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Fun and Educational Horse Activities and Lessons for Enthusiasts

Horse riding is a fantastic sport that requires skill, precision, and technique. There are endless riding disciplines to choose from, each with their own set of unique challenges and exciting experiences.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular mounted games and advanced riding ideas, breaking down the skills and techniques required to succeed in each discipline.

Mounted Games

Mounted games are an exciting and fast-paced equestrian sport that involves a variety of skills, such as timing, speed, accuracy, and balance. Here are some popular mounted games.

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is a popular playground game that has been adapted for horseback riding. In this game, the judge calls out red light or green light, and riders have to stop their horse instantly on a “red light” command.

The game continues until the last rider remaining in the game is declared as the winner. To excel in this game, your horse must respond to your halt cues instantly.

Practice halting on command and use verbal or physical cues to ensure that your horse is always alert and responsive.

Musical Ground Poles

Musical Ground Poles involves riding your horse over ground poles laid out in a straight line with music playing in the background. Each time the music stops, riders must halt their horses over a pole.

The last rider to halt their horse or who fails to halt their horse over a pole is eliminated. To win this game, you need to maintain your horse’s rhythm while also focusing on slowing down before halting over a pole.

Practice maintaining rhythm and halting at precise locations to improve your chances of winning this game.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is another exciting mounted game that involves riders following a leader through a series of challenging maneuvers and gait changes. The leader must demonstrate various riding maneuvers, and all riders must follow the same path.

To excel in this game, you need to be able to execute riding maneuvers and gait changes with precision and finesse while staying in sync with the leader.

Egg and Spoon Race


Egg and Spoon Race is a relay race where riders must carry a glass of water on a spoon while galloping on their horse. The rider who finishes the race first without dropping their egg wins.

To win this game, you need to maintain your balance on the horse while carrying a fragile glass of water on a spoon. Practice your balance on the horse and build your hand-eye coordination to increase your chances of winning this game.

Advanced Riding Ideas

If you’ve mastered the basics of riding, you can challenge yourself with advanced riding ideas. These disciplines require more complex skills and techniques and are great for riders who are looking to push their limits.

Drill Team

Drill Team involves executing intricate patterns and maneuvers with a group of riders. It requires precise timing, coordination, and attention to detail.

To excel in this discipline, riders must be able to execute precise patterns and figure-eight maneuvers while staying in sync with other riders.

Chase Me Charlie

Chase Me Charlie is a jumping competition where riders must jump a single jump, and the obstacle height is increased after each round. The last rider remaining is declared the winner.

To excel in this game, riders must have the ability to jump at higher heights while maintaining their form and balance.

Barrel Race


Barrel Race involves racing your horse around a set of barrels in a specific pattern. The rider who completes the race course in the shortest time possible wins.

To excel in this discipline, riders must be able to maintain their speed and balance while navigating around the barrels in an efficient manner.

Ride a Pattern

Riding a pattern involves completing a set pattern of maneuvers, with specific transitions and gait changes. This discipline requires precision and attention to detail.

To excel in this discipline, riders must be able to execute precise transitions and maintain a consistent rhythm throughout the pattern. In conclusion, mounted games and advanced riding ideas are excellent ways for riders to challenge themselves and improve their skills.

These disciplines require a combination of technical ability, finesse, and coordination, making them exciting and rewarding to master. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s always a new challenge to take on in the world of horse riding.

Horse enthusiasts know that there’s nothing like spending time with these majestic animals, but there are times when people can’t ride. Perhaps it’s the winter season, and it’s too cold outside, or one doesn’t have access to horses.

However, this doesn’t mean the horseless have to miss out on the fun. The good news is that there are still plenty of horse-related activities to enjoy, even without a horse.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best activities for horse lovers who don’t have access to horses.

Horses In-Hand

Horses in-hand is an excellent way to interact with horses on the ground, teaching horses skills, and testing your horsemanship abilities. Here are some fun in-hand activities you can enjoy.

Lead a Horse Through an Obstacle Course

Leading a horse through an obstacle course can help improve your horse-handling skills while also providing some fun entertainment. The course may include obstacles such as opening and closing gates, weaving through poles, stepping over logs, or walking on a tarp or bridge.

To excel in this activity, you must learn to communicate with your horse effectively, indicating the best path to take to complete the course.

Mounted Obstacle Course

Mounted obstacle courses are a popular activity for riders and provide an alternative to mounted games if you don’t have access to horses. The courses feature obstacles like jumps, ground poles, barrels, and cones.

To set up an obstacle course, use items like cones, jump standards, and poles to create the course layout. The course can be made more complex by setting up different combinations of obstacles or adding in time limits.

Around the World

Around the World is an excellent activity for learning horsemanship as it requires precision and accuracy. It involves leading the horse to turn around in circles while a ground spotter ensures safety and gives feedback on the horse’s performance.

To excel in this activity, it’s essential to maintain control of the horse and use body language effectively as you lead the horse.

Bob for Apples

Bobbing for apples is a timeless game, perfect for both riders and non-riders. For this game, fill a pool with water and add several apples.

