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Barry Corbin: The Iconic Cowboy of Yellowstone and More

Barry Corbin’s Western Career and Cowboy Life: A Yellowstone Guest Star

Yellowstone has become a popular television series over the years that has many fans worldwide. This American drama series, which premiered in June of 2018, follows the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States.

The show has featured a number of notable guest stars, including iconic actors and legendary cowboys. Among them is the one and only Barry Corbin, who appeared in season two, episode three, “Under a Blanket of Red.” In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who Barry Corbin is and his Western career and cowboy life.

Barry Corbin’s Background

Barry Corbin is an American actor, born in Lamesa, Texas. He came from a background of ranchers, farmers, and cowboys, so it was natural for him to gravitate towards cowboy roles.

But before his acting career took flight, he was drafted into the army and served in the artillery branch. In 1964, he was honorably discharged from military service and was ready to follow his dream of becoming an actor.

During his early days in Hollywood, Barry Corbin appeared on shows like Lonesome Dove, which made him a household name among fans of Westerns. He also gravitated towards movies like Urban Cowboy, No Country for Old Men, and many more that showcased his talent as an actor.

Corbin has also dabbled in voice acting, lending his voice to characters in video games and animated shows.

Barry Corbin’s Western Career and Cowboy Life

Aside from his acting career, Barry Corbin has a deep connection to the Western way of life.

He has been involved in Equestrian sports like reining competitions, which is a discipline that is often associated with cowboys and horsemen. In 2010, Corbin received an award for Great American Cowboy from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and in 2018 he was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

These awards serve as a testament to his commitment and contributions to cowboy culture.


Barry Corbin’s appearance on Yellowstone was a welcome surprise for fans of the show and Westerns in general.

His experience on the big and small screen coupled with his connection to cowboy culture made him an excellent addition to the show. We hope that Barry Corbin will continue to grace us with his presence in future Westerns and Yellowstones episodes, bringing his unique spin to the cowboy way of life.

Barry Corbin’s Guest Cameo in Yellowstone

Barry Corbin played Ross, an elderly cowboy who resides at Four Sixes Ranch in season two, episode three of Yellowstone. Ross is a seasoned cowboy who has seen it all and knows a thing or two about the cowboy way of life.

Jimmy, who is played by Jefferson White, seeks his advice on how to become a cowboy. Ross explains that the cowboy lifestyle requires a commitment that you can’t get away with if your heart isn’t in it.

The old cowboy emphasizes that being a cowboy is not just about the lifestyle, but it’s a way of life that requires you to be a part of it in both good and tough times. Corbin’s portrayal of Ross was perfect as he brought the cowboy life to life through his laid-back manner and seasoned smile.

Ross’s Advice to Jimmy

In the episode, Ross’s character provides Jimmy with some wise advice on what it means to be a true cowboy. He tells Jimmy that becoming a cowboy is more than just wearing a hat and boots.

It requires a commitment to the way of life and dedication to the profession. Ross knows that Jimmy is looking for a quick fix to his problems and understands that, as a young person, Jimmy is not ready to commit to the cowboy lifestyle yet.

Ross tells Jimmy that they believed in the old days that becoming a cowboy meant that he was born to it. Corbin’s portrayal of Ross is a reflection of someone who has lived a lifetime, learned from the mistakes, and now has a sense of wisdom.

The old cowboy explains that the cowboys’ way of life doesn’t just come from living it; it comes from your spirit and your soul. Ultimately, Ross’s advice helps Jimmy to gain a new appreciation for the cowboy way of life and what it means to be a part of it.

Barry Corbin’s Career

Barry Corbin’s career in the entertainment industry spans several decades, and he has made a name for himself as an accomplished actor. Corbin attended Texas Tech University and received a theater degree.

During his time at university, he developed a love for Shakespearean acting, and his experience arguably helped him to make a career out of portraying authority figures, including villains. He landed his first role in a movie in 1970 in a small indie film, but he didn’t garner attention until his role on Lonesome Dove, where he played a cowboy character, which was one of his early and successful roles in the Western Genre.

Barry Corbin has come to be identified as a cowboy actor due to his excellent performance in western movies and TV shows. Some of Corbin’s notable roles include Maurice Minnifield in the hit show Northern Exposure, which is one of his most iconic and enduring performances.

He has also played supporting roles in many hit movies, including Urban Cowboy, WarGames, No Country for Old Men, and Curdled. Corbin’s list of accolades is long and impressive.

He has been nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards over the years and has won one for his work in Northern Exposure. In addition, he was inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2006, cementing his position as a Texas institution.

Notably, Corbin has also done a considerable amount of voice acting work, mainly in animated series, such as Cars and Planes. Corbin’s career has been a long and successful one, with him achieving an enduring legacy in the entertainment industry.


Barry Corbin has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, highlighted by his memorable role in the hit show Northern Exposure. More recently, he appeared in Yellowstone, where he played an elderly cowboy named Ross, providing sage wisdom to Jimmy.

Corbin’s dedication to his craft and ability to portray authoritative figures has endeared him to audiences worldwide.

The Significance of Barry Corbin’s Yellowstone Cameo

Barry Corbin’s appearance on Yellowstone was a critical moment in the series, a Western drama that has been drawing viewers in with its portrayal of authentic western characters.

