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Merhow Trailers: Luxury Living Quarters and Safety Features for Horse Transportation

Selecting the Right Horse Trailer Brand: Why It Matters

When it comes to transporting horses, it’s important to have a reliable and safe horse trailer. But there’s more to selecting the right horse trailer brand than just choosing one that can fit your horse.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of selecting the right horse trailer brand, with a focus on Sundowner Trailers. Why does it matter which horse trailer brand you choose?

Because not all horse trailers are created equal, and selecting the wrong one can have serious consequences. A poorly made trailer can lead to injury or even death for your horse, as well as put you and others on the road at risk.

On the other hand, a high-quality trailer can provide a comfortable and safe ride for your horse, while also lasting for many years of reliable use. Sundowner Trailers is a high-end brand that offers quality, durability, and style.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this brand so popular among horse owners.

High-End Quality

Sundowner Trailers are known for their exceptional quality. They are made from the highest quality materials, including aluminum and steel, to ensure that they can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

The trailers are also designed with the needs of horses in mind, with plenty of ventilation, ample space, and comfortable flooring. One of the standout features of Sundowner Trailers is their attention to detail.

From the welding to the paint job, every part of the trailer is carefully crafted to ensure that it will last for many years with little maintenance.


Durability is a key factor to consider when selecting a horse trailer brand. A trailer that is poorly made will not last long, and will not provide the reliability that you need when transporting your horse.

Sundowner Trailers are built to last, with sturdy construction and high-quality materials. In addition to their durability, Sundowner Trailers are also designed for ease of use.

They are easy to hitch and unhitch, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a trailer that can transport multiple horses or one that has a spacious living area for long trips, Sundowner Trailers has a variety of options to choose from.


While style may not be the most important factor when selecting a horse trailer, it is still an important consideration. After all, you want a trailer that not only functions well, but also looks good on the road.

Sundowner Trailers are known for their sleek and stylish design, with a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. The trailers are also designed with the safety of both horse and driver in mind.

They are equipped with lights and reflectors for increased visibility on the road, as well as safety features such as brakes and breakaway systems.


When it comes to selecting a horse trailer brand, the stakes are high. A poorly made trailer can have serious consequences for both horse and driver, while a high-quality trailer can provide safe and reliable transportation for years to come.

Sundowner Trailers is a top choice among horse owners, with their exceptional quality, durability, and style setting them apart from other brands. Whether you’re a weekend trail rider or a professional competitor, a Sundowner Trailer is a worthy investment that will give you peace of mind on the road.

Featherlite Trailers: The Pioneering Brand for Customization and Value

For more than four decades now, Featherlite Trailers has been a pioneer of the horse trailer industry, offering horse owners a unique combination of quality, customization, and value. Their trailers are known for their lightweight construction, durability, and customizable features that allow owners to create a trailer that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

The Featherlite brand was launched in 1973, when an aluminum company in Cresco, Iowa, started producing horse trailers using their aluminum technology. The initial design was a success, and the company quickly established a reputation for quality and innovation.

Today, Featherlite Trailers is an industry leader, offering a wide range of horse trailers, livestock trailers, car trailers, and other utility trailers.

Pioneering Customization

Featherlite Trailers is known for their customized options. They understand that every horse owner has unique needs, and they work with their customers to create trailers that are built to their exact specifications.

They offer a wide range of customization options, including different colors, flooring, living quarters, and ventilation features. This means that whatever your needs, you can be sure that your trailer will be designed with the well-being of your horse in mind.

One of the benefits of choosing a customized trailer from Featherlite is that you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re transporting horses to different events, you may want to consider a trailer with split dividers so that you can have more flexibility with the horse placement.

Alternatively, if you’re planning extended trips, you could opt for a trailer with a comfortable living quarters that can accommodate you and your team.

Offering Value

Featherlite Trailers are built to last. They use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, such as welded construction, to ensure that their trailers offer superior durability.

A key advantage of Featherlite trailers is their lightweight design. Since the trailers are made of aluminum, they are much lighter than other trailers, which means better fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

Another benefit of choosing a Featherlite trailer is the company’s reputation for great value. Their trailers are competitively priced and are known for holding their value over time.

This means that even after years of use, you can still expect to get a good return on your investment if you decide to sell. 4-Star Trailers: Innovative Design and

Safety Features

Founded in 1984, 4-Star Trailers has been a leader in the horse trailer industry for more than three decades. Their trailers are known for their innovative design and safety features, making them a top choice for horse owners who want to ensure the safety of their animals during transport.

