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From Dressage to Modeling: The Rise of Equestrian Influencer Matt Harnacke

Matt Harnacke’s Career and Rise on Social Media

In recent years, the world of social media has given birth to a new breed of celebrity: influencers. Among these stars is the equestrian influencer Matt Harnacke, who has risen to fame through his fashion modeling, dressage riding, and content creation.

In this article, we will discuss his career, social media success, and tips for future influencers. Matt’s Background and Early Years

Before his rise to social media stardom, Matt had a love for horses that began in his early childhood.

Growing up in Germany, Matt started riding horses when he was just six years old. As he grew older, his passion for horses turned into equestrian competitions, specifically dressage riding.

As a dressage rider, Matt took part in several national competitions, and with time, he climbed his way up to international tournaments. By the time he became a young adult, he had already become one of the prominent riders in Germany.

Matt’s Social Media Success

While Matt was excelling in the equestrian world, he found another passion in fashion modeling. When he began sharing pictures of his unique style on Instagram around 2015, things began to take a turn for his career.

Soon enough, Matt’s followers grew to thousands and thousands of followers, and brands began to notice his stunning editorial-style photographs. In no time, he was getting sponsorships from top fashion and sporting brands, eventually allowing him to focus entirely on his social media presence.

Matt’s Tips for Future Influencers

For aspiring influencers, Matt shares his thoughts on what it takes to succeed on social media. According to him, one must embrace their uniqueness and not try to mimic anyone else’s style.

Consistency is also essential, as this builds a following and creates a brand that people can recognize. Another aspect that is vital for success on social media is camera presence.

Matt suggests investing in good cameras and learning how to take high-quality photographs. Last but not least, he notes that luck and opportunity do play a part in one’s social media success.

However, one must work hard and be open to new opportunities to make the most of them. Matt’s Passion for Dressage

In addition to his fashion-content creation, Matt is an accomplished dressage rider.

Dressage is an equestrian discipline that involves the practice of precise, graceful horse movements. Matt has a particular love for it, and his competitive aspirations have played a significant role in his success.

Matt’s Love for Dressage and Competitive Aspirations

For Matt, dressage is more than just a sport he enjoys. He sees it as an art, one that requires a special connection and trust between horse and rider.

He also notes that the Grand Prix dressage competitions require a lot of work and dedication due to the high level of excellence he must maintain. Matt’s Perfectionism and Preparation in Competing

As a dressage rider, Matt understands that preparation is key to performing at his best.

Before competing, Matt ensures that his horse is suitably attired, with clean and well-plaited tack, so his horse is comfortable and in top form. In conclusion, Matt Harnacke’s career as an influencer and his success in the dressage world have shown the importance of hard work, consistency, and dedication.

Matt’s tips for future influencers and his love for dressage can inspire anyone, regardless of their interests. One thing is for sure: Matt Harnacke is someone who understands the value of passion and determination.

Matt Harnacke’s Horses

When it comes to the equestrian world, horses play a significant role in a rider’s success. Matt Harnacke is no exception, with his love for horses proving fundamental to his love for dressage and his social media presence.

In this article, we will discuss Matt’s horses, his priorities in horse care, and his horses’ Matt’s Horses

Matt has four primary horses, each with their own unique personalities and characteristics. His horses are Chase, Emporio, Bear, and Sureno.

Chase is a chestnut warmblood, and Emporio is a gray PRE stallion. Bear is an American Miniature, and Sureno is a light gray PRE stallion.

Although each horse is different, all four animals play an essential role in Matt’s career and day-to-day life. Matt’s Priorities in Horse Care

As someone who deeply cares about horses, Matt’s priority is always the welfare of his animals.

Whenever he decides to get a new horse, he ensures that it is compatible with his ride and has a good temperament. This is because, in his opinion, a successful partnership between horse and rider requires a good character and a strong bond.

Matt believes that horse care should also extend beyond the stable and be implemented every day. This includes feeding and exercising them regularly and ensuring that their medical needs are met by visiting the vet when necessary.

Matt’s Horses and Their Personalities

Chase is Matt’s most promising horse, and he has high hopes for this chestnut warmblood. Chase is a talented horse, with a natural ability to perform balanced flying changes, which is essential for higher-level dressage maneuvers.

Chase is an excellent example of how a horse’s talent can make a significant difference in the dressage world. Emporio is the horse that Matt is currently competing on and has a particular fondness for.

Despite his size and strength, Emporio has a gentle and playful personality. He loves to be pampered and likes to show off his moves when showing off.

Despite being the smallest of the bunch, Matt’s American Miniature, Bear, has a massive personality. He is strong-willed, and as such, he requires a patient handler.

Although Matt does not ride Bear, this small horse nevertheless plays a significant role in his life. Finally, there is Sureno, Matt’s light gray PRE stallion.

