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Capture Your Ride: A Guide to Horse Riding Camera Gear and Accessories

Horse Riding Camera Gear: A Comprehensive Guide

Horse riding has been an activity that people have enjoyed for centuries. With the advent of modern technology, horse riders can now capture their rides and special moments using camera gear.

Types of Horse Riding Camera Gear

In this article, we will discuss the types of horse-riding camera gear, including handheld gimbals and helmet, shoulder, chest, and auto-follow cameras.

Helmet Action Cameras

Helmet action cameras have become increasingly popular amongst horse riders. These cameras attach to a rider’s helmet or headband and allow them to capture footage without having to hold a camera. One of the most popular helmet action cameras is the GoPro Hero camera.

It is light, compact, and can capture high-quality footage. With the GoPro Hero camera, riders can capture their rides, jumps, and other adrenaline-filled moments, while keeping their hands free.

Shoulder, Chest, and Helmet Cameras

For riders who prefer more versatility in their camera angles, shoulder, chest, and helmet cameras are a great option. These cameras can be mounted in different positions, allowing riders to capture footage from different perspectives.

  • The Akaso EK7000 4K action camera is a great example of this. It is waterproof, has a Wi-Fi connection, and can be mounted on a helmet or chest harness.
  • The DJI Osmo Action 4K camera is another excellent option and is known for its image stabilization capabilities.
  • The Campark V50 4K camera, on the other hand, offers a wide angle and can be paired with a mobile phone app that allows riders to control the camera remotely.

Auto-Follow Cameras

For riders who want minimal involvement with the camera, auto-follow cameras can be a great choice. These cameras can be attached to a horse or rider and follow them automatically, leaving riders with a hands-free option and an opportunity to capture beautiful footage.

  • The Move and See Pixio Auto Follow Cameraman and the auto-follow camera attachment are two great examples of this.

Handheld Gimbals with Built-in Cameras

Handheld gimbals with built-in cameras are perfect for riders who want professional-quality footage. These gimbals come with built-in cameras and can be used with a smartphone connection to control the camera remotely. They can be used for stable and smooth footage, and like most cameras on this list, they offer the ability to capture 4K footage.

  • One example of this is the DJI Osmo Pocket, which is compact, lightweight, and perfect for capturing footage while riding.

Handheld Gimbal Attachments

Handheld gimbal attachments are also an excellent option for capturing stable footage while riding. These gimbals attach to the rider’s mount and can offer stability, motion control, and the ability to take panoramic photos.

  • The iSteady Pro 3 Gimbal is a popular option for GoPro Hero models, while the DJI Osmo Action Camera can be used with the Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal, which syncs perfectly with the DJI app.

Choosing the Right Horse Riding Camera Gear

In conclusion, there is a wide range of camera gear available for horse riders. From helmet action cameras to handheld gimbals, there is something for every type of rider.

When choosing camera gear, it is essential to consider factors such as image quality, stability, versatility, and hands-free options. With the right gear, riders can capture and relive their rides forever.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camera

When it comes to horse riding camera gear, there are certain things to consider to ensure you get the best experience possible. In this article, we will elaborate on some things to factor in, including zoom quality and length, sound quality, durability and battery life.

Zoom Quality and Length

Zoom length and quality are essential factors to consider when choosing a horse riding camera. Zoom is important because it can help you frame your shots better and capture footage from greater distances. You want a camera that offers good quality zoom, so you can get close to your subject without sacrificing image quality.

When choosing a camera, look out for models that offer optical zoom, as it produces better quality images than digital zoom. Also, ensure that the camera you choose has at least a 12-megapixel sensor for high-quality images and videos.

There are a number of good quality cameras with a great zoom lens, such as the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 and the Sony Cybershot RX10 Mark IV.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is also an essential factor to consider when selecting your horse riding camera, particularly if you plan to use it for vlogging or posting clips on social media. You need a camera that can capture clean, clear audio so that your audience can hear every detail of your ride.

When selecting a camera, ensure that it has good noise reduction and microphone quality, so you can clearly hear yourself over the ambient noise.

One great camera for sound quality is the Canon Vixia HF G21, which has excellent microphone quality and dual SD card slots for extra storage.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important aspect to think about when choosing a horse riding camera. Cameras with a longer battery life will allow you to capture your entire ride without needing to switch out batteries. Make sure you choose a camera with a long-lasting rechargeable battery or one that takes AA or AAA batteries as these are easy to replace if necessary.

A good example of a camera with excellent battery life is the Sony FDR-X3000R, which offers up to two hours of continuous recording and comes with a rechargeable battery.


Durability is an essential factor to consider, especially if you’re planning to ride in extreme weather or on rough terrain. You need a camera that can handle the impact of being jostled around and exposed to the elements without breaking. Make sure the camera you choose has a waterproof and shockproof rating, and is designed specifically for outdoor use.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is a great example of a durable action camera that can handle extreme weather and rough terrain, making it a fantastic choice for horse riders.

Camera Accessories to Consider

Camera accessories can also help enhance your riding experience; they help ensure you get the most out of your camera.

Camera Mount Kits

A camera mount kit is a great accessory to consider, as they make it easy to position the camera at the angle and height you want. They come in various forms, including chest mounts, pack mount kits, and shoulder mounts, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The GoPro Chesty is a great example of a versatile mount kit that allows you to capture footage from different angles.


Tripods are another useful accessory to consider as they help stabilize your camera and ensure steady footage. A larger tripod is suitable for setting up stationary shots, while an auto-follow camera tripod is a great option for those who need an automatic, moving shot. The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 is an excellent example of a high-quality tripod that provides great stability and is compatible with most cameras.

Extra Batteries

Finally, consider investing in extra batteries for your camera so you can extend your recording time and avoid missing out on capturing those special moments. It’s best to choose backup batteries that are rechargeable and can be easily swapped out when necessary.

The Newmowa Replacement Battery with Rapid 3-Channel Charger is an excellent option for most cameras as it is well-priced, offers a good amount of battery life, and comes with a charger.


In conclusion, several things are worth considering when choosing horse riding camera gear and accessories.

We’ve talked about the importance of zoom quality and length, sound quality, battery life, and durability. Be sure to choose a camera and accessories that suit your needs and enhance your riding experience.

With the right camera gear, you can capture and relive your rides for years to come.


1. What should I consider when purchasing a horse riding camera?

– Consider zoom quality and length, sound quality, battery life, and durability.

2. Can I use a regular camera for horse riding?

– Yes, you can use a regular camera for horse riding, but cameras that are specifically designed for outdoor activities and have protective features are recommended.

3. What is the best type of camera mount for horse riding?

– The best type of camera mount for horse riding depends on personal preference and the type of footage you want to capture. Chest mounts, shoulder mounts, and pack mount kits are recommended.

4. How do I ensure that my camera battery lasts for an entire ride?

– Choose a camera that has a long-lasting rechargeable battery or use backup batteries that are rechargeable and can be easily swapped out when needed.

5. What camera accessories should I consider for horse riding?

– Consider camera mount kits, tripods, and extra batteries to enhance your riding experience.

Choose gear that meets your needs and environment.

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