Tailored Options

4-Star Trailers are designed with customization in mind. Horse owners can choose from a wide range of features, including size, shape, flooring, and ventilation.

They also offer different living quarters options, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to maximize comfort during long hauls. One of the unique options available on certain 4-Star Trailers is a safe room, which provides horse owners with a secure place to lock up a saddle, tack, or other valuable equipment.


Safety Features

One of the standout features of 4-Star Trailers is their safety features. They have an extensive range of safety options that help ensure that horses arrive safely and comfortably at their destination.

For example, 4-Star Trailers are equipped with air ride suspensions, which provide a smoother ride and reduce the amount of stress that horses experience during transport. They also offer tail side doors, which make loading and unloading easier and safer for both horses and humans.

Another key safety feature is the SafeBump Roof System. This technology helps protect horses during a potential rollover by providing a protective barrier around their heads in the event of an accident.

In addition, all 4-Star Trailers come standard with a one-piece roof, which enhances the structural integrity of the trailer.


Selecting the right horse trailer brand is a crucial decision for horse owners. In this article, we’ve discussed the innovative and pioneering features of Featherlite Trailers, which offers customization and value to horse owners.

We’ve also looked at 4-Star Trailers, which offers a range of tailored options and safety features that ensure the well-being of your horse during transport. When choosing between these brands, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences to make the best decision for you and your horse.

Trails West Trailers: Mid-Range Trailers with a Focus on Horse Comfort and Practicality

If you’re looking for a mid-range horse trailer brand that prioritizes horse comfort and practicality, Trails West Trailers is an excellent choice. Founded in 1978, this Oregon-based company has been providing horse owners with quality trailers for over four decades.

Trails West Trailers is focused on building trailers that meet the needs of horses and their owners alike. Their trailers are designed to provide a comfortable and safe ride for horses, while also being practical and easy to use for owners.



One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Trails West Trailer is their affordability. While other high-end brands may offer more customized options and luxurious features, Trails West Trailers are priced at a more accessible mid-range price point.

This makes them ideal for horse owners on a budget who still want a high-quality, reliable trailer.

Comfort for Horses

Trails West Trailers prioritize the comfort of your horse during transport. Their trailers are designed to have plenty of space and headroom for your horse to move around and stretch out.

They also offer a range of features to ensure that your horse is as comfortable as possible during transit. For example, some models offer rubber-lined walls and flooring, which provides added cushioning for your horse’s joints and can help reduce stress during travel.

One of the standout features of Trails West Trailers is their proprietary Cool Horse technology, which helps regulate the temperature inside the trailer. By using a fan and a venting system, Cool Horse helps ensure that your horse stays comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Practicality for Owners

Trails West Trailers also prioritize practicality for the owners of their trailers. They offer models with different amounts of storage options, so you can choose a trailer that fits your needs without feeling cramped or cluttered.

Additionally, some of their trailers come with an adjustable saddle rack, which makes loading and unloading your tack easier. Furthermore, Trails West Trailers are built with sturdy construction to last for years.

They use an all-aluminum frame, which makes them lightweight and easy to tow, while also being durable and long-lasting. CM Trailers: Affordable Trailers with Durable, Steel-Frame Construction and

Thoughtful Design

CM Trailers offers affordable trailers for horse owners who want a high-quality, reliable trailer without breaking the bank.

Founded in 1990, CM Trailers provides horse owners with great value for their money by offering durable, steel-frame construction and thoughtful design.


One of the key benefits of choosing CM Trailers is their affordability. Their trailers are priced at an affordable level while still offering high-quality materials and solid construction.

This makes them a great choice for first-time horse trailer owners or those on a tighter budget.

Durable Construction

CM Trailers is committed to providing horse owners with trailers that are built for years of use. They use a solid steel frame construction, which adds strength and durability to the trailer’s frame.

Additionally, they offer a durable powder-coated finish, which helps protect the trailer from rust and other types of wear and tear.

Thoughtful Design

CM Trailers also puts a lot of thought into the design of their trailers. They offer a range of features that cater to horse owners’ needs, such as spring-loaded latches that make it easy to maneuver the doors and dividers and adjustable slant dividers that can accommodate horses of different sizes.

They also offer a variety of living quarter options, from basic accommodations to luxurious living quarters that come equipped with a shower, toilet, and kitchenette.

