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Meet Jake Ream: The Real-Life Cowboy and Actor on Yellowstone

Jake Ream as a Real-Life Cowboy and Actor on Yellowstone

The American television series Yellowstone has gained immense popularity over the years for multiple reasons, one of which is its visually stunning portrayal of the wild west. The show exhibits authentic cowboy culture and horsemanship, and we have one man, in particular, to thank for creating this realistic representation.

Jake Ream, a real-life cowboy and horse trainer, has been instrumental in bringing the western way of life to the screen. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and gained a loyal fan following for his contribution to Yellowstone as an actor and a cowboy technical advisor.

Ream’s background as a cowboy and horse trainer

Jake Ream was born and raised in Wyoming, an American state known for its cowboy culture. He grew up with a profound passion for horses and spent most of his childhood learning from his father, who was also a horse trainer.

After high school, he worked as a cowboy for several years before establishing Ream Performance Horses, a horse training center, in Lander, Wyoming.

Ream’s work at Ream Performance Horses and experience with cutting horses

At Ream Performance Horses, Jake has been training horses for over 20 years. His specialty is cutting horses, which he has trained to participate in competitive events. He has worked with several clients, including professional cowboys and ranchers, who rely on his expertise to train their horses.

Ream’s introduction to Taylor Sheridan and role on Yellowstone

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, wanted the show to accurately depict cowboy culture and horsemanship. In his search for a cowboy technical advisor, he stumbled upon Jake Ream, and they quickly established a rapport.

Ream’s extensive knowledge of horses and cowboy culture made him the perfect fit for the role. Ream started working on the show as a cowboy camp coordinator, where he assists the actors in learning how to ride and work with horses.

His work on the set has been so impressive that he has been given a recurring role in the show.

Ream’s work on Cowboy Camp and on set of Yellowstone

Cowboy Camp is where the actors who are inexperienced with horses learn the basics of horsemanship from Jake and his team. Ream’s job is to ensure that the actors are comfortable with their horses and that they understand the basic commands. He teaches them how to mount, dismount, and ride safely.

On set, Ream’s primary responsibility is safety. He carefully inspects all the horses before they are used in a scene to ensure that they are fit for the job and that their tack is secure. During filming, he supervises the horses and actors to ensure they are safe and that no accidents occur.

In addition to his cowboy tech advisory duties, Ream also has a recurring role on the show. In season 2, he played the character of Jake, a ranch hand who works for the Dutton family, and in season 3, he played the character of Trip, a wrangler who works on Yellowstone Ranch.

Ream’s on-screen time and stunt performing

Jake’s on-screen presence may be a small part of the show, but his contributions are massive. In his role as a wrangler, he performs stunts, including horseback riding and fighting. He also works as a stunt double for other actors who are unable to perform the more challenging action scenes.

Ream’s work as a cowboy technical advisor and actor has made him an integral part of Yellowstone’s success. His expertise has been invaluable in bringing authenticity to the show, and his on-screen presence adds to the characters’ depth and realism.

In Conclusion

The American western drama series Yellowstone has taken the world by storm for its accurate depiction of cowboy culture and horsemanship. The show’s authenticity is attributable to Jake Ream, a real-life cowboy and horse trainer, who works as a cowboy technical advisor.

Ream’s involvement in the show ranges from teaching actors how to ride and work with horses, overseeing safety on set, to performing stunts and appearing on the show as a recurring character. His contributions have been invaluable in making Yellowstone an authentic depiction of the wild west.

Jake Ream Outside of Yellowstone

While Jake Ream’s work on Yellowstone has made him a household name among fans of the show and those who love cowboy culture, he is much more than just a cowboy technical advisor and actor. Ream’s main focus outside of the show is horse training.

He has been passionate about horses since childhood and has made a career out of training them.

Ream’s main focus on horse training

Jake Ream founded Ream Performance Horses in 2001 and has been running the business ever since. He has established himself as a cutting horse trainer, which entails training horses for competitive events. Ream’s skills as a horse trainer have earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business, and he has worked with clients from different parts of the country.

Ream’s approach to horse training is unique, as he takes into account the unique needs of each horse. He designs personalized training plans that cater to their individual needs, which ensures that the horses he trains grow and develop at their own pace. Ream’s approach has made him successful, as his horses have won several competitions across the country.

Ream’s acting career and Yellowstone as his only credit

While Jake Ream has been a horse trainer for over 20 years, he is relatively new to acting. Yellowstone is Ream’s first acting credit, and he has admitted that he never imagined himself as an actor. His work as a cowboy technical advisor on the show led to him being given a recurring role, and he has impressed audiences with his natural acting skills.

Ream has revealed that his acting experience on Yellowstone has been a valuable learning experience. He has enjoyed working with experienced actors and has picked up several acting tips, which he hopes to use in the future if he were given more roles in the entertainment industry.

Jake Ream’s potential for future acting roles

Although Jake Ream’s experience in acting is limited to his role on Yellowstone, his time on the show has shown that he has the potential to be a great actor. His work as a cowboy technical advisor has equipped him with knowledge of cowboy culture that could be useful in future acting projects.

Ream’s passion for acting has grown over the years, and he has revealed that he is open to taking on more acting opportunities in the future. He has expressed an interest in working in other genres besides westerns, stating that he is willing to take on any role that comes his way.

In addition to his willingness to take on new roles, Ream’s background as a horse trainer and cowboy technical advisor could make him ideal for roles that require knowledge of cowboy culture or horseback riding. His experience in these fields could give him a competitive edge over other actors, making him an attractive choice for filmmakers who want authentic representations of cowboy culture or horsemanship in their works.

In conclusion

Jake Ream may be known for his contributions to Yellowstone, but his career extends far beyond the entertainment industry. Ream is a highly acclaimed horse trainer who has made a name for himself in the cutting horse world.

While acting is a relatively new career path for him, his experiences on Yellowstone have opened doors for future opportunities in the entertainment industry. It is safe to say that Jake Ream’s talent and skills make him a valuable asset no matter what industry he chooses to work in.

In conclusion, Jake Ream’s contributions to Yellowstone as a cowboy technical advisor and actor have made him a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. However, his passion and skills as a horse trainer demonstrate his extensive knowledge of horsemanship and cowboy culture.

Ream’s vast experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset to the entertainment and horse training industries. A key takeaway is the importance of authenticity in the representation of different cultures and professions in media.

By working with experts like Ream, creative professionals can bring accuracy and depth to their work.


  1. What is Jake Ream’s background? Jake Ream grew up in Wyoming with a profound passion for horses, which he learned from his father, who was also a horse trainer.

  2. What is Ream Performance Horses? Ream Performance Horses is a horse training center founded by Jake Ream in Lander, Wyoming, where he trains cutting horses for his clients.

  3. What is Jake Ream’s role on Yellowstone? Jake Ream works as a cowboy technical advisor on the set of Yellowstone, where he teaches actors how to ride and work with horses, advises on horse-related scenes, and ensures safety.

  4. Is acting Jake Ream’s primary career? Jake Ream’s primary focus is horse training, and he recently entered the acting industry through his work on Yellowstone.

  5. Could Jake Ream take on more acting roles in the future? Jake Ream has expressed an interest in pursuing more acting opportunities in the future and is keen to take on new challenges and roles.

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