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Authentic Cowboys and the Mastermind Behind the Yellowstone Series

The Authentic Cowboys of Yellowstone

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show ‘Yellowstone,’ you’ll love learning about the behind-the-scenes production of the authentic cowboys and the talented actors that portray them. The mastermind behind the show, Taylor Sheridan, certainly has a unique background in ranching and horseback riding, giving the show an added layer of authenticity.

But, what many fans may not know is that the talented actors that portray the characters of the ranch hands and cowboys on the show were sent to “cowboy camp” to learn how to ride horses and handle cattle like real cowboys. Additionally, there are real-life cowboys that star in recurring roles on the show.

Taylor Sheridan’s Background in Ranching

Taylor Sheridan’s background as a rancher and a horseback rider provides him with unique insight into the world of authentic cowboys. Sheridan grew up on a ranch in Texas and later, after moving to California, became deeply involved in the rodeo.

His interest in rodeo spurred him to become a screenwriter and then a director. Thanks to his background, his stories capture the essence of the West and the real people who live there.

Actors Sent to “Cowboy Camp”

If the actors were going to portray cowboys on the show, they had to learn how to ride a horse and handle cattle like real cowboys do. So, they were sent to a cowboy camp where they learned riding and roping techniques from some of the best instructors in the country.

The cast underwent extensive training to prepare for their roles, during which they learned everything from riding techniques to horse care. Additionally, many of the actors were already quite talented with horses and had prior experience with ranch life, including Luke Grimes, who plays baby-faced cowboy Kayce on the show.

Real-Life Cowboys Cast for Recurring Roles

In addition to the cast members who are sent to cowboy camp, the show also features real-life cowboys in recurring roles. These cowboys bring an added layer of authenticity to the show as they bring their experience and knowledge to every scene in which they appear.

For example, Forrie J. Smith, who plays the grizzled ranch hand Lloyd Pierce, was a stuntman and former rodeo rider before he was cast on the show.

He brings his years of experience to his role and helps to make the scenes feel more authentic. Forrie J.

Smith (Lloyd Pierce)

Forrie J. Smith is a highly experienced stuntman and former rodeo rider who has lent his talent to Yellowstone in the role of Lloyd Pierce.

Smith’s transition to acting didn’t come as a surprise, as he had been involved in the film industry for over 40 years, working as a stuntman. With his new role on Yellowstone, Smith is able to combine his love for the West and his interest in acting.

Jake Ream (Jake)

Another cowboy who brings his real-life experience to “Yellowstone” is Jake Ream. Ream is a wrangler and horseman from Montana who was specifically cast for his natural charisma and cowboy skills.

Despite having no prior acting experience, Ream was able to transition effortlessly into his role on the show, impressing both the cast and the crew with his ease in front of the cameras.

Ryan Bingham (Walker)

Ryan Bingham has already made a name for himself in the country music industry as an acclaimed singer-songwriter with several awards to his name. But, before he found fame as a musician, Bingham was a competitive rodeo rider, a skill that he brings to his role on Yellowstone as Walker, the on-again-off-again boyfriend of ranch hand Beth.

Bingham’s knowledge and experience with the rodeo give him an added level of authenticity in his role on the show.

Ethan Lee (Ethan)

Ethan Lee is yet another cowboy who has been featured on “Yellowstone”. Ethan’s experience as a stuntman and cowboy has served him well on the show, where he is able to perform his own stunts and bring his knowledge of rodeo riding and cattle wrangling to his role.

Taylor Sheridan (Travis Wheatly)

Last but not least, we have Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind the show. Sheridan’s background as a rancher and a horseback rider gives him a deep understanding of the West and the people who live there.

He uses this knowledge to create a show that is both thrilling and authentic. In conclusion, the authenticity of the cowboys on “Yellowstone” should come as no surprise with Taylor Sheridan’s background in ranching and the actors’ training and real-life cowboy experience.

These elements help to bring the show’s dynamic Western setting to life, immersing the viewers in a world that feels both rugged and authentic. Whether through the experienced cowboys that have been cast or the training that the actors went through to prepare for their roles, the show continues to captivate audiences with its gritty approach to Western storytelling.

