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Discover the Drama and History of Yellowstone’s Prequels

Yellowstone: All You Need to Know About the Show

Are you looking for a captivating drama series to stream? Look no further than Yellowstone.

Starring Kevin Costner and set in the breathtaking Paradise Valley of Montana, this series has everything you need to get glued to your screen. From power struggles to corruption, alliances to murder, Yellowstone has it all.

Premise of the Show

Yellowstone is a drama series set in modern-day Montana, that follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest cattle ranch in the United States. The Duttons battle against several entities such as the Indian reservation, national parks, and land developers to protect their ranch and land.

The show tells a story of the Duttons’ fight to maintain control and power in the face of challenges that threaten their way of life.

Plot of the Show

At the center of the show is John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the patriarch of the Dutton family, who uses his power to protect his family and his land. He fights to keep the developers from his land by any means, unleashing forces of violence to protect his ranch while navigating different power dynamics.

Along with his family, he is set against anyone who wants a piece of his land.

While battling for supremacy, the Duttons must deal with corrupt entities, including politicians and developers, who try to undermine them at every turn.

With many violent twists, the show is far from predictable and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Timeline of Yellowstone

The show takes place in modern-day Montana and has been filmed over the years, beginning in 2017 with season one. Over the course of the four seasons, the Dutton family has been involved in a lot of drama.

Season One

In season one, the Dutton family battles with Evelyn Dutton’s death and fights with various entities such as Dan Jenkins and the Beck brothers, who are all trying to gain control of Dutton Ranch. At the same time, John’s lawyer son Jamie deals with an internal struggle of remaining loyal to his family while fighting for his career.

Season Two

In season two, the Dutton family continues to battle Market Equities, the corporation that wants to build an airport in Montana, and deals with many other issues. The Beck brothers return this season, and they are even more determined to steal the Dutton family’s ranch.

Season Three

Season three sees tensions rising within the family as new enemies challenge their power in Montana. Garrett Randall is one of the newcomers in the show, and he is out to get a piece of Dutton Ranch.

Season Four

In season four, the Dutton family faces new foes, including Roarke Morris, the owner of a hedge fund, and an activist group that wants to turn the Yellowstone park into a nature preserve. The fifth season is the most anticipated yet, which will follow John Dutton in his governorship and his battle to keep Montana independent and free from the control of Washington, DC.


In summary, Yellowstone is a captivating drama series set in Montana that tells a story about a family’s fight against corrupt entities that threaten their way of life. With characters capable of anything, the show is never predictable and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Yellowstone promises to be one of the most immersive and enjoyable television dramas of recent years.

Yellowstone’s Prequels: Going Back in Time With the Duttons

As fans eagerly await the return of Yellowstone for its fifth season, there’s already exciting news about two prequels that are in the works. These prequels will take us back in time to the early days of the Dutton family and show us what life was like in the years leading up to the events of Yellowstone.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from these two new exciting projects.

The prequels are entitled

1883 and

1923, and will explore the history of the Dutton family. Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton in Yellowstone, will be starring and producing in both prequels.


The first prequel,

1883, will take us back to the days of the American Frontier and follow the Dutton family as they make their way from Texas to Montana. We will see the family travel on a wagon train through harsh terrain, battling smallpox, dangerous bandits, and crippling hardships.

The wagon train is filled with other settlers who have joined the Duttons on their journey. We will see the Dutton family try to keep everyone safe while navigating harsh terrain and fighting off threats.

As they make their way to Montana, we will see the family bond and establish their first ranch. In the prequel series, Kevin Costner will play John Dutton’s great-great-grandfather, leading the wagon train and protecting his family and fellow settlers from the dangers that lurk around them.


The second prequel,

1923, will take us 40 years ahead and bring us closer to the beginnings of Yellowstone. The series focuses on the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton Sr., as he struggles with the harsh realities of running a ranch during one of the worst droughts Montana has ever faced.

In addition to dealing with the drought’s devastating effects on the land and cattle, we see the Duttons deal with lawlessness and cattle theft. Much like in the Yellowstone series, the family will have to use its wits and brawn to keep their ranch and way of life safe.

Kevin Costner will play John Dutton Sr., cementing his role in the universe of Yellowstone. Other cast members include Sam Elliott and Faith Hill, who will be playing as a couple who have been running their ranch for generations.


There’s no doubt that the Yellowstone universe has taken the world by storm, and the announcement of two prequels has left fans even more excited. The prequels promise to give us a deeper insight into the early days of the Dutton family and their struggles.


1883, we will witness the family’s journey from Texas to Montana and their settling on their first ranch. Meanwhile, in

1923, we will see John Dutton Sr. fight to keep his family’s ranch alive as Montana faces one of its harshest droughts.

With Kevin Costner at the helm of both prequels, we can expect brilliant performances and storytelling at its best. The prequels will add more depth and context to the already-existing Yellowstone series and provide fans with more of what they love.

The prequels look set to be a hit, and there’s no doubt fans will be counting down the days until they can hit our screens. In conclusion, the prequels to Yellowstone,

1883 and

1923, promise to deliver a deeper insight into the early days of the Dutton family and their struggles.

1883 follows their journey from Texas to Montana, while

1923 sees John Dutton Sr. fighting to keep his ranch alive during one of Montana’s harshest droughts. Kevin Costner’s leadership and storytelling ensure that the prequels will offer brilliant performances and add more depth and context to the already-existing series.

The prequels are certain to be memorable and exciting, delivering more of what fans have come to love about Yellowstone.


1. What are the prequels to Yellowstone?

The prequels are

1883 and

1923, exploring the history of the Dutton family before the events of the Yellowstone series.

2. Who is starring in the prequels?

Kevin Costner will be playing major roles in both prequels, along with other cast members such as Sam Elliott and Faith Hill.

3. What is the premise of


1883 follows the Dutton family’s journey from Texas to Montana, and their struggle to establish their first ranch.

4. What is the premise of


1923 follows John Dutton Sr. as he fights to keep his ranch alive during one of Montana’s harshest droughts while dealing with lawlessness and cattle theft.

5. When will the prequels be released?

No release date has been confirmed yet for the prequels, but fans are eagerly awaiting their debut.

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