Safety Features

Another key feature of CM Trailers is their safety features. They offer standard features such as electric brakes and breakaway systems to ensure that the trailer is always under control.

CM Trailers also offers useful features such as a rear ramp with a tail curtain, which helps ensure that your horse is safe and secure during transport.


When it comes to selecting the right horse trailer brand, affordability, durability, comfort, and practicality are all crucial factors to consider. Trails West Trailers and CM Trailers offer mid-range and affordable options, respectively, that provide horse owners with quality trailers that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting on your horse trailer journey, these two brands provide a range of features and designs that can ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience for horse and owner alike. Exiss Trailers: Trusted Brand for Affordable Aluminum Trailers Brimming with Comfort

Exiss Trailers is a trusted brand that has been making affordable aluminum trailers for over 25 years.

Their trailers are known for their superior comfort and thoughtful design, all at a price point that’s accessible for most horse owners. Exiss offers a broad range of trailers for different horse owners, from weekend riders to competitive equestrians.

They prioritize the well-being of horses, with some models coming equipped with patented comfort features that provide added cushioning and support for horses during transit.

Trusted by Horse Owners

Horse owners trust Exiss to provide quality horse trailers with a focus on their horses’ comfort. The company uses top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing techniques that give their trailers superior durability and longevity.

Additionally, Exiss Trailers are known for their customization options which cater to the unique needs of the customer and the horses being transported. Whether you need a trailer with specific dimensions or an in-built rear tack, Exiss Trailers has a variety of options to choose from.

Aluminum Construction for the Ultimate Comfort

Exiss Trailers use aluminum construction to create a lightweight and comfortable ride for horses. Aluminum is a strong and durable material that is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for horse trailers that will face different weather conditions and frequent cleaning.

Since aluminum is lighter than other materials, such as steel or wood, it also provides a smoother ride for your horse. The reduced weight also means better fuel economy, which can save you money in the long run.

Affordability for Horse Owners

One of the biggest draws of Exiss Trailers is their affordability. Unlike many high-end brands that cater to the elite horse rider, Exiss offers a wide range of trailers at a more accessible price point.

This means that horse owners can enjoy the benefits of a superior quality trailer without breaking the bank. Titan Trailers: Budget-Friendly Trailers with Sturdy Steel Construction and Horse-Focused Features

Titan Trailers is a budget-friendly brand that has been producing horse trailers since 1986.

They offer a wide range of trailers with sturdy steel construction and horse-focused features that are designed to make transporting horses safe and comfortable.

Budget-Friendly Construction

Titan Trailers are designed with budget-conscious horse owners in mind. Their trailers are priced at an accessible level while still offering reliable and durable construction.

They use a sturdy steel frame, which provides a solid foundation for the trailer’s load and ensures its longevity.

Horse Focused Features

Titan Trailers also prioritize the safety and comfort of horses during transport. They offer several features that cater to the needs of horses, such as a rubber floor that provides added cushioning for horses’ joints and reduces stress during travel.

Additionally, some models come equipped with dividers that are easily adjustable to accommodate horses of different sizes. Also, Titan Trailers provide customizable trailers that allow horse owners to choose the features that are most important for them and their horses.

For example, some trailers include a front tack room or expanded living quarters to ensure that horse owners are comfortable during long trips.

Convenient Design for Owners

Titan Trailers’ convenient design is also a key feature that owners appreciate. They offer features such as easy-lift ramps and adjustable tack space, which make loading and unloading quick and easy.

They also offer convenient storage solutions to ensure that all your equipment is safe and secure during transport.

Safety Features

Titan Trailers take safety seriously. They offer a range of safety features, such as electric brakes and a breakaway system, to ensure that the trailer stays under control during transit.

Moreover, they offer anti-sway systems that prevent the trailer from swaying while being towed.


Choosing a horse trailer brand requires consideration of several factors such as affordability, durability, comfort for horse and owners, quality of manufacturing, and safety features. Exiss Trailers and Titan Trailers offer affordable alternatives for horse owners who want to stay within their budget while still ensuring the comfort and safety of their horse(s).

Horse owners can choose between Exiss’ top-of-the-line aluminum trailers that provide ultimate comfort and customization, while Titan Trailers feature steel construction and convenient horse-focused features with a budget-friendly price tag. No matter the option, these brands offer reliable trailers that horse owners can be sure will make transporting their horses a stress-free experience.

Merhow Trailers: High-End Trailers with Luxurious Living Quarters and Advanced

Safety Features

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