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Free Rein: The Majestic World of Horses on Netflix

Welcome to the fascinating world of Free Rein! An exciting Netflix Original series showcasing horses and teenage drama that will make your heart race faster than the gallop of these majestic creatures. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Free Rein and its horses.

Overview of Free Rein:

Free Rein is a coming-of-age drama series about a young girl named Zoe who moves to a small island in the United Kingdom for the summer. She finds new friends and discovers her talent for horse riding, which leads her on a journey of self-discovery.

The series is known for its stunning cinematography, captivating storyline, and relatable characters. Stunt coordinator and horse trainer, Steve Dent:

Behind every successful horse movie, there is an expert horse trainer, and Free Rein is no exception.

Meet Steve Dent, horse owner, and trainer, who acted as a stunt coordinator and horse trainer for the series. Steve’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry was instrumental in producing some of the show’s most breathtaking scenes.

He made sure that the horses were safe and comfortable while performing stunts and worked tirelessly to bring out the best in each horse. Unique personalities and attitudes of horses:

We often forget that horses have personalities too.

Each horse is unique, and their personalities and attitudes can affect how they interact with their riders. Free Rein does an excellent job of showcasing these differences among horses.

Some horses are docile, obedient, and eager to please, while others are stubborn, proud, and may require a more assertive approach. The show’s portrayal of these personalities and attitudes is a reminder that horses are more than just animals; they are intelligent and emotional creatures that deserve respect.

Raven, the lead horse of Free Rein:

One of the show’s standout horses is Raven, the beautiful black Friesian cross horse, who plays a crucial role throughout the series. Let’s explore some interesting facts about Raven.

First encounter with Zoe:

Zoe’s first encounter with Raven was accidental, but it was also magical. While wandering through the woods, Zoe observes Raven drinking from a stream and decides to approach him.

Raven, however, is agitated and wild, and Zoe needs to use all her horse-riding skills to calm him down. After a few tense moments, they form a unique bond that lasts throughout the show.

Friesian cross horse Maca’s portrayal of Raven:

Although Raven is portrayed by multiple horses throughout the series, his primary stand-in is Maca, a magnificent black Friesian cross horse who also appears in the show. Maca’s commands are a sight to behold, and his equine charisma and charm have captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

However, Maca is not the only horse that played Raven; multiple horses shared the role to ensure a smooth filming process. In conclusion, Free Rein is a captivating series that showcases the beauty, diversity, and importance of horses in our society.

This show is a testament to the hard work of the cast, crew, and, most importantly, the horses that brought this magical story to life. Whether you are a horse lover or not, Free Rein is a show that will leave you entertained and in awe of these majestic creatures and their bond with humans.

Free Rein is a show that brings viewers into a world of horses, featuring unique personalities and various breeds that showcase the diversity and beauty of equine creatures. Among the many horses that appear in the show, Firefly and Fletcher stand out for their incredible roles and impressive storylines.

Firefly, Mia’s showjumping horse:

Firefly is a stunning Spanish horse that made its introduction in the second episode of the first season titled “Close Up.” Protos, the horse’s real name, was the primary horse that acted as Firefly in the show. The horse’s white coat and sporty looks at first glance may give the impression of a performance horse, but in reality, Fireflys actual breed is not meant for showjumping.

Spanish horses are generally used for dressage or bullfighting. However, the show’s creators decided to use the Spanish breed for Mia’s showjumping horse, and the result was remarkable.

Misleading appearance and actual breed:

The portrayal of Firefly as a sporty showjumper was an ingenious idea. In reality, Spanish horses are much stockier and more muscular than Firefly’s build.

Spanish horses are also noted for their bravery, agility, and dignity. Despite not being bred for showjumping, Firefly’s success in the show is a testament to the horse’s intelligence, courage, and trust in Mia.

The characterizations were not just limited to human actors, but the horses also had unique personalities and attitudes that brought great depth to the show’s storyline. Firefly may have been a surprising choice for a showjumper, but it undoubtedly added to the charm of this fantastic horse.

