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Captivating Black Horse Names: From Eclipse to Zorro

Cool Black Horse Names


When it comes to cool black horse names, Eclipse takes the lead. Just like a solar eclipse, these names are rare and awe-inspiring.

This name is perfect for your horse if you want to showcase their magnificence. Eclipse is not only a nod to the celestial event that mesmerizes us all, but it also holds special significance for umbraphiles, those who are enchanted by solar eclipses.

With a name like Eclipse, your black horse becomes a symbol of power and mystery. Imagine the admiration that will follow when you introduce Eclipse to others – truly a name that is magnificently appropriate for your exceptional equine companion.


If you prefer a name that is a little more enigmatic, Umbra might be the perfect choice. Derived from Latin, Umbra means “shadow.” This name is for those who appreciate the darkest part of a shadow, the essence that makes it alluring.

By naming your black horse Umbra, you highlight their mysterious charm and captivate everyone who lays eyes upon them.

Umbra is also associated with Eclipse Chasers, individuals who travel far and wide to witness and experience the magic of solar eclipses. If you are an umbraphile yourself or want to pay homage to the beauty of eclipses, Umbra is an excellent choice for your four-legged friend.

Mythological Black Horse Names

Nyx (Night Goddess)

Mythological black horse names add a touch of enchantment to your equine companion’s identity. Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night, personifies the darkness that falls upon the world.

According to mythology, Nyx’s children include Death, Hypnos (Sleep), and Aether (Ether). Imagine the air of mystery and magic that will surround your horse with a name like Nyx.

By choosing Nyx as your horse’s name, you honor the powerful goddess who reigns over the night. Your horse becomes a symbol of strength and darkness, embodying the mystical qualities associated with Nyx.

Erebus (God of Darkness)

In Greek mythology, Erebus is the personification of darkness and shadows. As a figure associated with Nyx, Erebus holds a significant place in the realm of mythological black horse names.

Some believe Erebus to be Nyx’s husband or brother, further highlighting the connection between these two names. Naming your black horse Erebus gives them a name shrouded in mystery and ancient mythology.

Their presence will evoke images of the depths of darkness, capturing the imaginations of those who cross their path.

Celestial Black Horse Names


When we think of the darkest time of day or night, Midnight comes to mind. This name is perfect for a black horse that embodies the beauty and mystery of the night.

Just like the bewitching hour, your horse will captivate all who gaze upon them with their elegance and grace. Midnight is a name that carries a sense of timelessness.

It symbolizes the transition between one day and the next, the moment when the world is enveloped in darkness. By naming your black horse Midnight, you pay homage to the tranquility and allure of the night, and your equine companion becomes a mesmerizing presence in your life.


If you’ve ever gazed up at a starry night sky and felt a sense of wonder, then Starlite might be the perfect name for your black horse. This name evokes images of sparkling stars against a dark canvas, a celestial spectacle that never fails to inspire awe.

Starlite, with its association to starry nights, is an enchanting name that perfectly suits a black horse. Imagine your equine friend with white speckles or star-like markings against their glossy black coat – truly a sight to behold.

With a name like Starlite, your horse becomes a beacon of celestial beauty, leading the way with their radiant presence.

Science and Nature Black Horse Names

Dina (Iodine)

For those who enjoy science puns and want to infuse a bit of chemistry into their horse’s name, Dina is a delightful choice. Dina sounds similar to the chemical element iodine, which has a distinctive blue-black color.

It’s a clever and unique name that showcases your appreciation for both science and your horse’s stunning coat. By naming your black horse Dina, you celebrate the beauty of chemistry and the intriguing properties of iodine.

Your horse becomes a walking symbol of scientific marvel, blending the wonders of the natural world with the majesty of the equine form.


Onyx, deriving its name from a semiprecious stone, is a captivating choice for a black horse. Just like the stone’s glossy black surface with white striations, your horse’s coat radiates elegance and sophistication.

Onyx is a name that reflects strength, power, and beauty. The name Onyx has a rich history and is associated with protection against negativity and fostering inner strength.

