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10 Thoughtful and Practical Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

Horse enthusiasts are often hard to shop for, especially when it comes to teenagers who may have specific interests and preferences. Whether the teen in your life is a rider or simply passionate about horses, there are plenty of gift ideas available that will help them celebrate their love for these majestic creatures.

In this article, we will provide you with some practical and thoughtful gift options for both non-riding and riding teens.

Gift Ideas for the Non-Riding Teen

For the teens who have a love for horses but either don’t ride or only ride occasionally, there are a few gift ideas that will be perfect for them.

Horse Books

Gift your teen a good informative book about horses and their care, or a fictional horse story. For example, the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell is an excellent option for teens who love reading about horse racing.

Horse books not only educate and expand knowledge but also provide enjoyment and entertainment to the reader.

Horse Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are an excellent way for teens to stay up-to-date on all things horse-related. Popular options such as Young Rider, Horse Illustrated, Horse & Rider, Sidelines, Chronicle of the Horse, Practical Horseman, and Western Horseman are sure to satisfy the recipient and help them stay informed on industry trends and news.

Horse Journal

A horse-themed journal is a unique gift that your teen will surely appreciate. Leather journals are also a wonderful option as they are perfect for jotting down their thoughts, drawings or notes.

Horse Themed Clothing & Accessories

Clothing and accessories such as horse-themed caps/hats, purses, tote bags, wallets, smartwatch bands, fitness bands, belts, style clothes, and bling will never go out of fashion! These are practical and thoughtful gift ideas for teens who love horses.

Horse Themed Jewelry

Equine-inspired jewelry, especially sentimental pieces, make a beautiful gift option. Accompanied with a personal touch, horse jewelry is both fashionable and sentimental.

Riding Lessons

For teens who have just started riding or show a keen interest in it, horse riding lessons are undoubtedly a perfect gift. You can even buy multi-lesson packages for a discounted price, allowing the recipient to learn from experienced trainers who teach various riding disciplines.

A Horse (Buy or Lease)

Buying a horse is a big responsibility that may be too much for teens. Hence, leasing a horse for a specific amount of time is a better option.

It will give them an opportunity to get involved in the equestrian community and, at the same time, ensure suitable care and legal guardianship practices.

Gift Ideas for the Teen Rider

If the teen in your life already rides, there are several gifts that could potentially enhance their experiences.

Show Helmet

A riding helmet is mandatory gear and serves as a safety precaution for riders. A stylish and quality show helmet is a thoughtful gift for teen riders who want to compete in shows.

You can pick from various colors, styles, patterns that the teen would prefer.

Riding Clothes

Riding clothes such as shirts, breeches, jackets, coats, jeans, pants, vests, belts, buckles, and riding tights make perfect gifts for riders. Show outfits are also essential for competition with specialized materials and patterns.

Boots and Socks

Riding boots and socks are an excellent gift choice that is practical and relatable to the sport.

Spurs and Spur Straps

Spurs and spur straps are riding accessories that are useful, especially for English riders. They come in various classic or decorative styles, lengths, and features personalization options.

Wild Rags and Chaps

Wild rags and chaps are practical, fashionable items that cowgirls and cowboys prefer. For instance, there are shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, western equitation chaps, and reining chaps.

One can also select fringed or non-fringed chaps.

Riding Gloves

A comfortable pair of riding gloves to accompany them on any ride makes an excellent gift for any rider, regardless of skill level.

Crop or Whip

A responsible personal tool for any rider, a crop or whip, can be an excellent training aid, useful for schooling, training, and shows.

Lunge Line and Lunge Whip

Lunge lines and lunge whips are versatile tools for any rider who wants to improve their horsemanship skills. These come in various colors, materials, and personalization options.

Horse Hair Jewelry

Horse hair jewelry made from horse’s mane or tail is a beautiful way to commemorate their favorite horse. These items are versatile and can make a stylish fashion statement.

Personalized Phone Case

A phone case with a picture of their favorite horse or a sentimental quote can make an excellent personalized gift for teen riders.