Fletcher, Mia’s safe and bombproof horse:

Fletcher is a strikingly unique horse first appearing in the fourth episode of the first season titled “Pony Camp!” As per the depiction in the show, Fletcher is a safe and bombproof Pinto horse. However, this task of being a reliable horse was not executed by one horse, but it was shared by multiple horses who portrayed Fletcher throughout the series.

The result was a successful portrayal of a reliable horse that not only looked good but also had a stable personality. Although it is not revealed in the series which breed Fletcher belongs to, his build and temperament are quite extraordinary.

Fletcher’s personality and build:

Fletcher’s introduction to viewers was through his incredible docile temperament and physical build. He is a towering tank of a horse, blessed with exceptional endurance as it belongs to a breed that is large, muscular, and hardy horses with excellent stamina.

Fletcher’s character’s role is vital to the show, as he not only serves as a reliable mount but also a source of comfort and stability to Mia. Cline Buckens, the actor who played Mia, does an excellent job of showcasing Fletcher’s bond with Mia, bringing out the horse’s caring and protective nature.

Fletcher may not get as much screentime as Firefly, but the impact he has on Mia’s character development is profound. In conclusion, Free Rein’s portrayal of horses is nothing short of remarkable.

The show creators have done an exceptional job to weave the horses’ storylines into the show’s underlying themes of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery. Firefly and Fletcher are no exception, as both horses have unique characterizations that add a new dimension to the show.

Whether you are a horse lover or not, Free Rein is certainly a show worth watching and admiring for its depictions of these remarkable creatures. Free Rein is a show that celebrates horses of all breeds, sizes, and personalities.

Among the many horses that feature in the show, Monty, Marcus’ horse, and Bob, Becky’s Gypsy Cob, hold a special place in the hearts of viewers. Monty, Marcus’ horse:

Monty is a well-built horse with tall stature and a dark bay coat color.

Monty made his first appearance in the second episode of the first season titled “Close-Up.” This Welsh Cob x Friesian cross breed, portrayed by the horse named Jack, has a sturdy build and a strong self-carriage, which is evident in Marcus’s riding. The horse’s excellent self-carriage, combined with Marcus’s impeccable riding skills, gives viewers a visual treat that is hard to resist.

Jack’s portrayal of Monty:

Jack, the horse that portrayed Monty, is a Welsh Cob x Friesian crossbreed with an impressive physique. The Welsh Cob, a horse breed known for its endurance and stamina, is combined with the Friesian breed, known for its strong self-carriage, to produce a horse that is well-equipped for dressage and other athletic events.

Jack’s portrayal of Monty’s physical and mental attributes in the show is a testament to the horses excellent training and incredible talent. Bob, Becky’s Gypsy Cob:

Bob is a character that made his introduction in the second episode of the first season, “Close Up.” Bob is an adorable Gypsy Cob that is a troublemaker and is known for his antics.

Over the course of the show, Bob’s character growth is quite remarkable. The horse, portrayed by Benji, starts off as a mischievous and annoying horse that nobody wants to ride, but transforms into a reliable and talented mount by the end of the series.

Benji’s transformation into Bob:

Benji, the horse that portrays Bob, has a remarkable story behind it. Before Benji was rescued and trained, he was known for causing trouble by his actions and tricks.

It is remarkable how the trainers managed to turn Benji’s mischief into Bob’s character’s lovable antics. In “Free Rein,” Bob is portrayed as a horse who is capable of performing tricks like a Spanish Walk and other fancy moves.

Benji’s agility and talent are put on full display in these scenes, and it is clear that he was the perfect choice for portraying the character of Bob. In conclusion, Free Rein’s portrayal of horses is truly commendable.

The show’s creators did an excellent job of showcasing the personalities and attributes of each horse that appears on the show. Monty and Bob are just two more examples of the show’s high-quality horse performances.

