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Live the Montana Dream: Experience Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Experience Montana’s Quintessential Lifestyle at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Experience the quintessential Montana lifestyle at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, also known as the Chief Joseph Ranch. Nestled in the stunning Bitterroot Valley, between the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, this working guest ranch offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Montana’s countryside.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ranch and its rental cabins, as well as the various activities available to visitors. Additionally, we’ll go over the costs of staying at the ranch and how to make a reservation.

Description of the Ranch

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, also known as Chief Joseph Ranch, is a working ranch that has been operational for over a century. Set in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, this 6,000-acre property offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, the Bitterroot River, and picturesque pastures.

The main lodge serves as a gathering place for visitors, while the ranch’s luxurious cabins provide private and cozy accommodations. The cabins have been lovingly renovated to maintain their historical charm while including modern amenities for guests.

The barns on the property have also been refurbished into unique event spaces, providing a glimpse into an authentic Montana ranching lifestyle.

Rental Cabins

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch has an array of cabins to fit visitors’ unique preferences and needs.

  • The Fisherman Cabin is perfect for those seeking to enjoy the outdoors. This cabin accommodates two guests and has a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a beautiful porch with stunning views of the Bitterroot River.
  • The Lee Dutton Cabin is another popular option. This cozy cabin accommodates up to six guests and is named after the beloved character of Lee Dutton from the popular TV series, “Yellowstone.” The cabin features a fully equipped kitchen, a charming living area, and stylish decor that exudes Montana’s rugged elegance.
  • The Ben Cook Cabin is named after a legendary local cowboy who worked on the ranch. This two-story cabin is perfect for larger groups and can accommodate up to ten guests. The cabin features a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living area, and breathtaking views of the valley and mountains.
  • The Rips Cabin is another popular option, located closest to the main lodge and accommodating up to eight guests. This cabin has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a comfortable living area perfect for gatherings.

The rental prices for the cabins vary based on the cabin size and included amenities. Rentals range from $350 to $1,200 per night, and the price typically includes a minimum stay of three to seven nights.

Additional guests beyond the listed number can incur an additional fee.

Activities at the Ranch

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch offers a wide variety of activities.

  • Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the Bitterroot River, renowned for its excellent trout fishing.
  • Guided tours of the ranch are also available for guests who want to experience authentic cowboy living. For example, visitors can take a horseback ride through the exquisite pastures and enjoy Montana’s natural beauty.
  • The ranch is also a perfect site for events like weddings, retreats, and corporate events. Often, visitors get to see cattle drives, working cattle dogs, and horses grazing, providing a glimpse into the daily workings of a Montana ranch.

Cabin Rental Prices

Rental prices for Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s cabins range from $350 to $1,200 per night, and the price usually includes a minimum stay of three to seven nights. The prices vary depending on the cabin type, season, and number of guests.

Additional guests beyond the listed number can incur an additional fee. When planning your stay, it’s essential to factor in the cost of meals and activities into your budget.

Booking Requirements

To make a reservation at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, visitors can visit the ranch’s official website or call the reservation line. When making a reservation, it’s important to note that the lodge is not available for rent.

Additionally, during filming of the popular show, “Yellowstone,” the ranch is not open for reservations. Be sure to book well in advance to secure your desired cabin and dates.

Lodge Availability

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s lodge is a private home and is not available for rent. However, the lodge serves as a gathering place for guests and has ample space for visitors to hang out and relax while enjoying the beautiful Montana scenery.

Explore the Iconic “Yellowstone” Dutton Ranch

If you’re a fan of the popular television series “Yellowstone” or are seeking an inside look at Montana’s ranch lifestyle, a tour of the Chief Joseph Ranch, the iconic Dutton Ranch of the show’s setting, is a must-see! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the availability of tours and the famous Dutton Ranch sign, both guaranteed to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Tour Availability

The Chief Joseph Ranch offers tours for its guests as a way to enhance their stay and provide an in-depth look at the history of the ranch. Tours are available to guests of the cabins and lodges, and visitors can add it as an additional activity during their stay.

The tours run for a few hours and typically take place in the morning, so ensure you plan your schedule accordingly. Reservations are required for tours, and guests can either book via the ranch’s official website or call their reservation line.

All tours are conducted by experienced ranch staff with deep roots in Montana’s cowboy heritage. These knowledgeable locals can provide a wealth of information about the ranch’s history while answering questions on the go, making the tour personal and interactive.

As with any outdoor tour in rural areas, visitors should always dress appropriately (sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing) and bring sun protection. It’s essential to note that the tours are currently only available to guests staying at the ranch.

If you’re not a guest, you’ll have to find alternative ways to enjoy the beauty of the ranch, such as through hiking trails, exploring nearby attractions or even booking a stay in Yellowstone National Park.

Dutton Ranch Sign

Possibly one of the most iconic parts of the “Yellowstone” show is the entrance to the Dutton Ranch, with the distinct yellow arches and a memorable slogan (“They own this land”). Visitors to the Chief Joseph Ranch can recreate the famous scene by taking a photo opportunity in front of the Dutton Ranch sign, a replica of the original seen in the show.

However, visitors should note that if they’re hopeful to see the Dutton Ranch sign during their visit, the availability is limited. The sign is protected and often removed during the show’s filming as a measure to avoid potential security issues and spoilers.

Nevertheless, guests still have the opportunity to take photos of the ranch entrance, which boasts stunning views of the Bitterroot Valley. As previously mentioned, the Dutton Ranch sign is a photo opportunity and reminder of the show’s influence in Montana.

It’s critical to acknowledge that the ranch is a working ranch, with real-life cowboys and ranchers going about their daily routines. Visitors should always respect the ranch’s policies and the privacy of the cast and crew during filming periods.


In conclusion, the Chief Joseph Ranch truly is an iconic destination for fans of “Yellowstone” and Montana lifestyle. By taking a tour of the ranch, guests can gain a deeper appreciation of Montana’s heritage and the ranch’s role in the state’s history.

And who wouldn’t want a photo in front of the famous Dutton Ranch sign? Visitors should remember to book their tours in advance, dress appropriately, and to keep in mind that the ranch operates as a working ranch with its own set of procedures designed to preserve its history and authentic Montana experience.

In conclusion, Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and Chief Joseph Ranch offer a unique experience in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the state’s cowboy heritage while enjoying luxurious cabin accommodations, fishing, guided tours, and picturesque scenery. Tours of the ranch are only available to guests of the cabins and lodges, and reservations are required.

Guests are encouraged to dress appropriately and be aware that the Dutton Ranch sign is frequently removed during filming to maintain operational security.


  • What are the cabin rental prices at Dutton Ranch? Cabin rental prices range from $350 to $1,200 per night.
  • Can non-guests go on tours of the ranch? Unfortunately, tours are only available to guests staying at the ranch.
  • Is the Dutton Ranch sign available for photos? The sign is frequently removed during filming, and access may be limited.

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