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Owning a Horse: Balancing Costs and Care

Owning a horse is a dream come true for many people. However, with this dream comes with a significant financial responsibility.

You must consider the cost of maintaining a horse before committing to it. In this article, we discuss the cost of owning a horse, riding lessons, equiwinner patches, apples, and carrots.

Cost of Owning a Horse

It’s important to note that owning a horse is not only about the initial purchase price. Instead, it’s about the long-term cost of upkeep.

According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the annual cost of upkeep for a horse can range from $4,000 to over $20,000, depending on the level of care needed. Some of the expenses that you’ll need to consider are feed, shelter, bedding, medical care, equipment, and maintenance.

These expenses have a significant impact on your budget, and it’s important to factor them in when planning to own a horse.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are essential for both new and experienced riders. You’ll learn how to ride safely and correctly and be able to progress towards your riding goals.

It’s important to choose the right instructor. You want someone who can teach you the aspects of horse riding that you’re interested in.

When selecting a riding instructor, it’s important to look for a discounted rate for package lessons. This will help to lower the overall cost of the classes that you’ll need to attend.

Some of the different types of riding lessons that are available include Western flatwork, jumping, and cow work. Pay attention to the style that you prefer and look for instructors that are specialized in that field.

Equiwinner Patches

Equiwinner patches are a great way to support your horse’s overall health. This patented, non-transdermal patch contains an electrolyte-balancing system that works to help horses maintain a balanced electrolyte profile.

This can help prevent health issues such as dehydration, muscle fatigue, and coughing. Equiwinner patches are a better option than electrolyte supplements.

They contain no drugs or chemicals and allow the body to naturally balance the electrolyte profile without introducing any harmful substances that can be found in supplements. By using the patch, you can help maintain the health and well-being of your horse.

Apples & Carrots

Reduced-price produce is a great way to provide your horse with treats while also saving money. Apples and carrots both provide great nutritional benefits that can contribute to your horse’s overall health.

However, they can be costly if you don’t know where to look for reduced-price produce. Visit local farmer’s markets or buy from local supermarkets that have reduced-price produce options.

This will allow you to provide your horse with the treats they love while also managing your budget.


Gear is an essential aspect of horse riding. It’s important to choose the right gear that will best serve the needs of both you and your horse.

Some of the gear that you’ll need to consider are saddles, bridles, and safety gear, such as helmets and equestrian safety vests. When selecting gear, it’s important to choose pieces that are high quality and durable.

A replacement grab strap for your equestrian safety vest is an example of a necessary piece of gear. It has metal clasps, fits an Equiroyal nylon grab strap, and is compatible with the Hit-Air equestrian safety vest.

Additionally, when choosing equipment for your horse, it’s important to consider the horse’s skill level. For example, if you’re taking English lessons or using a dressage bridle, you may want to consider a

Herm Sprenger Turnado Bit.

This bit is specially designed for dressage riders and provides better maneuverability within the horse’s mouth.


Owning a horse can be both rewarding and expensive. Expenses such as feed, shelter, bedding, medical care, equipment, and maintenance need to be considered.

Riding lessons, equiwinner patches, reduced-price produce, and gear are all excellent ways to care for your horse while managing your budget. Choose services and pieces of gear that are high-quality and necessary for you and your horse’s needs.

Insuring your horse is crucial to safeguarding your financial investments and your horse’s well-being. In this section, we will discuss the different types of insurance policies you can acquire to provide overall protection to your horse.

Additionally, we’ll also delve into stabling options to ensure that you’re selecting the right option to fulfill your horse’s needs.


Liability Insurance

When you own a horse, you automatically become responsible for any injuries or damages that your horse causes. Liability insurance frees you from this huge financial responsibility.

Equisure policy is an example of a liability insurance company that can provide you with $300,000 per occurrence and $600,000 aggregate coverage. This type of liability coverage is ideal for horse owners who keep their horse at their residence or on rented stables.

Mortality & Major Medical Insurance

If you plan to invest in a high-quality horse, mortality and major medical insurance is essential. Essentially, this insurance covers your investment if your horse was to be diagnosed with a severe illness or sudden death.

Northwest Equine Insurance offers major medical expense and can cover the horse’s death. A detailed policy is required, listing out the exclusions and coverages provided for your horse.

