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Revolutionizing Equestrian Life: The Top Horse Gadgets You Need

Introduction to Equine Technology

As someone who loves horses, it’s essential to know about the latest technology in the equestrian world. Equine technology refers to the use of cutting-edge tools to optimize horse performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Some of the tech gadgets for riders are designed to enhance safety, others are innovative tools that help track and analyze horse’s performance. In this article, we’ll explore some of the high-tech gadgets used by riders and their importance in equestrian life.

High Tech Gadgets for Riders

High-Tech Helmets

Helmets are worn for head protection in case of a fall while riding. The Trauma Void EQ3 Smooth Helmet is a revolutionary helmet that has MIPS technology, which reduces the rotational motion on the brain during an impact.

The MIPS technology reduces the risk of brain trauma, one of the leading causes of head injuries. Helmets like these are a must-have for any rider.

Safest Stirrups

The foot is a part of the body that’s most prone to accidents, and stirrups play a significant role in ensuring the rider’s foot remains in place during riding. Traditional stirrups often result in accidents, mostly if the rider is involved in a fall.

The Acavallo Arena AluPro Safety Stirrup is a stress-activated release mechanism that triggers the stirrup to release the foot in case of an emergency. The Acavallo Arena AlupPro Safety Stirrup is a valuable gadget for riders who want to maintain safety during their rides.

Equilab App for Riders

It’s essential to track a horse’s performance, especially if you are a competitive rider. The Equilab app is one of the vital tools for tracking horse performance, analyzing the horse’s gait and movements.

The Equilab app also helps to track the rider’s data, equipping riders with crucial insights into their riding performance. The app also has safety features, such as the emergency function, that alerts emergency services in case of an accident.

Hit-Air Inflatable Vest for Rider Safety

Another safety gadget that riders should have is the Hit-Air Inflatable Riding Vest. The vest is inflated within seconds of an accident to protect the rider from injuries during a fall.

The Hit-Air vest protects the rider’s back, neck, ribs, and spine. Riders who take their safety seriously should invest in this gadget.


In conclusion, equine technology is crucial in improving horse performance and rider safety. The Trauma Void EQ3 Smooth Helmet and Acavallo Arena AluPro Safety Stirrup are must-have gadgets for riders who want to maintain their safety.

The Equilab app is essential for tracking a horse’s performance and rider’s data, and the Hit-Air Inflatable Riding Vest protects the rider from injuries during a fall. As equestrian life becomes more competitive, riders need to keep up with the latest technology to stay ahead.

Wearables for Horse and Rider

Horse and rider wearables are becoming more popular as equestrian technology advances. Wearables are high-tech gadgets designed for monitoring and analyzing horse and rider’s performance, health, and safety.

In this segment, we’ll delve into some of the best wearables for horse owners.

Horse Wearables for Health and Performance Monitoring

NightWatch is a wearable horse device that monitors the horse’s health and sends alerts to owners when the horse is in distress. The device uses sensors to monitor horse vital signs, such as heart rate, respiration, and temperature, to detect any unusual changes that may indicate colic or laminitis, two of the most common equine health concerns.

NightWatch also has geolocation features, which help owners locate horses that may have wandered off.

Rider Wearables for Safety and Insights

EquineTrac is a wearable device designed for riders. Its primary purpose is horse tracking technology, tracking a horse’s movements, location, and riding details.

It also has a Fall Alert text message feature that alerts emergency contacts in case a rider falls off or is involved in an accident. EquineTrac helps riders gain insights into their riding performance and track their progress over time.

Best Gadgets for Horse Owners

SaddleClip for Monitoring Horse Performance

SaddleClip is a clever little equine motion sensor that you can attach to your horse’s saddle. The motion sensor tracks your horse’s movement and provides you with data about the way your horse moves.

You can use saddle clip data to monitor your horse’s performance, which will help you and your trainer or vet to help your horse reach its full potential. It’s also very light and needs no charging, making it possible to leave it on all the time.

Yakry Wireless Camera System for Trailer Safety

Horse trailers can be very unsafe, especially if you’re not paying attention while driving. Yakry Wireless Camera System is a wireless trailer safety camera that provides horses and riders with increased safety when travelling.

The system has an easy installation process that allows it to be installed on all kinds of trailers, and it also comes with a 7″ display that allows clear images of what’s happening behind the trailer. Yakry Wireless Camera System is an excellent investment for horse owners who travel frequently with their horses.

Pivo Pod for Recording Rides

Pivo Pod is a unique tool that helps riders record their rides with AI technology. The Pivo Pod turns your phone into an automated camera man, using 360-degree rotation to capture every angle of your ride.