This horse is particularly striking, with its beautiful mane and tail. He is known for his charm and is the perfect example of the powerful bond that can exist between a rider and his horse.

Matt Harnacke’s Challenges and Positive Experiences as an Influencer

As an influencer, Matt has had his fair share of challenges and positive experiences. One of the drawbacks of being an influencer is that there are no rules to follow.

Since the field is relatively new, there are no established guidelines, making it difficult to determine rates and fair pricing. Another difficulty faced by influencers is dealing with trolls and haters.

Social media platforms can be a challenging space, with a lot of negativity and criticism. However, Matt looks at this as a small price to pay for his passion.

Despite the drawbacks, Matt has had some incredibly positive experiences and success in his career. For one, his passion for horses has allowed him to be his boss and do work that he finds interesting, making it not feel like work at all.

He has also been able to turn his passion into a business, allowing him to make investments in his favorite animal. At the same time, he has been able to share his love and enthusiasm for horses with his followers.

In conclusion, Matt Harnacke’s horses play a significant role in his career and his love for the equestrian world. His priorities in horse care and the personalities of his horses are indicative of his deep passion for these beautiful creatures.

As an influencer, he views the challenges he faces as hurdles to overcome while savoring the positive experiences. All in all, he is unstoppable when it comes to sharing his love and passion, an inspiration to horse lovers everywhere.

Matt Harnacke’s Other Ventures

Matt Harnacke’s career is not limited to just horse riding and social media success. With a background in modeling and a passion for high-end equestrian fashion, he has branched out into other business ventures.

In this article, we will discuss Matt’s modeling career, his equestrian fashion brand, and his co-creation of HorseWorldTV. Matt’s Modeling Career

In addition to his equestrian pursuits, Matt Harnacke has also made significant inroads into the fashion industry.

He has modeled for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, including Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna, and Longines. With his unique style and charm, Matt has also collaborated with American Eagle on campaign advertisements, securing a billboard in the heart of Times Square.

Matt’s modeling career has been a significant factor in his social media success, as he frequently posts his stunning editorial style photographs on various platforms. Matt’s Equestrian Fashion Brand

Matt’s love for equestrian fashion has led him to launch his own brand called the Matt Harnacke Collection.

This high-end brand offers a range of premium accessories, including saddle pads, rugs, fleece bandages, fly veils, and leather halters. The Matt Harnacke Collection has become known for its unique and often bold designs.

All of the products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, and the brand places a strong emphasis on sustainability and animal welfare. Matt’s Co-creation of HorseWorldTV

Matt Harnacke did not limit himself to modeling and fashion but has also made a significant impact in the equestrian entertainment industry, co-creating HorseWorldTV.

This online production company offers exclusive interviews with famous riders, trainers and distributes training videos, licensing options, and distribution services. HorseWorldTV is a versatile platform that features new videos every week, covering different aspects of equestrian sport, and offers its services to businesses and equestrian organizations.

Matt’s co-creation of HorseWorldTV has expanded his range of expertise and allowed him to make a name for himself in the equestrian content industry. In conclusion, Matt Harnacke’s ventures into modeling, equestrian fashion, and HorseWorldTV demonstrate his versatility and business acumen.

His success and passion for equestrian sports have allowed him to develop other aspects of his career. By modeling for high-end brands, launching his high-end equestrian fashion brand, and co-creating HorseWorldTV, Matt has shown that there is no limit to what one can accomplish with hard work, passion, and determination.

In summary, Matt Harnacke is an accomplished equestrian rider, influencer, model, and entrepreneur. His passion for horses and the equestrian sport has led him to create a successful career through various channels such as co-creating HorseWorldTV, launching his fashion brand, and modeling for high-end fashion brands.

Through his successes, Matt demonstrates that hard work, consistency, and dedication are necessary for anyone pursuing a fulfilling career. In all, Matt Harnacke’s story exemplifies the message that it is possible to follow one’s passions and turn them into a successful career.


1. Who is Matt Harnacke?

Matt Harnacke is an accomplished equestrian rider, influencer, model, and entrepreneur. 2.

What are Matt Harnacke’s horses? Matt has four primary horses that play a significant role in his career and day-to-day life: Chase, Emporio, Bear, and Sureno.

3. What is the Matt Harnacke Collection?

The Matt Harnacke Collection is Matt’s equestrian fashion brand that offers high-end accessories such as saddle pads, rugs, fleece bandages, fly veils, and leather halters. 4.

What is HorseWorldTV? HorseWorldTV is an online production company co-created by Matt Harnacke that offers exclusive interviews with famous riders, trainers, and distributes training videos, licensing options, and distribution services.

5. What are Matt Harnacke’s tips for future influencers?

Matt Harnacke suggests embracing one’s uniqueness, being consistent, investing in good cameras and learning how to take high-quality photographs, working hard and being open to new opportunities, and working luck and opportunity to one’s advantage.

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