Then, encourage your guests to take turns bobbing for apples on a horse or pony. The game helps your horse learn patience and can be a fun, bonding experience for horse and rider.

No Horses? No Problem.

Just because you don’t have a horse doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy horse-related activities. Here are some activities for horse enthusiasts without horses.

Easy Crafts

There are many easy horse-related crafts to do such as picture frames, horseshoe decoration or tie-dye T-shirts. Choose a craft that you enjoy and have fun making it.

Horse Trivia

Horse trivia is a fun and educational activity for people who love horses. Create flashcards, or play a Jeopardy-style game.

Include categories like horse breeds, horse anatomy, and famous horses. What is this?

Improve your horse knowledge by playing a game of tack identification. Collect pictures of horse-related items like bits, halters, saddles, and bridles, print them out, and then play a guessing game while assessing the picture.

What Doesn’t Belong? Playing a game of what doesn’t belong requires keen observation skills.

Collect pictures of horse-related items that may have one object that is not related to the others. Have fun playing the game by identifying what doesn’t belong.


These horse-related activities are great fun for horse enthusiasts. Whether you have access to horses or not, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do with or about horses.

Try these activities out to increase your horse knowledge or refine your horsemanship skills. Overall, it’s a perfect opportunity to connect with horses and other horse enthusiasts on another level, creating closer and more meaningful relationships with the animals and people alike.

For horse enthusiasts, constant learning is critical to becoming a proficient equestrian. From veterinary care to understanding different horse breeds or recognizing grooming tools, learning about horse care enhances horsemanship skills while ensuring a long and healthy life for beloved horses.

In this article, we will explore two exciting and hands-on educational lessons.

Educational Lessons

Educational horse lessons are an excellent way to improve horsemanship skills, equine knowledge base, and enrich the riding experience. Here are some exciting educational lessons to try:

Lesson Binder

A lesson binder is a must-have for every horse enthusiast. It is an organized, comprehensive, and personalized binder containing information on the horse’s care, nutrition, health issues, and breed information.

A lesson binder can be tailored to individual horse care needs, making it a unique and invaluable tool. To create a lesson binder, use dividers to separate topics such as veterinary care, healthcare, nutrition, and breed information.

Include information on equine anatomy, lunge line exercises, and any medications. Additionally, include horse-related events, schedules, and lesson plans.

Incorporating a lesson binder into horse care means that you have all the critical information about your horse in one place; it becomes easy to share with barn staff, trainers, veterinarians, and others responsible for horse care.

Blindfolded Challenges

Blindfolded challenges are an excellent way to test horse enthusiasts’ knowledge of equine care. The challenge involves blindfolding participants and providing them with a task that mainly relies on touch, taste, or smell, with a time limit.

Some examples of blindfolded challenges include:

Tack Assembly

In this challenge, participants assemble different horse tack while blindfolded. The person with the most accurate and complete assembly wins the challenge.

Grooming Tool Identification

In this challenge, participants identify grooming tools by touch or smell. To add more complexity, the same grooming tool may have a different scent or texture.

Taste Test

In this challenge, participants taste-test different forms of horse feed and try to identify different grains, flavors, and textures. For more difficulty, add different herbs, supplements, and medicines.

Blindfolded Challenges enhance the participants’ equine knowledge, which is important for both beginners and seasoned riders.


Horse care necessitates continuous learning and growth as horse enthusiasts strive to improve their equine knowledge. Education is a key factor in developing safe, effective, and compassionate horse owners and riders.

Lesson binders provide a consolidated and personalized tool to learn, track, and manage horse care. Blindfolded challenges can be a fun way to test and improve horsemanship skills by relying mainly on touch, taste, or smell.

In conclusion, education plays a significant role in developing strong, informed, and competent horse enthusiasts, and these lessons can be an engaging and unique way to acquire knowledge and develop new skills. In this article, we explored different horse-related activities and lessons that are great for horse lovers.

Whether you have access to horses or not, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do with horses. Our discussion covered horse-related games and educational lessons such as mounted and in-hand activities, lesson binders, and blindfolded challenges.

These lessons are unique and interactive ways to learn more about horses, improve horsemanship skills and enrich the riding experience. Horses are majestic animals, and learning about their care and wellbeing is essential for any equestrian.


-What is a lesson binder, and why is it important to own one? A lesson binder is a comprehensive and organized record-keeping tool that contains information on horse care, nutrition, health issues, and breed information.

It is essential to have one as it creates a personalized reference to keep track of your horse’s health records and create a plan to meet your horse’s specific needs. -Why are horse-related games and activities important for horse owners?

Horse-related games and activities provide a fun and interactive way of learning more about horses while developing and improving horsemanship skills, improving knowledge of different breeds, and horse care techniques. -What are blindfolded challenges?

Blindfolded challenges test participants’ knowledge of equine care by blindfolding participants and providing them with a task that mainly relies on touch, taste, or smell. -What are some examples of mounted and in-hand activities?

Mounted and in-hand activities are ridden and non-ridden horse activities that include obstacle courses, musical poles, figure-eight maneuvers, and leading horses through weaving poles or opening and closing gates.

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