The gadget’s app then uses AI technology to identify the horse and rider, automatically following their movement in real-time. Pivo Pod is a great way to keep improving your riding skills by reviewing your rides and receiving feedback from coaches.


Wearable horse and rider technology is increasing in popularity for many good reasons. Wearables allow equestrians to monitor their horse’s health, performance, and location, ensuring the safety and well-being of both riders and their mounts.

SaddleClip provides a simple way to monitor horse performance, while Yakry Wireless Camera System is an incredible way to enhance horse transport safety, and Pivo Pod is an amazing AI-powered tool to review and optimize rider performance. With so many incredible wearables available in the market, it’s vital for horse owners to embrace this technology to capture the richest experience in equestrian life.In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role in every aspect of life.

This is no different in the world of horse ownership and equestrian sports. Horse owners, riders, and trainers can benefit greatly from the latest gadgets designed to improve safety and performance.

In this segment, we will focus on the importance of horse gadgets for safety and performance.

Horse Gadgets for Safety

Whether it’s out on the trails, in the arena, or during transportation, horse gadgets designed for safety can protect both riders and their horses. Wearables like the NightWatch and Yakry Wireless Camera System provide reassurance to horse owners when travelling or monitoring their horses at home.

SaddleClip helps riders monitor their horse’s movements, reducing the risk of strain or injury. These gadgets provide critical insights into horse activity, and their benefits can help to improve safety and prevent serious injuries.

Horse Gadgets for Performance

Horse gadgets designed for performance focus on providing data to help horse owners and riders monitor and assess performance over time. The Equilab app and EquineTrac are two excellent examples that can help riders track horse performance and collect data to provide insight into horse health, training needs and achievements, and progress in competitions.

The Pivo Pod adds value to horse gadgets for performance by providing riders with the necessary recording features that enable riders to review their performance, provide feedback, and monitor progress in competitions and training sessions.

Horse Gadgets for Well-being

Horse gadgets for well-being focus on providing better horse health, care, and comfort. Grooming gadgets like the HandsOn Grooming Gloves and the Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat UV Protectant for Horses protect horses from UV rays while grooming, reducing hair damage.

Horse Weight Tape, a simple but effective gadget, allows horse owners to measure their horse’s weight regularly, which helps them to monitor the horse’s health and well-being. Horse gadgets such as these provide substantial benefits that directly contribute to horse well-being, making these gadgets integral to a horse’s overall health and happiness.

Investing in Horse Gadgets Benefits both Riders and Horses

Owning and maintaining a horse can be quite expensive, which makes investing in horse gadgets an important financial decision for owners. However, horse gadgets provide more than a monetary return on investment.

These gadgets provide the reassurance and insight horse owners need to keep their horses safe, healthy, and performing at their best. Investing in the latest horse gadgets is an investment in both the rider’s and the horse’s future, providing value and peace of mind to riders, trainers, and horse owners.


In conclusion, horse gadgets are an essential element of equestrian life, providing benefits that contribute to horse safety, performance, and well-being. NightWatch, Yakry Wireless Camera System, SaddleClip, Equilab app, EquineTrac, Pivo Pod, HandsOn Grooming Gloves, Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat UV Protectant, Horse Weight Tape, are all examples of the latest horse gadgets available to horse owners.

By capitalizing on these gadgets, horse owners can improve their horse’s well-being, reduce potential injuries, enable riders to enhance their performance, and provide the care and support required for the horses’ long-term health. In conclusion, horse gadgets play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, performance, and well-being of horses.

These gadgets are an investment in both horse and rider’s futures, providing value and peace of mind to riders, trainers, and horse owners. The NightWatch, Yakry Wireless Camera System, SaddleClip, Equilab app, EquineTrac, Pivo Pod, HandsOn Grooming Gloves, Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat UV Protectant, Horse Weight Tape, and other horse gadgets offer critical data insights that enable riders to improve their performance, protect their horses, and optimize their overall equestrian experience.


1. What are horse wearables?

Horse wearables are high-tech gadgets designed for monitoring and analyzing horse and rider’s performance, health, and safety. 2.

Why are horse gadgets important? Horse gadgets are important for improving the safety, performance, and well-being of both horses and riders.

3. What are the best horse gadgets for safety?

The best horse gadgets for safety include NightWatch, Yakry Wireless Camera System, and SaddleClip. 4.

What are the best horse gadgets for performance? The best horse gadgets for performance include Equilab app, EquineTrac, and Pivo Pod.

5. What are the best horse gadgets for well-being?

The best horse gadgets for well-being include HandsOn Grooming Gloves, Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat UV Protectant, and Horse Weight Tape.

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