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Get Your Horse Fix: From Volunteering to Horse Jobs and Persistence

Ways to Get Your Horse Fix Without Horse Ownership

As equestrians, we know that owning a horse can be an expensive and time-consuming habit. But what if you cant afford to buy a horse?

Or if you dont have the time to commit to horse ownership? Dont worrythere are plenty of ways to get your horse fix without horse ownership.


Equine-related volunteering is one of the best ways to get your horse fix without owning one. Horse rescues and therapeutic programs are always looking for volunteers to help with the care of their animals.

You can also volunteer at barns and equestrian organizations to gain experience and ride horses.

Get a Horse Job

If youre looking for a way to earn some extra income and get your horse fix at the same time, consider getting a horse job. You can clean stalls, work as a groom, help train horses, braid manes, give horse massages, or provide extra help at horse shows.

You can also look into leasing or horse share programs, where you can ride and care for a horse without the full responsibility of ownership.

Take Lessons

Riding lessons are a great way to progress as a rider and get your horse fix without owning a horse. Find a reputable instructor who can help you improve your skills and learn more about horsemanship.

Taking riding lessons also gives you the chance to ride different horses and learn more about their care and handling.

Make Friends with Horse People

Making friends with horse owners is another way to get your horse fix. Offer to help them exercise their horses or provide assistance with their care.

Make sure to establish trust and show that you are reliable, so that they will be willing to let you ride and spend time with their horses.

Financial Struggles of Horse Ownership

For many of us, owning a horse is a dream come true. However, it can also be an expensive and financially challenging endeavor.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, there are some steps you can take to ease the burden of horse ownership.

Learn Before Buying a Horse

Before you buy a horse, it’s important to educate yourself about the cost and commitment of horse ownership. You can find helpful guides on Amazon or seek advice from experienced horse owners.

Make sure that you understand the financial implications of owning a horse, including feed, veterinary care, and boarding.

Equestrian Side Hustles

If you are struggling to afford the cost of horse ownership, consider taking on a few equestrian side hustles to boost your monthly income. You can offer your services as a riding instructor, provide horse grooming or braiding services, or sell horse-related products online.

Even small side hustles can make a big difference in your financial situation.

Knowing the Cost of Owning a Horse

To better understand the true cost of owning a horse, its important to keep track of your monthly expenses. You can create a cost analysis spreadsheet or use tools such as Horse Rookie to track your expenses.

This will help you identify areas where you can cut costs and work to create a more sustainable budget.

Ways to Save Money on Horse Ownership or Expenses

There are many ways to save money on horse ownership or expenses. Here are some tips to help you manage your finances:

– Buy hay and feed in bulk to save money on recurring expenses.

– Consider sharing boarding costs with other horse owners or using a co-op facility. – Purchase used or refurbished tack and equipment to save money on initial costs.

– Learn to provide basic veterinary care, such as vaccinations and wound care, on your own. – Participate in local horse shows or events to earn prize money or discounts on boarding or supplies.

In conclusion, owning a horse can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but its important to understand the financial implications and commitment involved before taking on the responsibility. If you can’t afford to own a horse, there are still plenty of ways to get your horse fix through volunteering, horse jobs, lessons, and making friends with horse owners.

If you are struggling financially, consider taking on equestrian side hustles, tracking your expenses, and finding ways to save money on horse ownership or expenses. With some careful planning and smart budgeting, you can still enjoy the joys of horses without breaking the bank.

Volunteering in the Equine Industry

If you are passionate about horses and want to make a difference in the equine industry, consider volunteering. The possibilities are virtually endless, and there are many opportunities available to help others in the industry.

From horse shows to horse rescues and therapeutic programs, barns, and opportunities to ride horses, the options are abundant. As equestrians, we all understand the healing power of horses, and volunteering is a great way to give back to these amazing animals.

Benefits of


Volunteering in the equine industry is a transformative experience that can help people in many ways. It can be used as a healing tool for individuals who need to experience a sense of purpose and connection in their lives.

For young people, volunteering with horses is an excellent opportunity to gain experience for college applications and rsums.

Volunteering provides individuals with quality horse time while also offering a valuable opportunity to learn observation skills and make useful connections in the equestrian industry.



Show volunteering is an excellent way for experienced equestrians and newcomers alike to become involved in the equestrian industry. Show organizers rely on volunteers to assist with various tasks, such as setting up and dismantling, course walking, timing, and even working at the merchandise booths.

Being a reliable volunteer in these tasks can provide several benefits such as free food, goodies, and networking opportunities. Rescue/Hippotherapy Programs


Volunteering at horse rescues and hippotherapy therapeutic programs can be a rewarding experience as well. It’s an opportunity to help animals and improve human lives through the transformative experiences of horsemanship.

Volunteers can help with various tasks such as horse training, grooming, and assisting with riding lessons for participants in the program. Being a part of these programs can also lead to valuable personal and career connections.

Horse Jobs and Side Hustles

If you love horses and need to put more money in your pockets, horse jobs and side hustles are the perfect solution. From cleaning stalls and working as a groom to helping to train horses, braid manes, and give horse massages, there are many opportunities available in this industry.

You can also work at a local tack store on the weekends or find job postings on platforms like Craigslist, Facebook, or equestrian jobs websites to explore more work possibilities.

Types of Horse Jobs

There are many types of paid work available in the equine industry. If you enjoy working with horses directly, look for jobs like stall cleaning, grooming, or horse training.

