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Meet the Team Behind Horse Rookie: Bringing Expertise and Passion to Equine Education

Are you a horse lover looking to dive deeper into the equestrian world? Or maybe youre a horse owner who faces a new challenge every day?

Regardless of your experience level, youre in the right place. Welcome to Horse Rookie.

As a horse lover turned horse owner, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of being a part of this amazing world. When I first started, I had so many questions and decisions to make.

I also wanted to connect with other equestrians who shared my passion. Thats why I created Horse Rookie – a safe, inclusive space for all your equestrian needs.

In this article, well be discussing some of the essential topics that every horse lover or owner should know. From ground manners and behavior to community engagement, weve got it covered.

Ground Manners

Ground manners may not be the most glamorous topic in the equestrian world, but they are essential for safety and success. Ground manners refer to the behavior of a horse on the ground, such as leading, tying, and standing still.

It may seem simple, but a lack of proper ground manners can lead to dangerous situations. At Horse Rookie, we believe in inclusivity, and we welcome all equestrians regardless of their level of experience.

This means that we recognize that mistakes can happen, and we dont condone bullying or negativity towards anyone. We strive to create a safe space where everyone can learn and grow together.

To cultivate a learning attitude towards ground manners, its crucial to approach each situation with an open mind. This means being receptive to different methods and being willing to learn from our mistakes.

By doing so, we can adopt the best practices that work for us and our horses. At Horse Rookie, we also encourage community engagement.

We believe that hearing different voices and perspectives adds value to the conversation. Thats why we created the open mic section, where equestrians can share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics.

Importance of

Ground Manners

Proper ground manners are essential for safety, practicality, and success. When a horse is well-behaved on the ground, its easier to handle them, leading to less stress, less danger, and more productivity.

When horses are taught good ground manners, theyll respect their handler and are less likely to misbehave or act out. This translates to safer riding and fewer accidents.

Ground manners also demonstrate good behavior to people around you, especially to those who may not understand horses very well. For instance, if a horse is spooked by something, their handler can quickly bring them under control using their ground manners, preventing any damage to themselves or others.

Without proper ground manners, the situation can quickly spiral out of control.

Inclusivity at Horse Rookie

At Horse Rookie, we believe that the equestrian world should be inclusive and welcoming to all. This means no bullying, negativity, or judgment towards anyone, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a rookie.

We want to create a safe space where everyone can learn, grow, and belong. We understand that not everyone has the same background, experiences, or perspectives, but we encourage respectful and open communication.

We strive to create a community where people can share their thoughts and experiences without being harassed or bullied. Inclusivity also means recognizing that not everyone learns in the same way.

Thats why we offer different types of content, such as written articles, videos, and podcasts. We believe that a diverse range of content and perspectives can provide valuable information for everyone, regardless of their learning style.

Learning Attitude

Learning attitude is crucial in all areas of life, especially in the equestrian world. Being open-minded and willing to learn from our mistakes is the key to success.

At Horse Rookie, we recognize that learning never stops and we encourage everyone to have a positive attitude towards improving their knowledge and skills. One of the ways to cultivate a learning attitude is to be open to different methods and approaches.

That means being willing to try new things, even if they may seem unconventional. Equally important is to be willing to accept feedback and criticism without taking it personally.

At Horse Rookie, we believe in the power of knowledge. Thats why we take pride in having a collection of articles, videos, and other forms of content that provide valuable information for equestrians.

Through our content, we hope to provide a resource for continuous learning and improvement.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a crucial part of Horse Rookies philosophy. We believe in hearing from different voices, perspectives, and experiences to create a well-rounded and inclusive community.

Thats why we encourage equestrians to participate in our open mic section, where they can share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics. Community engagement also means creating connections between equestrians, regardless of their experience level.

By fostering a supportive and welcoming community, we hope to connect equestrians, create new friendships, and encourage collaboration.


In conclusion, Horse Rookie is dedicated to providing practical knowledge, engaging content, and a supportive community of equestrians. We believe in the importance of ground manners, inclusivity, learning attitude, and community engagement.

