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Beyond Heartland: Graham Wardle’s Creative Pursuits and Impactful Legacy

Graham Wardle Leaving Heartland: Exploring His

Post-Heartland Ventures

Heartland is an acclaimed Canadian TV series that follows the lives of the Bartlett-Fleming family who are ranchers and horse trainers. The show centers around Amy Fleming and her sister Lou, who inherit their grandfather’s ranch, Heartland, in Alberta.

Graham Wardle played the role of Ty Borden, a former convict turned ranch hand, who later marries Amy. However, in 2018, fans were saddened to hear that Graham Wardle would be leaving Heartland after 13 seasons.

Ty Borden’s Death

The reason behind his departure left many Heartland fans in shock and grieving. Ty Borden’s death marked the end of his story arc, and therefore the showrunners decided it was time for Graham Wardle to move on.

Heartland viewers had grown attached to the character and the actor who portrayed him, and the show would not be the same without him. Wardle’s performance as Ty was often praised for its complexity and depth, and he brought a natural charm and authenticity to the role.

Post-Heartland Ventures

Following his departure from Heartland, Graham Wardle has ventured into many creative projects. As a creative storyteller, Wardle tells stories that inspire hope and encourage self-discovery.

One of his most notable and significant outputs since leaving the series is the Time Has Come podcast. The podcast is a personal journey shared by Wardle and his guests, including Amber Marshall, who played his on-screen wife in Heartland.

They delve into topics such as navigating life beyond comfort zones, dealing with fear and uncertainty, and seeking personal growth. Time Has Come Podcast: Description and Guests

The Time Has Come podcast delves into the lives of individuals looking to make the most of their time, taking risks, and discovering what truly matters to them.

The podcast’s guests share their personal journeys and experiences, revealing their fears, challenges and overcoming obstacles. Wardle himself has been open about his journey of self-discovery and has touched upon his own struggles in finding his true purpose.

Exploration Beyond Comfort Zone

The podcast also tackles topics such as strength, courage, and faith. The conversation often spotlights how these traits factor into momentous everyday life decisions.

The discussion of fears and the act of pushing through them centers on Wardle’s belief in living life to the fullest without regret. For many listeners, this podcast serves as a catalyst for change and a source of motivation to take that first step towards exploring beyond their comfort zones.

Find Your Truth Book

Furthermore, Wardle has published the Find Your Truth book, which explores how to create a life based on one’s values and beliefsthe very foundation of one’s own personal truth. The book provides a step-by-step guide on how to discover one’s authentic self, locate one’s strengths, and passions.

It inspires readers to take charge of their lives and align their actions with their core self. Graham Wardle has been an inspiration to many since leaving Heartland.

His podcast, book, and general drive to encourage personal growth through his artistic exploits underlines his dedication to helping others find their own truth. In his own narrative, he demonstrated the courage to take steps outside of his comfort zone.

In doing so, he serves as an inspiration to others to do the same. 3)

Find Your Truth Book: Uncovering the Authentic Self

Graham Wardle’s creative spirit extends beyond the Time Has Come podcast.

He’s also the author of the Find Your Truth book, which offers a roadmap to finding happiness and fulfillment. The book explores the concept of personal truth, encouraging readers to take a look at what truly matters to them and how they want to live their lives.

Description and Availability

The Find Your Truth book is available in digital form and presents a collection of Wardle’s writing and poetry. The reflection and introspection Wardle shares are ideas he has pondered time and again as he seeks his own truth.

This spirit of self-examination makes the book both reflective and introspective. A wide variety of readers have praised the book, stating that it’s an in-depth look at Wardle’s thought process and creative ideas.

The book encourages the reader to discover their identity in an authentic and genuine way, making it a must-read for anybody hoping to lead a purposeful and meaningful existence. The book is an extension of Wardle’s creative mission to encourage the audience to take action, guiding them to create a life that aligns with their values.

The Find Your Truth book presents concrete steps that help readers identify their true selves, even when it means stepping outside one’s comfort zone. The book also encourages readers to move beyond superficial ideas of success and discover their unique gifts.

4) Reasons for Leaving Heartland: The Actors’ Perspectives

When Graham Wardle announced his departure from Heartland, it was a shock to fans who’ve grown used to his presence on the show. However, this move wasn’t taken lightly by Wardle or the showrunners.

In fact, there were multiple factors that led to his departure. Understanding those factors offers insight into his decision to explore new creative projects.

Graham Wardle’s Perspective

Wardle’s decision to leave the show centered on his desire to explore new projects and take his creative expression in a new direction. He had been playing the character of Ty Borden, the ranch hand turned husband to Amy Fleming, for over a decade.

Over the years, he had developed a close relationship with the character, and as an actor, he felt compelled to explore new characters and storylines. Wardle had spoken candidly about the need to challenge himself creatively and to seek out new opportunities that would help him grow as an artist.

In an interview, Wardle stated, “I felt there was an opportunity to take more chances creatively and push myself in new directions.” He understood and expressed his appreciation for the fans who had followed him throughout his tenure on Heartland. He resolved to move on from the series but also knew that the void left behind would be hard to fill.