The show’s horses are not just background characters, but they also play a crucial role in the show’s overall storyline. The ability to bring out the personalities of horses is one of the factors that made the series so successful, which made viewers fall in love with the horses just as much as the characters on the show.

Free Rein is a show that boasts a cast of horses that are just as incredible as their human counterparts. From showjumpers to trail horses, each horse on the show has their own unique personality and skill set that adds to the series’ charm.

Among the many horses on the show are Elvis, Pin’s chestnut mount, and Major, Zoe’s first riding horse. Elvis, Pin’s chestnut mount:

Elvis, Pin’s loyal chestnut mount, made his first appearance in the fourth episode of the first season titled “Pony Camp!” on a trail ride.

Despite not having a prominent role in the show, Elvis quickly became a fan favorite because of his incredible loyalty and affection towards his rider. The horse’s calm and docile temperament, combined with his sturdy physique, was a testament to his training and the relationship between horse and rider.

Boysie’s portrayal of Elvis:

Boysie, the horse that portrayed Elvis on the show, is a calm and docile horse that fit the character’s personality perfectly. Freddy Carter, the actor who played Pin, had an excellent chemistry with Boysie, which made their scenes on the show all the more enjoyable.

Boysie’s performance as Elvis is a testament to the horse’s incredible talent and the hard work that went into his training. Major, Zoe’s first riding horse:

In season one’s second episode titled “Close Up,” Major made his first appearance as Zoe’s first riding horse.

Major was an ex-police horse with Spanish breeding, and his docile and lazy personality was perfect for Zoe’s riding lessons. Major was portrayed by Nirvana, who did an excellent job of bringing out the horse’s unique personality in the show.

Nirvana’s portrayal of Major:

Nirvana, the horse that portrayed Major, is an ex-police horse with exceptional patience and a laid-back temperament. This horse’s incredible training and experience made him the perfect choice for portraying Major’s personality on the show.

Nirvana’s portrayal of Major is a testament to the dedication of the horse’s trainers and the incredible bond that existed between the horse and his rider. In conclusion, Free Rein is a show that pays tribute to horses of all types and breeds.

From kind and docile horses like Major to loyal chestnut mounts like Elvis, the show’s horses continue to captivate audiences worldwide. The horses’ personality and attributes showcased on the show are exceptional and serve as a reminder of the importance of these magnificent creatures in our lives.

The actors on the show must have had an excellent connection with these animals to bring out their characters’ true personalities, and the result is a show that captures the hearts of not just horse lovers, but all those who appreciate the bond between animals and humans. Free Rein is a Netflix Original series that showcases horses of all sizes, breeds, and personalities and highlights the unique bond between horses and humans.

The show portrays horses as individuals with their own personalities, skills, and attitudes, and emphasizes the importance of respecting and appreciating these magnificent creatures. Some of the show’s standout horses include Firefly, Raven, Monty, Bob, Major, and Elvis.

Through their storylines, Free Rein continues to captivate audiences and serve as a testament to the incredible bond between horses and their human counterparts.



What is Free Rein?

Free Rein is a Netflix Original series that focuses on horses and teenage drama.

2. How does Free Rein portray horses?

Free Rein portrays horses as individuals with their own personalities, skills, and attitudes.


Who are some of the standout horses in Free Rein?

Some of the standout horses in Free Rein include Firefly, Raven, Monty, Bob, Major, and Elvis.

4. What is the importance of horses in Free Rein?

Horses play a major role in the series, and the show emphasizes the importance of respecting and appreciating these magnificent creatures.


What is the bond between horses and humans in Free Rein?

The show portrays the unique bond between horses and humans, highlighting their incredible friendship and trust.

6. Why should I watch Free Rein?

Free Rein is an excellent show that showcases the beauty, diversity, and importance of horses in our society and can bring viewers into the fascinating world of horses and the unique bond that exists between these creatures and humans.

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