By naming your black horse Onyx, you bestow upon them a name that carries a symbolism of grounding energy and resilience. Your equine companion becomes a symbol of grace, resilience, and the earth’s natural beauty.

Literary and Pop Culture Black Horse Names


If you’re a history enthusiast or simply love the allure of ancient legends, Bucephalus is a name that will undoubtedly catch your attention. Bucephalus was the name of Alexander the Great’s famous black stallion, a horse that has become synonymous with loyalty, strength, and bravery.

By choosing the name Bucephalus for your black horse, you pay tribute to a legendary equine figure from history. Your horse becomes a symbol of power and partnership, embodying the noble qualities that were revered by Alexander the Great and his companions.

With a name like Bucephalus, your horse exudes a regal presence and leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter them.

Batman / Bruce

For those with a penchant for pop culture and a love for the dark and brooding, the names Batman or Bruce offer a fun and lively option.

These names are not only associated with the iconic superhero but also evoke images of black emblems and a powerful, mysterious persona. By naming your black horse Batman or Bruce, you bring a touch of adventure and excitement to their identity.

Just like the vigilante hero, your horse becomes a symbol of justice, strength, and resilience. This name choice is perfect for those who want to celebrate the transformative power of imagination and the bond between horse and rider.

Fantasy and Fictional Black Horse Names


If you are a fan of fantasy literature or epic television series, the name Drogon will undoubtedly resonate with you. As Game of Thrones enthusiasts may know, Drogon was one of Daenerys Targaryen’s mighty black dragons.

This name encapsulates a sense of grandeur and power that only mythical creatures can possess. By naming your black horse Drogon, you infuse them with the spirit of a fantastical beast.

Your horse becomes a symbol of strength, ferocity, and unwavering loyalty. Imagine riding through fields, conjuring images of the fantastical world of Westeros, and feeling the majesty of a dragon propelling you forward.


In the world of fantasy and folklore, ravens have long been associated with intelligence, mystery, and enigma. These clever birds, members of the Corvid family, possess an otherworldly allure that captures the imagination.

By naming your black horse Raven, you honor the distinctive qualities attributed to these exquisite creatures. Unlike their close relatives, crows, ravens are closely tied to magical tales and have often been depicted as messengers and companions of magical beings.

Naming your black horse Raven sets them apart, highlighting their unique and captivating nature. Your horse becomes a source of wonder and fascination, evoking stories of mythical realms and stirring the imagination of all who encounter them.

Famous Characters and Dark Figures Black Horse Names


Angus is a popular black horse name that carries a strong and commanding presence. This name may have its origins in the Aberdeen Angus cattle breed, known for their distinctive black coat.

By choosing Angus as your horse’s name, you draw upon the strength and regality associated with these powerful animals. Angus is a name that exudes authority and nobility.

It carries a weight that reflects the qualities of famous characters and historical figures. This name is perfect for a horse that holds a dominant position, demanding attention wherever they go.

With Angus as their name, your horse becomes a symbol of power and stature, leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter them.


For a black horse that emanates an ethereal and mysterious aura, Luna is an exquisite choice. Luna, meaning “moon” in Latin, is associated with the celestial body that illuminates the night sky.

This name evokes a sense of softness, femininity, and enchantment. By naming your black horse Luna, you bestow upon them a name that symbolizes their unique grace and allure.

Your horse becomes a representation of the moon’s gentle glow, casting a spell on all who behold them. Luna is a name that celebrates the beauty of darkness and the enchantment that lies within the night.

Names Related to Dark or Dark-Associated Concepts

Matt (Matte Black)

For pun lovers and those who appreciate a touch of humor, naming your black horse Matt is a playful and witty choice. Originating from the phrase “matte black,” this name cleverly captures the essence of your horse’s smooth and velvety black coat.

By naming your black horse Matt, you infuse their identity with a lighthearted charm. This name showcases your creativity and sense of humor, sparking smiles and chuckles wherever you go.

Your horse becomes a source of delight, capturing the attention of all who appreciate a clever play on words.


