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Choosing the Right Horse Trailer: Features Safety and Top Brands

Horse trailers are an essential element of your equine transportation. Choosing the right horse trailer for your needs is an important decision that requires careful consideration.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of horse trailers, their features, and which one will best suit your needs, in order for you to have a safe and secure ride for your horses. Trailer Styles and Features:

Bumper pull trailers are by far the most common type of horse trailer on the market.

They are easy to pull and can be attached to most vehicles with ease. A bumper pull trailer attaches to the vehicles bumper, making them easy to maneuver, and they require less space than gooseneck trailers.

The downside to bumper pull trailers is that they are typically smaller and do not offer anything in the way of living quarters. Gooseneck trailers provide more space than bumper pull trailers, they are often larger and often have both horse compartments and living quarters.

They attach to the truck’s bed via a ball and socket connection in the truck’s bed, allowing for better stability and a smoother ride. Because of their larger size, gooseneck trailers require a larger vehicle for towing.

They also provide additional storage space, providing more room for your tack and equipment. Straight-load trailers have horses arranged in a single file while facing forward.

A horse trailer with a straight-load divider design will only allow your horses to stand abreast, but never turned around. This is the classic design that accommodates up to 4 horses.

You can load horses on the trailer by using a side ramp or rear ramp, offering a more versatile loading option for potentially larger horses. Slant-load trailers, on the other hand, have horses arranged at an angle, allowing for more room and greater stability for your horse.

Slant-load trailers are typically for 2-3 horses. Slant-load trailers work by having a divider that runs diagonally, providing more room for each horse.

The slant load design also provides more stable transportation, meaning your horse will have an easier time balancing during the ride. Stock trailers are open trailers designed to haul livestock, including horses.

They are ideal for horse owners transporting a large number of horses or those large horses that may not easily fit in a standard trailer. A stock trailer provides an open and airy feeling, which can help reduce your horses’ stress levels.

Tack rooms are another feature to consider when youre selecting a horse trailer. If you plan on traveling long distances with your horse, you may want to consider a horse trailer with a tack room.

A tack room is a compartment inside the trailer that is designated for storing horse tack and any other equipment. A dressing room comes with plumbing and living facilities.

Ramps are an essential feature for horse trailers, as they allow your horse to enter and exit the trailer safely and with minimal stress. A ramp will allow easy loading for horses that have injuries or older horses that do not step up easily.

A ramp is also essential for loading horses that have never been trailered before. A stud wall is a barrier that prevents your horse from coming into contact with the divider or with horses in the next stall.

Padding is essential to the horses comfort while traveling. Horse trailers with inadequate padding can cause sore spots and discomfort for your horse.

Safety Designs to Consider:

Escape doors can save lives. They are typically located on the driver’s side of the trailer, and they allow for a quick exit should an emergency arise.

Windows are essential for fresh air circulation and to keep your horses relaxed while transporting them. Tie points are essential hardware used to secure horses while in transport.

Red Flags When Shopping:

Rust is a sign that the trailer may not be structurally sound. Sharp points in the trailer can harm your horses.

Check wiring and make sure there are no frayed or worn areas. Lights are another essential safety feature.

Check the lighting to make sure that all the brake lights, signals, and running lights are working. Finally, inspect the flooring to ensure that it is solid.

The flooring should not be soft or spongy. Trailer Brand Breakdown:

There are many great trailer brands available on the market, but some stand out more than others.

Sundowner Horizon, Exiss Express, Featherlite Model 9409, 4 Star Center Load, Cimarron Winstar, Shadow Pro Series, Trails West Classic, Titan Challenger, and Lakota Colt are among the most popular and reliable trailer brands. The brands offer unique features and fittings, so you must consider all your options before settling on one.

Differentiating Horse Trailer Styles:

Bumper pull trailers are easier to attach and pull, while gooseneck trailers are larger, providing more space inside and outside of the trailer, including additional living quarters. Horse loading designs vary by straight-load, slant-load, and stock trailers.

Horse trailer size designation varies based on horse capacity. In conclusion, choosing the right horse trailer can be a daunting task.

Bumper pull, gooseneck, straight-load, slant-load, and stock trailers all offer unique features that are sure to suit your needs. When making a purchase, consider the trailers features, safety designs, and the reputation of the brand.

Always keep your horses safety and comfort a priority. When selecting a horse trailer, a plethora of factors must be taken into account, including the add-ons and features offered.

Living quarters, other add-ons, and safety features are all essential to consider when selecting a horse trailer. In this article, well take a closer look at each of these elements, as well as delve into the top-rated horse trailer brands on the market.