Just like liability insurance, it’s well worth the investment. By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be covered in any unforeseeable circumstance.

Tow Vehicle Insurance

We often underestimate the value of protection in our tow vehicles. Progressive Commercial Policy offers a broad range of coverage options to ensure we are throughly protected.

This kind of coverage protects your truck even when it’s not transporting your horses. The insurance policy should cover all the provisions you need, including liability coverage, collision coverage, and personal injury protection.

Horse Trailer Insurance

Insurance policy for the horse trailer protects you from any damage or loss to your horse trailer. You may be surprised at the coverage a Progressive Commercial Policy can offer.

The coverage offered ranges from collision coverage, theft, and towing, providing 24/7 availability to handle any situation that arises.

US Rider Equestrian Roadside Assistance Membership

Another significant category of insurance policies for horse owners is the US Rider Equestrian Roadside Assistance membership. US Rider offers a Classic Membership Plan that covers all towing and maintenance needs required while transporting horses.

This membership plan is reliant on the number of horses that you need to transport, so it is vital to get in touch with their customer service team to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of membership.



The board is a crucial aspect of horse ownership. It’s important to select a boarding facility that serves the best interests of you and your horse.

A good outdoor paddock and shelter that’s big enough for your horse to roam around comfortably is crucial. You should also indicate if there’s enough feed to take care of your horse’s dietary requirements.

Blanketing and deworming services should also be included to ensure that your horse is adequately taken care of. Facilities are something you will need to consider as you’ll want them to meet your horse’s requirements when you’re practicing.

There are stables available that provide boarding services and offer lesson discounts to riders. Simultaneously, you can barter their services based on the value of horses’ care to offset the board cost.


From liability insurance coverage to stabling options, every aspect of horse ownership is significant and requires due diligence. It’s no longer sufficient just to own good gear and a well-bred horse.

It’s essential to take care of their safety and invest in insurance policies that can protect us from unforeseen circumstances. Selecting the right stabling allows you to get the best out of your partnership with your horse, providing them with care and attention that they require and deserve.


Fuel for Barn Visits

Travel is a considerable part of horse ownership, and fuel costs can become steep. Whether you’re traveling for lessons or to visit your horse, fueling up can lead to a considerable expense.

It’s essential to apply an IRS mileage rate to evaluate the costs of fuel use when visiting your horse barn. On average, traveling to the barn four times a week, four weeks per month can be costly.

By sensibly tracking these expenses and using the IRS mileage rate, you can reduce your travel expenses. Money Well Spent

Equiwinner Patches

Electrolyte balance is essential to maintain your horse’s health. The Equiwinner patch is a patented, non-transdermal patch that balances electrolytes naturally, providing important electrolyte supplements without using any drugs or chemicals.

With specific instructions and guidelines provided to the horse owners and trainers, the patch helps horses maintain a stable electrolyte profile, which can prevent dehydration, muscle fatigue, and even respiratory issues such as cough symptoms. These patches are a smaller investment compared to other supplements and can be beneficial for horses of varying ages and activity levels.

With the patch, you can expect an overall better state of health for your horse.

Herm Sprenger Turnado Bit

Replacing old snaffles or changing the support system for the horse’s movements is essential, and a

Herm Sprenger Turnado Bit is the best solution. Unlike traditional snaffles, this bit rotates in the horse’s mouth, making it easier to ride, more elastic, and maneuverable.

It is ideal for dressage riders, or anyone who needs better precision while riding the horse.

It’s important to take your horse’s needs into consideration to properly select the right equipment.

A bit like this is more expensive than regular snaffles, but it is essential in creating better communication between the rider and their horse and providing better control in performance.


Investing in your horse is the cornerstone of successful horse ownership. From their care and health to their riding equipment, each aspect requires dedication and attention to detail.


Equiwinner Patches and

Herm Sprenger Turnado Bit are examples of horse equipment that can provide significant benefits and ultimately lead to a positive experience for both you and your horse. It is essential to assess the costs of ownership, prioritize your investments, and ensure that your horse’s needs are met to maintain a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Tips for Reining in Expenses (Pun Intended)

As a horse owner, expenses can pile up quickly. From tack to stabling and everything in between, horse ownership can be expensive.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you cut down on costs while still providing the best care for your horse.