If you seek a name that embraces the darker aspects of nature, Ghost is a striking option. The association with darkness and the connotations of death give this name an air of mystery and intrigue.

Ghost is a name that goes beyond the physical appearance of your horse and delves into the realm of symbolism and the enigma of the unknown. By naming your black horse Ghost, you invite curiosity and fascination.

Your horse becomes a figure that is intangible, their presence hauntingly captivating. This name captures the imagination, evoking images of mythical spirits and ethereal realms.

With Ghost as their name, your horse becomes a creature of intrigue and enchantment.

Nature and Weather Black Horse Names


When it comes to nature and weather-inspired black horse names, Bolt is a choice that electrifies the senses. This name draws upon the imagery of lightning, symbolizing both speed and power.

Just like a lightning bolt streaking across the sky, your horse becomes a captivating and dynamic presence. By naming your black horse Bolt, you highlight their agility and swiftness.

This name also hints at a potentially turbulent personality, mirroring the unpredictability and intensity of a storm. Your horse becomes a force of nature, leaving a trail of awestruck admirers in their wake.


For those seeking a name that embodies sheer power and captivates attention, Storm is a perfect choice. This name conjures images of the wild forces of nature, with thunderous skies and tumultuous weather.

By naming your black horse Storm, you honor their commanding presence and celebrate their ability to inspire awe.

Storm is a name that signifies strength and perseverance. It symbolizes the inherent power within your horse and serves as a reminder of their indomitable spirit.

Your horse becomes a behemoth of nature, capable of commanding attention with their sheer presence.

Other Unique Black Horse Names


If you are a lover of Irish culture or appreciate the rich hues of dark shades, Guinness is a name that exudes charm and elegance. This name is associated with the iconic Irish stout, known for its distinct black color and velvety texture.

By naming your black horse Guinness, you pay tribute to the allure of this celebrated beverage and the depth of their coat. This name showcases your appreciation for the finer things in life and adds a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Your horse becomes a connoisseur’s delight, capturing attention with their striking appearance and distinguished demeanor.


For fans of the masked hero and the mystique of adventures, Zorro offers a name that blends excitement, courage, and a touch of mystery. Zorro, derived from the Spanish word for fox, brings to mind the iconic hero who fights for justice, dressed in all black with his trusty horse by his side.

By naming your black horse Zorro, you evoke images of swashbuckling swords, daring deeds, and a thrilling spirit of adventure. Your horse becomes a companion for your own heroic journeys, exuding the charisma and charm that captures the hearts of all they encounter.


From nature and weather-inspired names like Bolt and Storm to unique choices like Guinness and Zorro, the world of black horse names offers a tapestry of options to suit every taste and preference. Each name holds the power to enhance your horse’s personality and create a lasting impression.

Whether you choose a name that symbolizes speed and power, like Bolt, or one that celebrates the commanding presence of a storm, like Storm, your black horse will embody the majesty of nature. And with names like Guinness or Zorro, you infuse their identity with elements of sophistication, adventure, and mystery.

Embrace the wonders found in nature, the captivating allure of legendary characters, and the distinctive qualities associated with unique concepts. Let your black horse’s name be a reflection of their extraordinary spirit and the unmatched bond you share.

With the perfect name, your horse becomes not only a remarkable companion but a symbol of grace, strength, and the beauty of the world around us. In this comprehensive article, we delved into the world of black horse names, exploring various categories and options to suit different preferences.

We discussed cool names like Eclipse and Umbra, mythological names like Nyx and Erebus, and even names inspired by literature and pop culture, such as Bucephalus and Batman. Nature and weather-inspired names like Bolt and Storm, as well as unique choices like Guinness and Zorro, were also covered.

The importance of selecting a name that reflects your black horse’s unique personality and celebrates their captivating beauty was emphasized throughout. Whether you draw inspiration from history, mythology, literature, or nature, the perfect name will enhance your horse’s identity and create a lasting impact.

Choose wisely, for their name is not just a label but a symbol of their remarkable spirit.

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