Final Thoughts

Whether the teenager you’re buying for is an expert or simply a horsey enthusiast, there is undoubtedly a perfect gift that suits them. From horse-themed jewelry and clothing to riding gear and relaxing gifts, you can add a personal touch to showcase how much you care about them.

These gifts show long-term investments and prove to brighten and decorate the practical nature of the sport. Horse girls love taking care of their horses and will appreciate any gift that helps in that regard.

From blankets to saddles, there are many great gift ideas for horse girls that they will cherish and put to use right away. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for horse girls that you can consider for your next horse-loving gift.

Blanket, Sheet, or Cooler

A beautiful blanket, sheet, or cooler can keep the horse warm, clean, and protected all year round. For instance, blankets can keep horses warm during colder months and cooler during both hot and cold seasons.

Sheets can protect the horse’s coat from insects or sun damage. Coolers are used to dry the horse after exercise or in cooler weather.

They come in various sizes, colors and can even include personalization options.

Horse Treats

Treats not only show love and affection towards the horse, but it also helps in building a bond between horse and rider. Horse treats can range from standard salt licks and carrots to specially made equestrian cookies.

Treats are perfect for rewarding horses for good behavior or as a show of appreciation.

Horse Bath and Body Basket

A horse bath and body basket filled with all the essentials a horse girl needs to groom and pamper their horse. Shampoo, conditioner, mane detangler, coat sheen, hoof polish, sponge, and other grooming essentials make great gift ideas.

You can also include some horse grooming tools like combs and brushes for an all-around grooming experience.

Leather Halter and Lead

Leather halters and leads not only look stunning but also make for a perfect photo opportunity with the horse. They come in various sizes, styles, and colors providing a semi-customized gift.

Leather halters and leads are perfect for horse shows or photoshoots showcasing a beautiful bond between horse and rider.


A saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any rider. Hence, buying a new saddle requires careful consideration, research, and coaching from trainers.

If the horse girl you are gifting already has a saddle, maybe this is the right opportunity to see for old ones, or maybe one that fits a new discipline that they have been eager to explore, for example, Western or English riding disciplines. A semi-customized adjustable tree saddle is recommended since it can fit the horse correctly and ensure their comfort.

Saddle Pad

Saddle pads are a collector’s item that never goes out of style. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, preparing riders for specific riding disciplines and showcasing their favorite colors.

Colors can vary, ranging from pastels, bright colors, metallic colors, and different patterns, including animal prints. Horse girls will appreciate adding to their saddle pad collection.

In Conclusion,

Horse girls are passionate about their horses and always want them to be comfortable, pampered, and show off the bond between the rider and horse. Hence, as a gift giver, this list helps in getting an insight regarding exciting and practical presents that can meet their every need and desire.

Whether it’s something custom like a personalized halter, or something that helps in building a bond like horse treats, it is essential to select the perfect gift to show that you care about their passion and love for horses. In conclusion, horse enthusiasts deserve thoughtful and practical gifts that reflect their passion for horses.

From informative books and blankets to saddles and saddle pads, there are many gift ideas for both non-riding and riding horse teens, or those passionate about horses. These gifts help to show appreciation and love towards their passion for horses, while fostering a deeper bond between horse and rider.


Q: What type of gifts is suitable for non-riding horse teens? A: Non-riding teens may appreciate horse-themed books, magazines, journals, clothing, accessories, jewelry, riding lessons, or even horse leasing options.

Q: What should I consider when buying a saddle as a gift? A: When buying a saddle, considerations include the discipline of riding, the fit of the saddle for the horse, the level of comfort, and the quality of the saddle depending on the budget.

Q: What types of horse treats can I gift my horse? A: Horse treats can range from standard salt licks and carrots to specially made equestrian cookies, peppermints, and other fruit snacks.

Q: Why are personalized horse gifts recommended? A: Personalized horse gifts, such as leather halters and saddle pads, can make a memorable impact and also enhance the overall photo opportunities and experiences.

Q: Can I buy horse gifts for my friend’s horse? A: Absolutely! As long as you consider the specialty, preferences, and size of the friend’s horse, you can consider buying blankets, sheets, or coolers, halter and lead sets, or other grooming items as gifts.

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