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Hailey Kinsel: A Journey of Grit and World Championships

Hailey Kinsel: An Inspirational Journey of Victory and Triumph

The world of rodeo is a place where determination, skill, and grit collide, and no one embodies that spirit more than Hailey Kinsel. Born and raised in Cotulla, Texas, Kinsel progressed from a homeschooled young girl with a passion for barrel racing to a world-renowned rodeo performer with a rsum full of titles and awards.

Early Life and Start in Rodeo

Kinsel’s upbringing was steeped in the rodeo world thanks to her mother, Leslie Kinsel, who had been crowned Miss Rodeo Texas in 1986. From the age of four, she began participating in various rodeo events, and by the time she was six, she found herself competing in junior rodeos across Texas.

Becoming a Professional Rider

In 2015, Kinsel joined the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), and in 2016, she was named the WPRA Rookie of the Year. Over the course of the next few years, Kinsel’s star continued to rise in the rodeo world as she qualified for prestigious events such as the 2017 American Rodeo and the National Finals Rodeo.

Winning Major Titles

Kinsel’s meteoric rise culminated in a series of impressive victories, including being crowned the NFR Champion in 2018 and earning the RAM Top Gun award that same year. In 2019, Kinsel won back-to-back championship titles at the American Rodeo and the World Championship, and she finished second in the world standings that year.

Kinsel’s Horses

Kinsel has built a partnership with several horses throughout her career – these equine athletes, like their human rider, are also superstars in the rodeo scene. Her first horse Sister was pivotal in Kinsel’s early career and even helped her win her first NFR Reserve World Barrel Racing title in 2017.

TJ and Jules are two other horses that have played a significant role in Kinsel’s success, while Josey has been with her since 2019. Kinsel’s Accomplishments by Year

2017 – Kinsel’s remarkable performances in the American Rodeo saw her take home her first prize in this event.

She also qualified for the NFR and was a Reserve World Barrel Racing Champion that year. 2018 – This year was a memorable one for Kinsel as she won the World Barrel Racing Championship, setting a new arena record at the NFR.

She also mentioned that growing up, she admired iconic rodeo stars like Charmayne James and Taylor Jacob, whom she now calls friends. 2019 – Kinsel stood tall, keeping hold of her titles at The American and the World Championships.

This year, Kinsel won the Calgary Stampede competition and finished the year in second place in the world standings!

2020 – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinsel still managed to bag some significant wins, including her third World Barrel Racing Championship title and the NFR Average Title. She also secured the coveted RAM Top Gun award.

2021 – Kinsel started off the year with a bang, winning her third American Rodeo title in a row. She also currently leads the world standings in barrel racing and is no stranger to making breaking records.

In Conclusion

Hailey Kinsel’s road to fame has been one filled with bravery, hard work, and unyielding determination, making her an inspiration to young rodeo fans worldwide. Her unwavering spirit and love for rodeo continue to fuel her success, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this remarkable athlete.

Hailey Kinsel: A Woman of Many Talents

Hailey Kinsel’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and a steadfast dedication to the sport of rodeo. Along with her impressive accomplishments in the arena, there are also other aspects of her life that have contributed to her success.

From her education to her personal life and future goals, here are some other facts about Hailey Kinsel.

Gymnastics and Education

Though Kinsel’s love for rodeo was evident from a young age, she also excelled in other sports, including gymnastics, which she practiced up until age 13. Being homeschooled enabled her to have a flexible schedule that allowed her to pursue both her athletic and academic interests.

Kinsel later went on to earn a degree in Agriculture Economics from Texas A&M University.

Marriage and Faith

Kinsel found love off the rodeo arena with her husband, Jess Lockwood, a professional bull rider and two-time PBR world champion. Kinsel and Lockwood first met in their hometown of Volborg, Montana, and the couple married in 2019.

They share a strong faith in God, and Kinsel has credited her religious beliefs with getting her through challenging moments in her career.

Career Earnings and Heroes

Kinsel’s hard work and talent have paid off over the years, both in the rodeo arena and financially. As of June 2021, Kinsel has earned over $1.5 million in her career, ranking her in the top 50 all-time earnings for rodeo barrel racing.

Her heroes of the sport include fellow competitors Lisa Lockhart and Sherry Cervi, whom she trained with early in her career.

Sponsorships and Long-Term Goals

Kinsel’s strong work ethic and success on the rodeo circuit have also landed her sponsorship deals with major companies such as Purina Mills and YETI. In addition to her rodeo career, Kinsel has ambitions to establish a horse breeding and training operation, reflecting her deep passion and connection to her equine partners.

Through her accomplishments and determination, Hailey Kinsel has become an inspiration to many, both inside and outside of the rodeo world. With her focus on family, faith, and her future goals, Kinsel’s journey is set to continue inspiring for years to come.

Hailey Kinsel is a rodeo star whose dedication, grit, and hard work has culminated in many major accomplishments throughout her career. She has won three world titles and three American Rodeo titles, earning her place as one of the top barrel racers in the world.

Kinsel’s journey through the rodeo scene has also given her a well-rounded and diverse range of experiences, from her gymnastic background to her academic achievements to her strong faith and married life. By showcasing her work ethic, determination, and values, Kinsel embodies the true spirit of discipline and dedication needed to succeed in any endeavor.


1. What is Hailey Kinsel’s background?

Hailey Kinsel is a rodeo athlete from Cotulla, Texas, who has been competing in barrel racing since childhood. 2.

How many championships has Hailey Kinsel won so far? Kinsel has won three world championships and three American Rodeo championships.

3. What are Kinsel’s future goals?

Kinsel hopes to establish a horse breeding and training operation, reflecting her passion for these animals. 4.

Who are some of Kinsel’s rodeo heroes? Kinsel draws inspiration from fellow competitors Lisa Lockhart and Sherry Cervi, whom she trained with early in her career.

5. What is Kinsel’s educational background?

Hailey Kinsel earned a degree in Agriculture Economics from Texas A&M University while pursuing her rodeo career. 6.

Does Kinsel have any sponsorships? Kinsel has sponsorship deals with major companies such as Purina Mills and YETI.

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