Our goal is to create a safe space where all equestrians can learn, grow, and belong. We invite you to join us on this journey or to continue growing with us if youre already a member.

Lesson Partners

At Horse Rookie, we believe in the power of teamwork. Our small but mighty team is dedicated to providing valuable content and resources for all equestrians.

In this article, were going to introduce you to our team members and showcase some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating our content. TeamFirst up is Anja G.

Anja is the founder of Horse Rookie and a long-time horse lover. She owns a horse and a donkey in Montana and has been riding for over 20 years.

Anja is the driving force behind Horse Rookie, and her passion for horses is evident in every aspect of the website. Next up is Lauren A.

Lauren is the editor of Horse Rookie and manages all the editorial work that goes into creating our content. She has a background in English literature and has been in the publishing industry for over five years.

Lauren ensures that all our articles are free of typos, formatting errors, and broken links. Then we have Christie J.

Christie is responsible for all things related to academic writing. She has a PhD in Dressage and has conducted extensive research in equine nutrition.

Christie creates educational content that exceeds the surface level in order to provide detailed and in-depth knowledge about various aspects of the equine industry. And last but definitely not least, we have our supporting team of equestrian experts, freelance writers, and editors.

This team is composed of equestrian-based professionals who contribute to Horse Rookie with their extensive knowledge and experience.

Editorial Work

Have you ever read an article and noticed a typo or formatting error? These small mistakes can detract from the overall quality of an article, which is why we believe in having a dedicated editor on our team.

Lauren A. handles all the editorial work that goes into creating our content.

She ensures that all our articles are free of typos, errors, and broken links. In addition to fixing mistakes, Lauren also works to improve the readability and flow of our content.

She formats articles in a way that is easy to digest and ensures that all sources are properly cited and credited.

Equestrian Expertise

Having equestrian experts on our team allows us to provide valuable content that goes beyond the basics. Christie J is a great example of how our team members specialize in a particular field of equine education, with her background in Dressage and extensive research in equine nutrition.

At Horse Rookie, we understand that equestrian education goes beyond just owning and riding horses. Ensuring that our team of experts covers all aspects of the equine industry allows us to provide our readers with an extensive education on how to care, understand, and work with horses more efficiently.

Supporting Team

Our supporting team of equestrian experts, freelance writers, and editors provides valuable contributions to our site. As equestrian professionals, members of our supporting team bring extensive knowledge and experience to our content, ensuring that it is both informative and accurate.

By having a diverse range of contributors, we can provide a range of perspectives on equine-related topics, which allows us to appeal to a broader audience seeking equine know-how.


We hope this article has given you a behind-the-scenes look at the team here at Horse Rookie. Our dedicated team members work tirelessly to provide informative, engaging, and exciting content to equestrians worldwide.

Our teams expertise and passion for horses sets us apart, ensuring that our content goes beyond surface level knowledge. We encourage all our readers to continue boosting their equine know-how and to keep riding those happy trails.

In summary, Horse Rookie is a dedicated and passionate team of equestrian experts, freelance writers, and editors who strive to provide a valuable and welcoming space for all equestrians. We emphasize the importance of ground manners, inclusivity, a learning attitude, and community engagement to produce content that goes beyond surface-level knowledge to improve equine know-how.

Our message is to continue learning and refining your skills in the equine world.


– What is Horse Rookie?

Horse Rookie is a platform dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for equestrians worldwide.

– What topics does Horse Rookie cover?

Horse Rookie provides content on a wide range of topics, such as ground manners, behavior, academic writing, dressage, equine nutrition, and more.

– Is Horse Rookie inclusive?

Yes, Horse Rookie prioritizes inclusivity to provide a safe space for all equestrians regardless of their experience level or background.

– Who is the team behind Horse Rookie?

The team includes founder Anja G, editor Lauren A, equestrian expert Christie J, and a supporting team of equestrian professionals, freelance writers, and editors.

– What is the message of Horse Rookie?

Horse Rookie promotes continuous learning and improvement in the equine world.

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