Invest in Health

Preventative care is one of the essential aspects of maintaining your horse’s health. Rather than investing in expensive medications or surgeries, you can avoid the risk by providing preventative care.

Simple actions such as regular exercise, providing salt-blocks as a mineral supplement, and monitoring your horse’s behavior regularly can have significant health benefits and prevent any unwarranted health risks.

Watch for Price Drops

To minimize the cost, watch out for product sales and discounts on different sites such as Amazon or through apps like Honey. Through these apps, you can always be sure to check for active coupons and promotional offers when shopping online to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.

Compare Costs before You Buy

Ensure that you compare prices across different vendors when purchasing equipment for horses, especially online vendors such as Amazon. Many options may be available that cost less than some of the steeper choices available.

Therefore, be diligent and evaluate everything thoroughly before making purchasing decisions.

On the Horizon

Custom C4 Belts

If you have a particular design that you’re interested in having created, you can always consider having it custom made for you. Custom C4 belts are a great way to get bespoke designs created for your horse.

Horse Rookie is an example, creating an exclusive collection of belts with custom miniature horse illustrations available. Custom belt designs can be created to reflect the personality and interests of the horse owner.

Custom Western Headstall & Breast Collar

Custom Western Headstalls and breast collars are perfect for horses with larger heads, with store-bought tack not fitting properly. It’s important to have proper equipment fitted to avoid any uneasiness for your horse.

Getting them custom-made specifically to the shape of your horse’s head is a fantastic solution to this issue.

Velcro Trailer Ties

If you’ve been concerned about the traditional trailer ties that snap or clip, and the emergency potential of them breaking, Velcro Trailer ties are a great solution. The Intrepid International Tie Safe Trailer Ties have a velcro separation point that separates when significant force is applied to it, ensuring the horse’s safety during trailer journeys.

1 More Turnado Bit

Backups are essential, and having a backup Western headstall, paired with an extra Herm SprengerTurnado Bit, is an essential part of keeping your horse’s riding experience smooth. It’s essential to have extra pieces, especially if something breaks or malfunctions.

Being able to swap out equipment can help your horse avoid discomfort and keep the riding experience fulfilling.

Cow Working Clinic

Cow working clinics are a fantastic way to help riders understand the necessary skills needed for working with cows, whether you’re competing or just for fun. If you’re willing to work a little harder, this two-day clinic in April offers participants hands-on experience working with cattle and understanding the rapport between the rider and horse for maximum performance.


Horse ownership requires financial and time investments, but it is mostly a rewarding experience. By investing in your horse’s overall health, you can avoid any significant health risks in the long term.

Always seek to find the best deals and compare prices when buying equipment, especially online. If you have any special requirements, custom equipment, and bespoke designs can be an excellent way to ensure your horse’s comfort and the riding experience.

Finally, taking advantage of opportunities to get experience working with cattle through cow working clinics provides immensely valuable insight. Owning a horse is a rewarding experience but comes with significant responsibilities and financial expenses.

To manage costs, horse owners should invest in preventive care, look for sales and discounts, and compare equipment prices before purchasing. Custom-made equipment can also save costs and ensure horse comfort.

Additionally, insurance policies such as liability, mortality, and roadside assistance provide protection for horse owners in unforeseen circumstances. Lastly, taking part in cow working clinics provides an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience and improve riding skills.

The key takeaway is that careful planning and responsible spending are crucial to maintain a healthy and enjoyable horse-owning experience. FAQs:

Q: What are some essential insurance policies for horse owners?

A: Liability, mortality, and roadside assistance insurance policies offer protection and minimize unexpected expenses for horse owners. Q: What steps can horse owners take to manage costs?

A: Investing in preventive care, looking for sales and discounts, and comparing prices before purchasing equipment can help manage costs. Q: How can custom-made equipment be beneficial for horse owners?

A: Custom-made equipment ensures horse comfort and saves costs by avoiding the need to purchase new and more expensive equipment frequently. Q: What opportunities do cow working clinics offer horse owners?

A: Cow working clinics offer a hands-on experience that improves riding skills and understanding of the rider and horse

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