Living Quarters:

Living quarters are an essential feature for those who frequently travel with their horses, particularly when attending horse shows or long-distance travels. Living quarters feature a bed, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, making long trips more comfortable and convenient.

Living quarters typically have air conditioning, a generator, and generator compartment as well as freshwater and wastewater storage tanks. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized based on the buyer’s needs.

Other Add-Ons:

Other trailer add-ons can enhance the horse and the owner’s comfort and convenience. Drop-down windows provide ventilation during the trip and offer easy access to your horse.

Air conditioning is an important add-on, especially if you travel to areas with high humidity levels during summer. Roof storage provides additional space for luggage, and padding adds extra comfort to the horse’s ride, reducing any potential soreness or discomfort caused by the trailer.

Safety Features:

Safety is an essential feature of any horse trailer. Escape doors provide an easy exit for your horse in case of an emergency.

Windows allow air circulation and keep your horse relaxed during transportation, while tie points ensure that your horse is secure during the trip. Trailer Brand Breakdown:

With many brands currently on the market, it’s essential to consider the features offered by each brand before purchasing.

Here are some of the top-rated horse trailer brands on the market:

Sundowner Horizon 8010 RS: The Sundowner Horizon offers a gooseneck trailer with ample living quarters, including a collapsible rear tack compartment. These features, combined with its spacious, full-featured kitchen, make the Sundowner Horizon model an excellent choice.

Exiss Express BP – XT Edition: Exiss offers a bumper pull trailer with a rugged design and many add-ons for the horses comfort and safety. This trailer comes with windows, drop-down windows, and a loading ramp for easy access.

Featherlite Model 9409: The Featherlite Model 9409 is a bumper pull trailer with solid aluminum construction that provides excellent durability without adding excessive weight. It also features a removable rear tack section for additional storage space.

4 Star Center Load 6H Gooseneck Trailer: This 4-Star trailer provides numerous height and width options to accommodate a range of horse sizes. It features ample storage space for riders, a full-sized refrigerator, and a large kitchen area.

Cimarron Winstar Bumper Pull Trailer: The Cimarron Winstar is a durable trailer that features an aerodynamic nose design, which increases fuel efficiency. It features 30-inch tall walls, which provide ample head clearance, and windows for optimum ventilation.

Shadow Pro Series Bumper Pull Trailer: This trailer gives extra-large rear tack, bus-style windows, and collapsible water tank. It is also lightweight, making it easy to tow on long journeys.

Trails West Classic Trailer: The Trails West Classic offers padded floors and dividers, reducing the likelihood of injury to your horse. Its steel chassis offers durability in the toughest conditions.

Titan Challenger Stock Trailer: As the name suggests, this is a stock trailer with a lightweight design allowing for easy navigation. It comes in a variety of color options for customization, making it easy to match your truck.

Lakota Colt: Lakota offers a wide range of gooseneck trailer sizes with living quarters, thanks to their Colt series. Its design features aerodynamic V-nose and can be customized to the buyer’s specifications.

In conclusion, choosing the right horse trailer entails considering many factors. From living quarters to the smallest add-ons, be sure to select a trailer that ensures your horse is comfortable, safe, and secure during transportation.

Finally, be sure to choose a brand that offers a complete package of features. We hope that this article has helped you in your search for the perfect horse trailer.

In conclusion, choosing the right horse trailer requires careful consideration and research into all the available options and features. It is essential to choose a trailer that ensures your horse’s comfort, safety and is equipped with the necessary additions like living quarters and safety features like escape doors, windows, and tie points.

Consider reputable brands like Sundowner Horizon, Featherlite Model 9409, and Shadow Pro Series when making a purchase. When selecting a trailer for your horses, take your time and carefully consider all your options to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your equine companions.


1. What is the best type of horse trailer?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different trailers provide various benefits and meet the different needs of individual horse owners.

2. What should I look for in a horse trailer?

When selecting a horse trailer, consider factors such as trailer style, features, add-ons, safety features, and brand reputation. 3.

Do I need a horse trailer with living quarters? The answer depends on the frequency and length of your travels.

If you frequently travel long distances with your horses, living quarters may be essential to make your journey comfortable and convenient. 4.

How can I ensure my horse is safe in a trailer? Ensure that your trailer has proper safety features like escape doors, windows, and tie points.

You can also consider using padding and adding windows for extra ventilation. 5.

Which brand of the horse trailer should I choose? Choose a reputable brand that offers various features that meet your requirements.

Some top-rated brands include Sundowner Horizon, Featherlite Model 9409, and Shadow Pro Series.

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