Amber Marshall’s Perspective

Amber Marshall, who played Amy Fleming on the series, shared her thoughts on Wardle’s departure in an interview with ET Canada. She said, “Initially, I was quite surprised, but I’ve always been very supportive of my co-workers’ decisions.” She expressed her gratitude for the time she spent with Wardle on the show and praised the rapport they shared.

Marshall also revealed that she had an inkling that Wardle’s departure was coming. She went on to say, “Graham and I have always been close, and we talk a lot.

I just had a gut feeling that it was time for him to explore other avenues and to experience everything that the industry has to offer. I’m glad that his departure was done with respect, and it’s encouraging to see him move on to new and exciting things.”


Graham Wardle’s departure from Heartland marked the end of an era for the popular show’s fans. However, it also allowed Wardle to explore other facets of his creative expression.

The Time Has Come podcast and the Find Your Truth book are examples of his dedication to helping others find their truth and lead a fulfilled life. The perspectives shared by Wardle and his co-stars highlight the importance of staying authentic to oneself.

For many, the departure of an iconic actor from a beloved show is bittersweet. Nonetheless, Graham Wardle’s artistic perseverance offers solace and hope that we can stay true to our innermost selves.

5) Impact of Ty’s Death on Heartland: Amber Marshall’s Thoughts

The death of Ty Borden, played by Graham Wardle, in Heartland’s 14th season was a pivotal moment for the show. Fans and cast alike were left wondering about the potential impact on the show’s future.

Heartland’s lead actress, Amber Marshall, offered her thoughts on what the character’s death meant for the show and its cast.

Depressing and Shattered Heartland Family

Marshall was candid about how difficult Ty’s death was to process both for the cast and the Heartland family in-universe. In an interview with ET Canada, she said, “It was a difficult decision to make, but we knew that we wanted to tell a story that mirrored reality for our audience,” to explain the creative team’s reasoning for killing off Ty.

The aftermath of Ty’s death was gut-wrenching and left Amy with a newborn daughter to care for by herself.

The family in the series was slowly trying to come to terms with Ty’s death, which wasn’t an easy feat by any standard. Marshall expressed how deeply impactful the character was both to her and the cast.

Supportive Group

Marshall was quick to praise the Heartland cast and crew’s efforts in keeping morale up during the difficult time. She shared that they were like a family and the support they offered was invaluable in the midst of such emotional upheaval.

The writing team’s creativity and handling of Ty’s death storyline was also praised by Marshall, describing it as “beautifully done” and not glorifying the character’s death. She expressed her respect for the team’s boldness in tackling the issue beyond the usual tropes and cliches.

Hurt Feelings

The decision to kill off Ty’s character created a ripple of emotions among Heartland fans. While some found the tribute fitting, others voiced their objections and disappointment, leading to debates on social media and forums.

Marshall acknowledged that the team had to be mindful of fans and their responses while remaining true to the story underlying Heartland’s creative vision. Marshall was empathetic towards the fans who were affected by Ty’s death, acknowledging the significance of the impact the character had on viewers over the years.

She also encouraged the fans to continue supporting the show and its extended family, recognizing the loyal following that’s been built over many years.


The death of Ty Borden in Heartland’s latest season marked a significant change in the series’s plot and brought many changes to the story’s direction and the characters’ emotional arcs. Amber Marshall’s honesty and vulnerability shared during interviews helped the fans understand the difficult decision-making process that went behind the show’s plot.

As fans continue to follow the show’s storyline, the bonds between the show and its fans grow stronger and deeper, making the fans more invested and loyal supporters of Heartland and its other creations. In summary, this article covers various aspects of Heartland, Graham Wardle’s departure from the show, and his post-Heartland ventures.

It also explores his creative endeavours, the Time Has Come podcast, and his book, Find Your Truth. Amber Marshall’s thoughts on Ty Borden’s death and its impact on the show’s family and fans were also analyzed.

Overall, the article highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and being authentic in one’s creative endeavors, which can lead to personal and artistic growth. FAQs:

Q: What was the reason behind Graham Wardle’s departure from Heartland?

A: Graham Wardle left Heartland to explore new creative projects and take his creative expression in a new direction. Q: Why did the Heartland cast decide to kill off Ty Borden?

A: Killing off Ty Borden’s character was a difficult but necessary decision to tell a story that mirrored reality for the show’s audience. Q: What is the Time Has Come podcast about?

A: The Time Has Come podcast offers a personal journey shared by Graham Wardle and his guests, focusing on the importance of pushing oneself beyond their comfort zone and seeking personal growth. Q: What is the Find Your Truth book about?

A: Find Your Truth encourages readers to identify their genuine selves and how they want to live their lives. It provides a roadmap for discovering happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Q: What did Amber Marshall say about Ty Borden’s death? A: Amber Marshall shared that Ty Borden’s death was difficult to process for both the cast and Heartland’s in-universe family, but the support they provided to each other helped them through the difficult time.

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