If you are a fantastic braider or enjoy working with your hands, consider offering your braiding services alongside shows or for individual clients. Horse massage is also an excellent side hustle opportunity.

Part-time jobs in local tack stores or retail shops catering to the equestrian industry can lead to new connections and contacts. There are endless possibilities once you put your mind to it.

Horse Lease and Share

Leasing or sharing a horse is an excellent way for horse lovers looking to do more for less. Horse care costs can be quite high, and starting with a lease agreement or sharing expenses with another horse lover can help to lower the expenses.

This option allows for the opportunity to ride and care for a higher-quality horse than you may otherwise be able to afford. Leasing arrangements can also allow riders to compete without the expense of horse ownership.

Horse Loan

A horse loan involves a time-limited agreement where you get to take care of a horse, have quality horse time, and exercise a horse without the commitment to horse ownership. A horse loan is an excellent way to have the horse around for a few months without the entire expenses of proper horse care.

A caveat with the loan system is that the horse is still owned by the lender and that the borrower is merely borrowing the horse for a short period. In conclusion, volunteering and getting a horse job or side hustle are all excellent ways of getting involved in the equestrian industry without necessarily having to bear the high cost of horse ownership.

Volunteering provides impactful experiences and excellent connections, while horse jobs and side hustles offer equestrians the opportunity to earn money doing what they love. Leasing or sharing a horse, and horse loans can also help keep expenses in check while providing quality horse care and time.

Not Now Doesn’t Mean Not Ever

When it comes to horse ownership, sometimes the plan you have in your head doesn’t work out. It’s easy to get discouraged and write off your dreams of horse ownership, but just because it’s not possible right now, doesn’t mean it’s not possible ever.

By preparing yourself and persevering, you can eventually achieve your equestrian goals and ride to victory.

Importance of Planning

The process of preparing and planning takes time – often years or even decades- especially when it comes to purchasing your first horse. But planning can also make the difference between just owning a horse that you may have to give away soon or achieving long-term ownership.

When you plan things like your financials, finding the right barn or even the right horse can happen with ease. You’ll be better informed and mentally equipped, and you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.


When it comes to realizing your dreams of horse ownership, persistence is key. Dont give up because the journey to horse ownership takes time, dedication, and hard work.

Don’t let setbacks or roadblocks dissuade you from pursuing your passion for horses. Instead, use them as opportunities to learn, grow, and work harder to achieve your goals.

Whether that means taking extra riding lessons to improve your skills or taking on a side hustle to save up for horse ownership, every step you take is a step closer to realizing your dream. The journey to horse ownership can be both long and difficult, but it’s essential to remember not to give up on your goals.

You may face numerous obstacles, and the journey may seem like a never-ending uphill battle. But with proper planning and persistence, you can slowly and surely work towards your dream of horse ownership.

The planning process should start with setting your goals and identifying the resources you need to achieve them. You may be saving up for a certain amount of money to purchase your first horse or finding the right barn to board your horse.

These plans will help guide your path over time. At times it might be tempting to put everything aside and give up on your dream of horse ownership.

It can be tough to keep up the patience when you are not seeing progress soon enough. When it gets challenging, think of ways to stay connected to the horses and the equestrian community.

Volunteer at an equine facility or explore various side hustles to earn valuable horse care skills while earning extra income. Even conducting online research or watching videos of equestrian events can keep you engaged.

Persistence is taking action when things get tough, feeling exhausted, and maybe even feeling like it’s never going to work out. It’s about not giving up when things don’t go as planned and continuing to work towards your goal, even when that seems impossible.

When you work at it consistently, every step you take can bring you closer to the goal of horse ownership. In conclusion, don’t give up on your dreams of horse ownership just because it’s not possible right now.

Instead, take the time to plan and keep persevering. Keep your passion for horses alive by staying active in the equestrian community by exploring different volunteering opportunities, various side hustle options, and staying informed about the latest equestrian trends.

With proper planning and persistence, horse ownership can be yours to achieve and enjoy in the long term. In this article, we explore different ways to get your horse fix without owning a horse and how to overcome financial barriers to horse ownership.

We also discuss the importance of planning and persistence in achieving your goals of horse ownership. To summarize the article’s main points, we emphasize that just because it’s not possible to own a horse right now does not mean it’s not possible ever.

With proper planning, volunteering, and persistence, anyone can achieve their dreams of horse ownership. A major takeaway from the article is that the journey to horse ownership takes time and effort, but it’s essential not to give up on your goals.


Q: Are there ways to get your horse fix without owning a horse? A: Yes, there are various ways such as volunteering, taking lessons, getting a horse job, and making friends with horse people.

Q: How can I prepare for horse ownership? A: Planning is crucial for preparing for horse ownership.

Some of the things to consider include finances, finding the right barn, and identifying the resources needed. Q: How can I overcome financial barriers to horse ownership?

A: Consider taking on a part-time job, leasing or sharing a horse, or finding ways to save on horse care expenses. Q: What is the importance of persistence in achieving your horse ownership goals?


Persistence means not giving up on your dreams, even when things get tough, and working consistently towards your goal. Q: How can volunteering in the equine industry be beneficial?


Volunteering can be beneficial by providing valuable experience, connections, and the opportunity to contribute to the equestrian community. Q: Why is planning essential in achieving your goals of horse ownership?

A: Planning can make the difference between successfully owning a horse and falling short of achieving that goal. Not having a plan can be costly and bias to own a horse that is not the right fit.

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