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Majestic Symbols: Exploring Famous Brands with a Horse Logo

Fashion and Food Brands with a Horse Logo: A Closer Look

Horses have long been an emblem of strength, power, and freedom. It is no wonder why this majestic creature has been a popular symbol for many brands from fashion to food and everything in between.

In this article, we will explore some of the most recognizable fashion and food brands, which have incorporated a horse motif into their logos, and understand the meaning behind it.

Fashion Brands with a Horse Logo

1. Hermes

Hermes is a French luxury brand that carries a rich history of equestrianism.

The brand has a long-standing association with horses, which is reflected in their iconic logo of a horse-drawn carriage. Founded in 1837, Hermes began as a harness-making company that specialized in quality leather goods specifically designed for equestrians.

In 1900, Hermes presented a saddle to the world, capturing the attention of many famous equestrians at the time. It was this saddle, crafted with great precision, that marked Hermes’ entry into the world of luxury leather goods.

Today, the brand creates a wide range of products such as handbags, fragrances, and silk scarves, but still has a strong connection to its equestrian roots. 2.


Coach is an American fashion brand known for its handbags, wallets, and other leather goods. Founded in 1941 in New York City, the brand’s logo features a horse-drawn carriage.

Like Hermes, Coach traces its origins to the world of equestrianism. The brand’s founder, Miles Cahn, was inspired by the design of baseball gloves and sought to create handbags made from the same type of high-quality leather.

He named the brand Coach and incorporated a logo of a horse-drawn carriage, symbolizing luxury and elegance. 3.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is another American brand that has incorporated a horse motif into its logo. The brand, founded in 1967, is known for its high-end clothing and accessories.

The logo features a polo rider on a horse, representing the brand’s roots in the sport of polo. Polo Ralph Lauren is a complete lifestyle brand that goes beyond clothing and includes fragrances, home decor, and accessories.

4. Burberry

Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand that has been around since 1856.

Known for its iconic trench coats, the brand’s logo features a knight on horseback. The knight represents the brand’s heritage and is inspired by the medieval history of the British Isles.

Burberry’s connection with horses goes beyond its logo, with the brand often featuring the animal in its patterns and designs. 5.


Levi’s is a well-known American jeans brand founded in 1853. The brand’s original logo featured two horses, symbolizing the strength and durability of their denim fabric.

While the brand has since updated its logo to include only the iconic red label, horses still hold a special place in the company’s history. 6.


Longchamp is a French brand known for its luxury handbags. The brand’s logo features a racehorse, inspired by the Parisian racecourse of the same name.

The brand’s founder, Jean Cassegrain, was fascinated by the elegant horses that graced the racecourse, and decided to incorporate a racehorse into the logo, reflecting the brand’s connection to French elegance and luxury.

Food and Drink Brands with a Horse Logo

1. Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier, founded in Belgium in 1926, is known for its decadent chocolates.

The brand’s logo features Lady Godiva on a white horse, who rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest her husband’s high taxes. The story of Lady Godiva has since become a symbol of courage and empowerment, which perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy of indulgence and luxury.

2. Dark Horse Wine

Dark Horse Wine is a Californian wine brand known for its affordable yet flavorful wines.

The brand’s black horse logo represents a blend of elegance and power, creating a unique brand identity that stands out from the others. 3.

Power Horse Energy Drink

Power Horse Energy Drink is an energy drink brand that originated in Austria. The brand’s black horse logo represents strength, speed, and power, much like the drink itself.

The brand’s association with horses reflects the brand’s focus on strength and vitality. 4.

White Horse Whiskey

White Horse Whiskey is a Scottish brand known for its fine whiskey. The brand’s logo features a white horse, named after the famous Scottish-born artist James Guthries painting “White Horse.” The horse represents the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity, as well as their Scottish heritage.

5. Holsten

Holsten is a German beer brand that traces its origins back to 1879.

The brand’s logo features a knight on horseback, symbolizing the brand’s focus on tradition and quality. The knight represents the brand’s chivalrous spirit and its commitment to excellence.

6. Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum is a chewing gum brand known for its colorful packaging and fruity flavors.

The brand’s logo features a zebra, which represents the brand’s exotic and tropical flavors. The zebra also serves as a handy reminder of the brand’s colorful and playful image.

In conclusion, horses are a powerful and iconic symbol that has played a part in branding across many industries. From fashion to food and drink, the use of horses in logos represents different values such as elegance, strength, and tradition.

While this may seem like a superficial attribute, a logo with a horse can stand the test of time and resonate with consumers for generations to come.

Transport and Cars Brands with a Horse Logo

Horses have long been associated with speed, power, and grace, and it’s not surprising that many car manufacturers and transportation companies have incorporated the animal into their branding. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most well-known brands from the transport and car industry that have embraced a horse logo and learn about the meaning behind each design.

1. Mustang

The Mustang is an American-made sports car that was first introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1964.

The car was an instant success and quickly became one of the most recognized American sports cars. The Mustang logo features a running mustang horse.

The horse emblem is a symbol of freedom, speed, and power, and is meant to represent the car’s sleek and sporty design. 2.


Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer that was founded in 1947. The brand’s logo depicts a black stallion, which dates back to the early years of the company when founder Enzo Ferrari established Scuderia Ferrari, a racing team.

The stallion represents strength, power, and speed, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating high-performance sports cars that are both luxurious and efficient. 3.


Porsche is a German luxury car brand that was founded in 1931. The brand’s logo features a black horse emblem, which was inspired by the city of Stuttgart’s coat of arms.

The emblem also pays homage to the brand’s equestrian roots, as the Porsche family owned a horse farm before they got into the car-making business. The horse emblem represents elegance, power, and speed, which has since become synonymous with Porsche’s sleek and sporty sports car design.

4. Mobil

Mobil is a global oil and gas company that operates in more than 100 countries.

The brand’s logo features a red Pegasus horse, an iconic symbol that dates back to the 1930s. The Pegasus represents the brand’s commitment to innovation, speed, and efficiency, highlighting the company’s focus on providing motorists with high-quality fuel and gas.

5. Continental AG

Continental AG is a German multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of tires, brake systems, and other car parts.

The company’s logo features a rearing black horse, which symbolizes power, strength, and reliability. The rearing horse design also reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, as they continue to develop innovative technologies that improve the safety and performance of vehicles on the road.

6. Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is a leading Turkish-based budget airline that operates flights across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The brand’s logo features a rearing Pegasus horse, which represents freedom and speed. The rearing horse design is meant to illustrate the airline’s commitment to providing fast, reliable, and affordable air travel, making it easier for people to explore new destinations and opportunities.

7. Carlsson

Carlsson is a German car tuning company that specializes in enhancing the performance of luxury cars.

The brand’s logo features a jumping horse, which represents the brand’s commitment to speed, agility, and power. The jumping horse design also reflects the company’s focus on customization, as they aim to provide their clients with unique and personalized car tuning solutions.

8. Kamaz

Kamaz is a Russian manufacturer of buses and trucks that has been in operation since 1976.

The brand’s logo features a fierce horse, which symbolizes strength, endurance, and reliability. The horse emblem is meant to reflect the brand’s commitment to producing durable, high-performing vehicles that can withstand the toughest of conditions, making them a top choice for commercial and industrial applications.

Sports and Entertainment Brands with a Horse Logo

Horses are a popular symbol in sports and entertainment, and many teams and companies have incorporated a horse motif into their logos. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most well-known sports and entertainment brands that have embraced a horse emblem and discover the meaning behind each design.

1. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos is a professional American football team based in Denver, Colorado.

The team’s logo features a fierce horse head, which is meant to represent strength, power, and determination. The design is a nod to the team’s identity as a fierce competitor on the field, and boasts a classic design that has become instantly recognizable throughout the world of sports.

2. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks is a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas.

The team’s logo features a white horse with the letter ‘M,’ which represents the team’s home city. The design is meant to evoke feelings of pride and loyalty, and it has become a symbol of the team’s commitment to excellence, both on and off the court.

3. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is an American comic book publisher that was founded in 1986.

The company’s logo features a Pegasus horse, which represents creativity, imagination, and inspiration. The design is meant to evoke feelings of adventure and excitement, and it has become a symbol of the brand’s commitment to innovative storytelling and quality entertainment.

4. TriStar Pictures

TriStar Pictures is an American film studio that was founded in 1982.

The studio’s logo features a Pegasus horse, which represents hope, freedom, and creativity. The design is meant to evoke feelings of excitement and anticipation, and it has become a symbol of the brand’s commitment to producing quality films that captivate audiences around the world.

In conclusion, horses have become a popular symbol for companies across a wide range of industries, from transport to sports and entertainment. The horse emblem represents different values and characteristics, including power, strength, agility, and elegance, depending on the application and context in which it is used.

As such, it has become an iconic symbol that has captured the imagination of people around the world, making it a timeless and versatile imagery that businesses and organizations continue to embrace and incorporate into their branding and marketing efforts. In conclusion, horses have become an iconic symbol in branding across various industries, including fashion, food, transport, cars, sports, and entertainment.

A horse emblem represents various characteristics, such as power, strength, agility, and elegance, depending on the context in which it is used. The takeaway is that a well-designed logo that incorporates a horse can be a powerful branding tool that reflects a company’s values, heritage, and commitment to excellence.


– Why do so many brands use a horse in their logo?

Horses represent different values, such as power, speed, and elegance, depending on the context, making it a versatile and timeless symbol that resonates with people across various industries.

– What are some examples of brands that use a horse logo?

Famous brands that use a horse logo include Hermes, Ferrari, Denver Broncos, and Mobil, among others.

– What is the meaning behind a running horse logo?

A running horse logo represents speed, power, and freedom, reflecting the design of sports cars, efficient gas stations, and budget airlines.

– Why do luxury brands prefer a horse logo?

Luxury brands prefer a horse logo as it denotes elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity, which aligns with the luxury values.

– What is the most iconic horse logo?

The most iconic horse logo is the running mustang horse logo of the Ford Mustang, symbolizing American sports cars’ power, speed, and design.

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