede

Breeches with a full-seat suede provide extra grip and protection when riding. The suede provides added traction and grip, especially when riding during wet or slippery conditions.


Knee Patches

Breeches with silicone knee patches offer an alternative to suede full seats. The silicone provides better traction and grip in areas where the most pressure is applied while riding.

They’re also more durable than suede patches.

Lycra Calf Panels

Breeches with Lycra calf panels provide extra stretch and comfort around the calves, making it easier to put on and take off the breeches. They also prevent the breeches from bunching up around your calves, which can be uncomfortable during long rides.

High-Waist Design

Breeches with a high-waist design provide extra support and coverage around your waist, keeping the breeches in place and preventing them from sliding down during riding. They also provide a slimming effect that can flatter your figure.

Full-Seat Silicone Bit Design

Breeches with a full-seat silicone bit design provide extra grip and support in the saddle. The silicone bits provide a firmer grip and support, allowing you to stay in place better during riding activities.

Mid-Rise Waist

Breeches with a mid-rise waist provide a comfortable and versatile fit for different body types. They provide support around your waist and hips while allowing freedom of movement.


In conclusion, denim horse riding breeches are an essential piece of equipment. They provide comfort, durability, and style, making them a favorite of riders.

When shopping for denim breeches, it’s essential to consider their essential qualities such as stretch, knee patches, lightweight, snug fit, and pockets. It’s also important to consider various designs such as bi-stretch denim, full-seat suede or silicone, Lycra calf panels, high-waist or mid-rise design, and full-seat silicone bit design.

These designs can cater to your specific riding needs and provide optimal comfort and support. So if you haven’t tried denim breeches yet, now is the time to give them a chance!

Denim Horse Riding Breeches: Top Qualities and Features You Need to Know (Expansion)

As an equestrian enthusiast, you know that finding the perfect pair of horse riding pants can be a struggle.

There are many options available, from breeches to jodhpurs, and it can be challenging to determine which is the best for you. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between breeches and jodhpurs, the best occasions to wear each, and how to care for your denim horse riding breeches.

Differences Between Breeches and Jodhpurs

Breeches and jodhpurs are both popular options among horse riders, but they have significant differences in their design.


Breeches are shorter in length, typically ending mid-calf, while jodhpurs extend all the way down to the ankle. Breeches are usually worn with tall riding boots, while jodhpurs are designed to be worn with jodhpur boots.


Breeches typically fasten at the waist with a button or clip closure and a zip fly, while jodhpurs have a more secure fastening system consisting of a button and a strap that passes under the rider’s boot.

Elastic Strap

Breeches have an elastic strap that runs under the foot to prevent them from riding up, while jodhpurs have a foot strap that goes over the top of the foot to keep the pants in place.

Knee Patches

Breeches usually have reinforced knee patches, which protect the pants from wear and tear and provide extra grip, while jodhpurs don’t typically have knee patches.

Reinforced Options

Breeches often come in reinforced options for cross-country riding and show jumping, while jodhpurs do not typically have reinforced knee patches.

When to Wear Breeches or Jodhpurs

The occasions for wearing breeches and jodhpurs are mainly determined by the type of riding you’ll be doing.

Show Jumping

Breeches with reinforced knee patches are the most suitable for show jumping. They provide necessary grip and protection around the knees while allowing the rider to move freely.

Cross Country

Cross country riding requires reinforced and protective riding pants, such as breeches or jodhpurs designed for the outdoor terrain and obstacles encountered. Some designs even feature materials resistant to scratching or tearing.

Training or Dressage

For training or dressage, jodhpurs can be an excellent option as they provide a sleek and professional look without the added bulk that breeches can create at the ankles. Jodhpurs might also make the rider more aware of body positioning through the tight fabric.

How to Wash Denim Breeches

Maintaining the quality of your denim breeches is essential to ensure their durability and longevity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to wash your denim horse riding breeches:


Read the Tag: Check the washing tag of your breeches to identify any special instructions with respect to specific care and washing rules. 2.

Hand Wash or Gentle Cycle: It’s best to hand wash your denim breeches, but you can use a gentle cycle machine wash if necessary. 3.

Hang Up to Dry: Hang your breeches on a drying rack or clothesline, away from direct sunlight. Make sure the breeches are hung to dry straight.