Jake Ream: From Wrangler to Actor

Jake Ream is one of the real-life cowboys who brings authenticity to the “Yellowstone” series. Ream didn’t start out as an actor, he began his adult career as a wrangler and horseman.

It was his skills as a wrangler that ultimately landed him a role on the show. Ream’s Encounter with Taylor Sheridan

Jake Ream’s first encounter with Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, happened by chance.

While working as a wrangler on a ranch, he met a woman who worked as a set dresser on the “Yellowstone” set. She mentioned that there was a casting call for real-life cowboys for the show, so Ream submitted his name for consideration.

Sheridan was impressed with Ream’s background and experience, and he was quickly hired to assist in training the actors for their roles.

Helping Train Actors on Yellowstone

As a veteran wrangler, Ream was able to teach the actors the ins and outs of working around horses and cattle on the ranch. The actors went through an intensive cowboy camp, where Ream provided tips and training on how to ride a horse, rope, and perform other skills that would be required for their roles.

Ream also coached the actors on “set etiquette,” or how to behave around the animals, ensuring their safety as well as the safety of the actors.

Role as Jake on Yellowstone

Ream’s training started at the “Yellowstone” cowboy camp, where he met Taylor Sheridan and other cast members. Because of his natural charisma and cowboy skills, Ream was soon cast as Jake, one of the more memorable characters in the series.

As Jake, Ream portrays a skilled and confident horseman who works on the Yellowstone Dutton ranch under the supervision of Rip Wheeler. Ream’s performance on the show has been praised by fans and critics alike.

He brings a unique authenticity, along with his personal experience, to his role on the show it’s hard to believe that he ever had another career.

Ryan Bingham’s Music and Rodeo Background

Ryan Bingham’s background in both music and rodeo makes him a unique addition to the “Yellowstone” cast.

He’s a self-taught guitarist, singer, and songwriter who has won several awards, including an Academy Award and a Grammy. However, before he found success as a musician, Bingham was a competitive rodeo rider.

Bingham’s Upbringing in Music and Rodeo

Ryan Bingham was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, and grew up in various parts of the US Southwest as his father worked in the oil and gas industry. From a young age, Bingham was deeply involved in both rodeo and music, spending his teenage years competing in the rodeo circuit while also learning to play the guitar.

He began writing his own songs and performing at local gigs to help pay for his rodeo expenses.

Working with Taylor Sheridan on Yellowstone

Bingham’s music and rodeo background may have been what drew Taylor Sheridan to him. After learning of Bingham’s talent, Sheridan reached out to him and subsequently asked him to participate in the “Yellowstone” project.

Bingham initially joined as a music consultant, but eventually was offered a part in the show.

Behind-the-Scenes Role on Set

On set, Bingham works closely with Sheridan and the other showrunners, providing insight into the music and tone of the show. Additionally, his rodeo experience has been a valuable asset to the team by helping to ensure an authentic portrayal of the cowboy life.

Bingham is often seen working with the animals and performing stunts himself, adding an extra layer of realism to the show.

In Conclusion

Both Jake Ream and Ryan Bingham are two of the real-life cowboys of “Yellowstone” who bring a level of authenticity to the show that other productions can only hope to achieve. With their backgrounds in wrangling, rodeo, and music, they make perfect additions to the show.

“Yellowstone” continues to captivate viewers with its raw and honest portrayal of the American West, and its cast of skilled actors and real-life cowboys are an indispensable part of that magic.

Ethan Lee’s Stuntman Past and Yellowstone Breakthrough

Ethan Lee is one of the more interesting cast members on the “Yellowstone” series.

A successful stunt performer with a long history of working on big-budget movie sets, Lee managed to rise to the top of the pack and land a recurring role on “Yellowstone.”

Lee’s Career as a Stunt Performer

Ethan Lee’s career as a stunt performer spans over a decade, and he has worked on some of the biggest movie sets in the world. Lee’s job involves performing dangerous stunts in front of the camera while ensuring the safety of the actors and crew.

He has worked on productions such as “True Grit,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “The Lone Ranger.” His extensive experience in the stunt industry has made him a valuable asset to the cast of “Yellowstone.”

First Opportunity to Be Part of Yellowstone

Despite his extensive experience, Lee was relatively unknown by the “Yellowstone” casting team. However, his name was thrown into the mix when a producer of the show saw him performing his stunts at a rodeo in Texas.

