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From Classics to New Releases: The Best Horse Movies to Watch Now

Horse movies have been a staple in the film industry for decades, transporting viewers to worlds filled with adventure, drama, and heartwarming moments. These films have captivated audiences of all ages and have been instrumental in inspiring many people to form lifelong connections with these majestic creatures.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best horse movies that have been released, which can be categorized into three different themes: classic films, true stories, and family-friendly films. We will also explore three sub-themes within the overarching topic of inspirational films: overcoming adversity, triumph of the human spirit, and heartwarming stories.

Classic Films

The term “classic” denotes a certain level of timelessness and enduring popularity. When it comes to horse movies, there are several films that easily meet this definition.

Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, and National Velvet are three films that are still beloved by many people today, despite their release dates spanning from the 1940s to the 1970s. Black Beauty is a touching story that depicts the life of a beautiful horse and the various owners he comes across in his lifetime.

The Black Stallion is a visually stunning film that draws upon the bond between a boy and his horse in a story that touts the importance of perseverance. National Velvet is a classic narrative about a young girl named Velvet Brown who dreams of riding a spirited horse to victory in the Grand National Steeplechase.

True Stories

Horse movies based on true stories offer the perfect blend of entertainment and education. These films immerse viewers in the lives of real horses and their human companions, providing a valuable opportunity for the audience to learn something new about the world around them.

Three movies that fall under this category are War Horse, Hidalgo, and Secretariat. War Horse is set during World War I and tracks the harrowing journey of Joey, a colt who is sold into the army and sent into combat.

The story of Frank T. Hopkins and his mustang, Hidalgo, is told in the film Hidalgo, which is based on a true story about a long-distance horse race held in Arabia in 1891.

Secretariat is a biographical sports film that chronicles the life of the racehorse who won the Triple Crown in 1973.

Family-Friendly Films

For families with young children, horse movies that are both entertaining and wholesome provide the perfect night in with the kids. Luckily, filmmakers have produced several beloved films that fit this category.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Flicka, and Virginia’s Run are three movies that provide wholesome entertainment for families everywhere. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a visually striking film that tells the story of a wild mustang that seeks to protect his herd from human encroachment.

Flicka is a modern-day retelling of Mary O’Hara’s classic novel, My Friend Flicka, in which a young girl forms an unbreakable bond with a wild mustang. Virginia’s Run is a movie about a young girl who inherits a horse and learns about responsibility when she enters her horse into a prestigious race.

Overcoming Adversity

Horses are known for their endurance, grace, and resilience. The films that we have categorized under overcoming adversity showcase these remarkable qualities in the context of the human experience.

Seabiscuit, The Horse Whisperer, and Dreamer are excellent examples of movies that depict the triumphs over challenges and adversity. Seabiscuit tells the story of the legendary racehorse who became a symbol of hope during the Great Depression.

The Horse Whisperer is about a girl who is forced to confront her fear and anxiety after she and her horse are involved in a horrific accident. Dreamer is a touching film about a family who rehabilitates a former racing thoroughbred they rescue and train to compete in a high-stakes race.

Triumph of the Human Spirit

These movies depict the powerful relationship between horses and their human companions, showcasing the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Champions, Dark Horse, and Buck are three movies that use the bond between humans and horses to tell powerful stories of triumph over personal challenges.

Champions is based on a true story about jockey Bob Champion and his battle with cancer, which he fought with his unlikely companion Aldaniti. Dark Horse follows a group of working-class friends from Wales who come together to invest in a racehorse and enter into the prestigious world of horse racing.

Buck features the life and work of Buck Brannaman, a renowned horse trainer, who has transformed the equine world with his unique training methods.

Heartwarming Stories

The films that we have categorized under the theme of heartwarming stories are those that tug at the heartstrings with their touching and inspiring tales of compassion, kindness, and friendship. A Horse for Danny, Harry & Snowman, and Wild Horse, Wild Ride are perfect examples of movies that bring tears to viewers’ eyes for all the right reasons.

A Horse for Danny is about a father who buys his son the horse he has always wanted, only to be faced with the harsh reality of taking care of the animal financially. Harry & Snowman is a documentary about a Dutch immigrant who bought a broken-down horse named Snowman and trained him to become a heralded jumper.

Wild Horse, Wild Ride is an inspiring documentary about a competition to train wild horses in 100 days and the extraordinary relationships formed between humans and horses in the process. In conclusion, horse movies never fail to inspire, educate, and entertain their viewers.

From classic tales to true stories of triumph and overcoming adversity, and heartwarming narratives, there is no shortage of horse movies that capture the attention and imagination of their audience.

Adventure Films

Adventure films are a popular genre in cinema, and horse movies have undoubtedly contributed to this category. The three subcategories that adventure films can be divided into for horses are,


International Films, and

Unique Stories.