Yellowstone is set in Montana and follows the powerful Dutton family whose ranch is threatened by land developers, politicians, and outside influences. Corbin’s arrival in the show brought an added layer of authenticity and Texas history to the storyline.

Corbin has a rich history in television and film that spans decades and has proven that he is a natural storyteller. His portrayal of Ross in Yellowstone, an aged cowboy, demonstrated his ability to bring a sense of realism and depth to a character.

The symbolism and meaning behind Corbin’s appearance were significant, making it a memorable moment for viewers. When the man who has seen all this life has to offer tells you, the young and inexperienced cowboy, that you are not ready yet, you listen.

Corbin’s Contribution to Yellowstone’s Success

Corbin brought his experience and talent to Yellowstone, adding to the series’ success by paying homage to the Western genre’s authentic cowboys of the past. Corbin is a graduate of Texas Tech University’s School of Theatre and Dance, where he honed his craft.

His skills have made him a reliable actor in the industry, lending several key roles across a wide array of feature films and television shows. Corbin’s performance as Ross was well-received by fans and critics alike, solidifying his position as a talented performer capable of bringing authenticity to his roles.

He has shown his versatility throughout his career that has spanned decades, and Yellowstone was just another testament to that fact.

Will Barry Corbin be in the Yellowstone spin-off 6666?

The speculation surrounding the Yellowstone spin-off 6666 has been stirring since it was announced. It is set to revolve around the Four Sixes Ranch, where Barry Corbin’s character, Ross, came from.

The rumors of Corbin appearing in 6666 are swirling, and fans are hyping up to see if it turns out to be true. The spin-off’s plot will focus on the Four Sixes Ranch, which was the home ranch to Butch Killery (played by Ryan Bingham) in Yellowstone.

The question of whether Corbin will reprise his role in 6666 has been on the lips of fans for some time now. The prolific actor has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but his performance in Yellowstone indicates that there is a chance.

Corbin’s history with the Western genre and his status as a Texan icon make him the perfect fit for 6666. However, until there is news from the creators, it remains unconfirmed.

The possibility of other Yellowstone cast members appearing in 6666

Jefferson White, who played Jimmy in Yellowstone, may also appear in 6666. Kathryn Kelly, who played Beth Dutton’s assistant, Teeter, is also a possible candidate for the spin-off series.

Ryan Bingham, who played Butch Killery, is already a confirmed cast member of 6666. In addition, Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone’s creator, has insinuated that several other characters might make an appearance in the spin-off.

The level of excitement and anticipation for 6666 is high, and fans are thrilled to see whether their wish of seeing some of their favorite Yellowstone stars transition into the spin-off will come true.

The lack of an official release date for 6666

As of yet, there is no official release date for 6666, and the production has not released any trailers or teasers, keeping fans in suspense.

The rumors of Corbin and other Yellowstone cast members appearing have only added to the fever pitch. So while the 6666 spin-off series remains unconfirmed and it’s cast is a matter of speculation, fans eagerly anticipate the day that they can return to the world of Yellowstone.


Barry Corbin’s appearance on Yellowstone and the rumors of him appearing in 6666 came as a pleasant surprise to fans. Corbin’s successful career in the entertainment industry spans decades, and his experience in Westerns makes him the perfect fit for both of these sets.

6666 is a spin-off of Yellowstone, which is set to focus on the Four Sixes Ranch, where Corbin’s character Ross came from. While the speculation surrounding the show continues to grow, there is no official release date for 6666 yet and whether Corbin or other cast members will appear remain unconfirmed.

Barry Corbin’s presence in Yellowstone was a critical moment in the series, showcasing Corbin’s talent for bringing authenticity to Western characters truly. His portrayal of Ross added meaning and depth to the storyline, and Corbin’s contribution to the show and the genre cannot be understated.

While rumors of Corbin appearing in the Yellowstone spin-off 6666 continue to circulate, there is no official word on the cast list or release date. Overall, Corbin remains a cherished figure in the Western genre and will undoubtedly continue to add depth and realism to his future roles.


  1. Q: What was Barry Corbin’s role in Yellowstone?
  2. A: Corbin played Ross, an elderly cowboy from Four Sixes Ranch, in season two, episode three of Yellowstone.
  3. Q: Will Corbin be in the Yellowstone spin-off 6666?
  4. A: There have been rumors of Corbin’s appearance in the spin-off, but it remains unconfirmed so far.
  5. Q: Who else from Yellowstone may appear in 6666?
  6. A: Other cast members rumored to be appearing include Jefferson White, Kathryn Kelly, and Ryan Bingham.
  7. Q: What is Corbin’s background in the entertainment industry?
  8. A: Corbin is a graduate of Texas Tech University’s School of Theatre and Dance and has had a successful career in feature films, television series, and voice acting.
  9. He is also a Texan icon and has been inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame.
  10. Q: What is the significance of Corbin’s appearance in Yellowstone?
  11. A: Corbin brought his experience and talent as an accomplished Western actor to lend authenticity to the roles he undertook. His portrayal of Ross in Yellowstone added to the show’s success and signified a tribute to cowboy traditions of the past.

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