Soon, Lee was contacted and asked to audition for a role on “Yellowstone.”

Role as Ethan on Yellowstone

Lee currently portrays a recurring character on “Yellowstone” named Ethan. Ethan is a skilled cowboy who works on the Yellowstone Dutton ranch with Lloyd Pierce and Rip Wheeler.

Lee has received praise for his performances on the show and has been praised for his realistic portrayal of the cowboy lifestyle.

Taylor Sheridan: The Mastermind Behind Yellowstone

Taylor Sheridan is the mastermind behind the popular TV series “Yellowstone.” He is an accomplished writer, director, and producer who is deeply connected to the western lifestyle and cowboy culture.

His dedication to authenticity is part of what makes “Yellowstone” such an engaging and emotionally charged series. Sheridan’s Ranching Background

Sheridan has a deep connection to the ranching lifestyle and spent much of his youth working on his family’s ranch in Texas.

He grew up with a love of horses and cowboys, which ultimately shaped his future career.

Success in Writing and Directing

Sheridan’s career as a writer kicked off in 2015 when he wrote the screenplay for “Sicario,” which was a hit with critics and audiences alike. This success was quickly followed up by “Hell or High Water,” which was also met with critical acclaim.

“Yellowstone” marked Sheridan’s move to television, and it has undoubtedly been his most significant success to date.

Co-Owning 6666 Ranch

Sheridan’s connection to the cowboy lifestyle is more than just a professional one. Along with his brother and other investors, Sheridan is a co-owner of the historic 6666 Ranch, located in Guthrie, Texas.

This ranch spans over 300,000 acres and is known for its purebred Quarter horses.

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction

In recognition of his contributions to the cowboy lifestyle both on and off the screen, Sheridan was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2020. This honor further cements his role as a true proponent of the western lifestyle.

Ownership of Champion Quarter Horses

Sheridan’s co-ownership of the 6666 Ranch provided him with the opportunity to own some of the best Quarter horses in the world. These horses are bred for their speed, agility, and intelligence, making them ideally suited to the western way of life.

Sheridan’s ownership and promotion of these horses are just part of his commitment to preserving and promoting the cowboy lifestyle.

In Conclusion

Taylor Sheridan’s deep connection to the western lifestyle and cowboy culture shine through in the world of “Yellowstone,” and his dedication to authenticity has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Sheridan’s commitment to preserving and promoting the cowboy life is not only seen on the screen but also in his personal life, as seen by his co-ownership of the 6666 Ranch and champion Quarter horses.

His success in writing, directing, and producing has reshaped the entertainment industry’s approach to Western storytelling, cementing him as one of America’s most talented filmmakers.

In summary, the “Yellowstone” series has captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide, thanks to the cast’s authentic cowboy portrayals.

Real-life cowboys like Jake Ream, Forrie J. Smith, Ryan Bingham, and Ethan Lee bring a level of expertise and authenticity that elevates the show’s quality.

Taylor Sheridan is a mastermind behind the series, and his dedication to authenticity, from his ranching background to owning the 6666 Ranch and the promotion of champion Quarter horses, continues to impress.

This article highlights the importance of the cowboy lifestyle portrayed in the “Yellowstone” series, showcasing the significance of authenticity in storytelling.


1. What is the “Yellowstone” series about?

The “Yellowstone” series is about the fictional Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. It’s a gritty and realistic portrayal of the complicated world of ranching in modern-day Montana.

2. Who are some of the real cowboys on the show?

The show features a mix of actors and real-life cowboys, including Jake Ream, Forrie J. Smith, Ryan Bingham, and Ethan Lee.

3. What is Taylor Sheridan’s background in the cowboy lifestyle?

Taylor Sheridan grew up on a ranch in Texas and later became deeply involved in the rodeo, providing him with a unique understanding of the cowboy lifestyle.

4. What are some of Taylor Sheridan’s accomplishments?

Sheridan is an accomplished writer, director, and producer with successful works such as “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water.” He is also a co-owner of the 6666 Ranch and has been inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

5. How does authenticity add to the show’s quality?

By credibly portraying the lifestyle of cowboys, authenticity helps the viewer engage with the characters and the story, deepening their understanding and appreciation for the show.

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