Westerns are a subgenre of films that focus on stories set in the American West. The Man From Snowy River, All the Pretty Horses, and In Pursuit of Honor are three popular horse films that fall into the Western category.

The Man From Snowy River is a classic Australian film about a cowboy who falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy rancher and overcomes all obstacles to prove his worth. All the Pretty Horses takes place in Texas and follows two cowboys, played by Matt Damon and Henry Thomas, who set out on a journey to Mexico to start a new life.

In Pursuit of Honor is a story about a group of soldiers who disobey orders to save the lives of the horses they have trained.

International Films

Horse movies set outside the United States can be fascinating, as they offer viewers the chance to explore different cultures and societal norms. Jappeloup, The Mustang, and Orphan Horse are three international horse movies that feature powerful stories.

Jappeloup is a French film that depicts the life of an up-and-coming show jumper and his struggles to succeed. The Mustang follows a violent prison inmate who participates in a rehabilitation program, which involves training wild horses.

Orphan Horse, set in Argentina, is about a young girl who discovers her new horse has ties to a crime syndicate, putting her in danger.

Unique Stories

Horse movies don’t always have to revolve around racing,

Westerns, or true stories to be interesting. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, Lean on Pete, and Horse Girl are horse films that engage in unique stories that viewers don’t typically see on the silver screen.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who becomes a diving-horse rider during the Great Depression. The film is based on a real-life diving act where horses were trained to jump into pools of water from great heights.

Lean on Pete, starring Charlie Plummer and Steve Buscemi, is about a teenage boy who develops a bond with a racehorse that is at the end of its career. Lastly, Horse Girl is a unique film that explores a young woman’s obsession with horses and the supernatural experiences she has with them.

Horse Racing Films

Horse racing has been a popular and glamorous sport for many years, hence inspiring numerous films based on this theme. The films can be categorized into classic films, new films, and comedies.

Classic Films

Classic horse racing films have paved the way for the genre, and many of them are still cherished by avid moviegoers. A few noteworthy classics are National Velvet, Seabiscuit, and The Black Stallion.

Many would argue that the legendary horse Seabiscuit is the most iconic horse movie of all time. The film is based on the life of Seabiscuit, who won many races in the 1930s and was a beloved hero during the Great Depression.

National Velvet is a film about a young girl who disguises herself as a boy to enter her horse into the Grand National Steeplechase. The Black Stallion follows the story of an Arabian stallion who forms a close bond with a young boy who survives a shipwreck with the horse.

New Films

New films in the horse racing genre offer viewers fresh takes on the sport and bring audiences closer to the action. Secretariat is a recent film that portrays the life and storied career of the legendary horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973.

The film is based on a true story and chronicles how the horse overcame challenges to become one of the greatest racehorses of all time. Another new film, Dream Horse, is based on the life of a racehorse bred by a community in Wales who went on to achieve great success at the races.


Horse racing films don’t always have to be dramatic or action-packed.

Comedies such as Let It Ride and Hot to Trot bring a sense of levity to the genre.

Let It Ride is about a gambler, played by Richard Dreyfuss, who wins a large sum of money and decides to use it on horse racing. Hot to Trot features a talking horse that helps a man, played by Bob Goldthwait, to pick the winning horses at the track.

In conclusion, Horse movies have been around for decades, offering adventure, drama, and inspiration to movie audiences worldwide. From classic tales, true life stories about triumph and overcoming challenges, heartwarming narratives, and horse racing movies that encapsulate the glamour and competitiveness of the sport, horse movies cater to everyone’s preferences.

These films depict the extraordinary bond between humans and horses and bring viewers closer to the magnificent creatures they hold dear. Horse movies offer a unique blend of adventure, drama, inspiration, and humor, carrying important themes and meanings that cater to everyone’s preferences.

In this article, we have discussed the different subcategories that horse movies can fall under, including classic films, true stories, family-friendly films, adventure films (ranging from


International Films, and

Unique Stories), and horse racing films. Horse movies transcend mere entertainment as they depict the bond between humans and horses, reflecting fundamental human values and providing invaluable lessons.


– What themes do horse movies usually focus on? Horse movies usually focus on adventure, drama, inspiration, and humor, featuring themes such as overcoming adversity, triumph of the human spirit, heartwarming stories, and the sport of horse racing.

– Which horse movies are considered classics? Some of the most classic horse movies include National Velvet, Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, and Black Beauty.

– What makes horse movies unique and valuable? Horse movies offer viewers a chance to understand the bond between humans and horses, showcasing fundamental human values and important life lessons while entertaining and inspiring audiences.

– What subcategories can horse movies fall into? Horse movies can fall into several subcategories, including classic films, true stories, family-friendly films, adventure films (ranging from


International Films, and

Unique Stories), and horse racing films.

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