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Equine Entertainment: The Importance and Benefits of Horse Toys

Importance of Horse Toys

As humans, we love to keep ourselves entertained with various activities, and horses are no different. Equine toys are essential, keeping horses engaged and mentally stimulated when they are left alone.

Horse toys are an important investment, not only for entertainment and keeping horses happy, but also for their physical and mental health.

Finding the Right Toy for Your Horse

Horses, just like people, have different personalities and interests. Finding the right toy for your horse requires knowing your horse, their unique personality, interests in toys, and providing variety to keep them engaged.

You should consider getting your horse a couple of different toys, as this will allow them to choose the one they prefer and switch between them as they please.

Recommended Horse Toys

  1. Likit Treat Toy

    This is a fun and flavorful toy for horses. It comes in a variety of flavors that your horse will crave. The toy is easy to use and can provide hours of entertainment.

  2. Jolly Ball

    This is one of the most popular horse toys on the market. Its durable, and easily rolled around and kicked by your horse. Not only does it provide endless hours of fun, but it comes in many different sizes and a variety of colors.

  3. Shires Horse Ball Feeder

    This toy is great for providing a slow food delivery system that also keeps your horse entertained at mealtime. It’s great for horses who tend to eat fast and can help prevent colic.

  4. Hay Play

    This slow feed hay and treat dispenser is perfect for horses that are prone to cribbing, boredom and destructive behavior, such as pasture walking. It will keep the horse preoccupied and reduce stall destruction.

  5. Rural365 Large Horse Ball Toy

    This durable toy is made of heavy-duty plastic, and its perfect for horses to push around and play with. It’s great for promoting exercise and entertainment.

  6. Likit Snack-A-Ball Stable Toy

    This toy is ideal for horses that are food-driven. It keeps the horse entertained and provides enrichment and treats while being highly durable.

  7. Jolly Tug Horse Toy

    This toy is designed for interactive play, where you can play tug of war with your horse. It’s great for young horses in training or those who love human interaction.

  8. Horse Pas-a-Fier

    This toy is a chew toy designed to promote dental health and prevent boredom. It’s made of a non-toxic, durable material that your horse can chew on safely.

  9. Stall Snack Holder with Apple-Scented Jolly Ball

    This toy combines a treat holder and a toy into one, and your horse can play with it while enjoying a snack.

  10. Traffic Cone

    This is a flexible traffic cone toy that is safe for horses to play with. Traffic cones are affordable and readily available, and can be used to entertain or train your horse.

  11. Water Barrel

    Plastic water barrels can be an entertaining addition to a horse’s paddock or stall. Horses love playing with water, and water barrels provide a safe and affordable way for horses to play and splash around.

  12. Gallon Jug

    An empty gallon jug can be used as a simple horse toy. When hung in a stall, horses will enjoy playing with or trying to retrieve the hanging jug, providing a quick and easy entertainment for the horse.

Benefits of Horse Toys

Entertainment and Mental Stimulation

Horses are intelligent animals and can become bored easily. Toys keep horses entertained and their minds occupied, preventing destructive behavior patterns and promoting positive mental health.

Keeping your horse entertained is also essential when recovering from an illness or injury, as it can help reduce stress and promote healing.

Prevention of Destructive Behaviors

Horses that become bored can resort to destructive habits like chewing wood, cribbing, and weaving. These habits can damage stalls, fences, and lead to health issues.

Horse toys help avoid these destructive behaviors, saving owners time and money in the long run.

Variety of Options

There is a wide variety of options for horse toys, such as slow feeders, chew toys, and balls. Providing different toys to your horse will keep them engaged and mentally stimulated.

Toy variety can encourage play, curiosity, and improve your horse’s overall well-being. In conclusion, horse toys are integral in the physical and mental health of your horse.

Finding the right toy for your horse may take some time, but its a worthwhile investment in their overall well-being. Provide a variety of toys to your horse to promote entertainment, mental stimulation, and prevent destructive behavior.

Horse toys are not only important to provide a source of entertainment but can stimulate horses in many ways. Different horses may be inclined to enjoy different types of toys, so finding the right toy may require some experimentation.

Below are some recommended horse toys and tips for using horse toys safely and effectively.

Tips for Using Horse Toys

Finding the Right Toy

It is important to remember that different horses have different likes and dislikes when it comes to toys. It is best to trial a couple of different toys to see which toys are most effective at engaging your horse.

Some horses will prefer slow feeders, while others will get the most fun from balls or chew toys. Rotating toys on a regular basis can help prevent boredom and keep things fresh for your horse.

Modifying Toys

Many horse toys can be modified to provide extra challenges for your horse. For example, drizzling the Likit Treat Toy with molasses can make the toy more attractive to horses.

You can also modify slow feeders by removing lids to make it more challenging for the horse to access the feed. It is important to moderate the amount of treats given, so the horse does not become overweight or sick.

Safety Precautions

Some toys have small parts or sharp edges that could harm your horse. When selecting a toy, it is important to carefully examine it to make sure there are no unsafe features that have the potential to hurt your horse.

Similarly, collapsible toys should also be avoided as they may become unsafe for your horse to play with. When hanging toys, make sure theyre out of reach, or otherwise secured so horses cant injure themselves.


Horse toys have many benefits for our equine friends and are an important investment in the overall health and happiness of your horse. Not only do toys provide entertainment, but they also promote good health and lessen the likelihood of destructive behaviors.

It is important to find the right toy for your horse and to offer a variety of options for rotation. Always consider your horse’s safety when selecting, modifying, and using toys.

Use horse toys correctly and enjoy the rewards of having a happy and entertained horse. In summary, horse toys are essential to providing horses with mental stimulation and physical engagement.

They are not only tools for entertainment but can also promote good health and prevent destructive behaviors. Finding the right toy requires experimenting with different options, while ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

By providing horses with these recommended toys and following the tips for using them, owners can improve their horses’ health and happiness. Overall, horse toys are a worthwhile investment in their long-term well-being, and it’s important to provide them with variety and excitement.


  1. Q: Are there any safety precautions to consider when using horse toys?

    A: Yes, it’s crucial to carefully examine toys for any dangerous features such as sharp edges or small parts that can harm horses. And when hanging toys, make sure they’re out of reach and secured so horses can’t injure themselves.

  2. Q: How can horse toys benefit a horse’s health?

    A: Horse toys can improve a horse’s physical and mental health by providing entertainment, reducing stress, and increasing activity.

  3. Q: Should you modify toys to make them more challenging?

    A: Yes, many horse toys can be modified to provide extra challenges for horses, but it’s important to moderate the amount of treats given to avoid issues like weight gain or sickness.

  4. Q: What are some popular horse toys to consider?

    A: Some recommended horse toys include Likit Treat Toy, Jolly Ball, Shires Horse Ball Feeder, Rural365 Large Horse Ball Toy, and Hay Play.

  5. Q: How can owners find the right toy for their horse?

    A: It’s important to trial a couple of different toys to see which toys are most effective at engaging your horse and to provide them with a variety of options for rotation.

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