4. Tumble Dry Low: If machine drying, please note that a low-heat tumble dry is required to avoid shrinking or damaging the fabric.

Caring for Denim Breeches

Aside from washing, maintaining your denim horse riding breeches is critical to extend their lifespan. Here are a few tips on what to do and what to avoid when caring for your denim breeches:

Prevent Shrinking

Denim fabrics can shrink if not handled with care during the washing process, so it’s essential to use cold water and low-heat settings when washing them. You can also avoid drying them in high heat settings or putting them in a dryer.

Prevent Damage

Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach on your denim breeches, as it can damage the fabric. Additionally, avoid ironing your breeches as the heat can cause damage to the fabric.

Store Them Correctly

Store your breeches in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Make sure to fold them neatly to prevent creases and make it easy to take them out and wear them.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing between breeches and jodhpurs depends on the occasion and riding activity: breeches with reinforced materials for jumping and cross-country riding, and jodhpurs for dressage or training. Washing and caring for denim breeches, especially from horse riding activities, requires gentle care to maintain and extend their lifespan.

Following these tips on washing and caring for your denim breeches can help keep them in excellent condition. Regardless of your riding apparel choices, it’s essential to invest in horse riding clothing that provides both comfort and utility.

Denim Horse Riding Breeches: Top Qualities and Features You Need to Know (Expansion)

Choosing the right boots to wear with your denim horse riding breeches can be a challenging task. The correct pair of boots can provide comfort and safety while ensuring that your breeches don’t ride up while riding.

In this article, we will discuss the types of boots to wear with breeches and the considerations to make when selecting the right ones.

Types of Boots to Wear with Breeches

The most common type of boots worn with breeches are riding boots. Here are some of the types of riding boots to consider:

Tall Riding Boots: Tall riding boots are a classic option to wear with breeches.

They come in different materials such as leather or synthetic material and come in various styles such as Dress, Field, or Hunter types. Paddock Boots: Paddock boots are a popular option as they’re shorter and less expensive than tall riding boots, making them perfect for beginners.

They’re also versatile and can be worn with different types of horse riding pants. Jodhpur Boots: Jodhpur boots are a classic choice and are specifically designed for use with jodhpurs, as the name implies.

However, they can also be worn with breeches, as long as they’re styled appropriately.

Considerations When Choosing Boots to Wear with Breeches

Choosing the right boots to wear with breeches requires some considerations. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting boots:

Style: There is a range of styles to choose from depending on the occasion, activity level, and personal preferences.

Ensure that you pick boots that match your outfit and your personality. Material: Riding boots are usually made of leather or synthetic material.

You want to choose boots that fit comfortably and provide ample support to your feet.

Length: Opt for boots that are tall enough to cover your shins but not long enough to limit your mobility in any way. Fit: Boots that are too tight can constrict circulation and cause discomfort, while boots that are too loose can cause your breeches to ride up while riding, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

Ensure the boots fit snugly to the feet and stay put while moving. Sole: Ensure that the boots have nonslip or skid-resistant soles to improve traction while walking and riding.

Prevent Riding Up: Make sure to choose boots with a full-length zipper or elastic gussets to prevent the breeches from riding up while riding. Additional Considerations: For a more stylish look or more protection for your legs, consider tall boots with stylish features, such as embellishments, or those featuring additional reinforcement such as a steel toe or shank.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right boots to wear with your denim breeches is as critical as choosing the right pair of pants. Choose boots that are comfortable, stylish, and offer ample support while riding.

Alternatively, boots that don’t fit properly can be a safety hazard, causing the pants to ride up or your feet to slip in or out of the stirrups. Take time to invest in the right pair of boots to ensure your safety and comfort during horse riding activities.

By taking these considerations into account, you’ll find that there are numerous boots that can provide both style and safety. In summary, choosing the right denim horse riding breeches, boots, and caring for them properly can make a significant difference in your horse riding experience.

Denim breeches are stretchy, lightweight, and equipped with knee patches while boots with full-length zippers or elastic gussets can prevent the breeches from riding up while riding. It is essential to consider the type of riding you’ll be doing and which boots fit accordingly.

Following proper care and washing instructions can also help extend the life of your breeches. Ultimately, investing in quality horse riding gear is essential for

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